Quiz 2 (Chapter 3)

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Which of the below would not be considered a company operating in the long tail of a typical sales curve?
What is Web content that is created and updated by many users for many users?
User-contributed content
What is the eBusiness model that represents 80% of all online businesses and are typically more complex requiring greater security needs?
What occurs when a system updates information at the same rate it receives the information?
Real-time communication
Which company is expecting to gain the majority of its returns on new investments?
Dell Computer
What is the difference between ecommerce and eBusiness?
Ecommerce is buying and selling of goods or services online; eBusiness includes ecommerce and all activities related to internal and external business operations
Both individuals and organizations have embraced eBusiness to do which of the following?
Improve communication, Maximize convenience, Enhance productivity
Which statement below is incorrect?
The semantic Web captures, organizes, and disseminates knowledge (i.e., know-how) throughout an organization
What caused Polaroid to go bankrupt?
One-hour film processing and digital cameras stole its market share
Lisa loves her job as an executive recruiter for a large hospital located in Dallas, Texas. Part of Lisa’s job requires her to gather industry information, collaborate with partners, compare competitors, and tap into the knowledge of prospective employees, partners, and customers. Which of the below would Lisa use to perform her job?
Collective intelligence
Nike offers people the opportunity to visit its website to create running shoes in the style and color they choose. How would you classify Nike’s eBusiness strategy?
Mass customization
Many industries have been forced to change due to technology advances. Which of the below industries has felt the lowest amount of economic impact from eBusiness?
Waste or recycling industry
Which of the following is challenge of sustaining technology?
Provides a product that does not meet existing customer’s future needs
Which of the follow represents a form of disruptive technology?
Enter the marketplace at the low end, A new way of doing things that initially doesn’t meet the needs of existing customers, Tend to open new markets and destroy old ones
When evaluating the business value of disintermediation the more ____________ that are cut from the distribution chain, the lower the product price.
Which type of eBusiness marketing technique induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message to other websites or users, creating exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect?
Viral marketing
Which of the following terms implies that organizations that cannot adapt to the new demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinction?
Digital Darwinism
What is a well-planned strategy that ensures the search and navigation functions are easy to use and user-friendly on a website?
Which of the following is one of the largest wikis on the Web and one of the 10 most popular Web destinations?
Which of the below is not a characteristic of Business 2.0?
Technical skills are required

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