Quiz 10

C. an ecstatic religiosity combined with realistic surface detail
Although Caravaggio was extremely influential on Spanish artists in the seventeenth
century, their work is distinguished by __________.

The tenebrism and highly realistic style characterizing paintings by Ribera, Zurbarán,
and Velázquez is evidence of the strong influence __________had in Spain.

. ____ was most influential on George de la Tour and other French artists of the early
seventeenth century?

a stage-like backdrop for the dramatic spectacle of Louis XIV’s court
The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles serves as_________.

Claude Lorrain started out making architectural paintings, but then began painting

poussinistes (followers of Poussin)
French academicians who favored classical principles of subject and design were
known as __________

organized natural elements and figures into idealized compositions
Nicolas Poussin

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is called as a Classicist because he ___________________.

D. all of the above
How did Hyacinthe Rigaud demonstrate the absolute power of Louis XIV in his
portrait of the King?
A. the rich surroundings and costume that frames the king
B. symbols of his reign
C. the elegant confidence of his pose
D. all of the above

D. all of the above
Claude Lorraine is known for his landscapes that typically include ______________.
A. forms that zigzag through the composition to direct the viewer’s eye
B. figures
C. atmospheric lighting effects
D. all of the above

breakfast piece
A popular form of Dutch still-life painting, showing a table set for a meal, is called a

engravings and paintings imported through the Amsterdam art market
Rembrandt’s study of Italian Renaissance art was done mostly through _______.

Rembrandt’s prints of Three Crosses exist in five __________.

Still-life paintings with a moralizing __________ theme were very popular in the
seventeenth century.

his large studio with assistants who specialized in particular details
Rubens was known for __________________.

Figures were depicted engaged in an activity or dramatic event.
What innovative device did Dutch painters commonly use in the painting of group

symbolic references to moral virtues
Genre scenes were popular in the Netherlands for their _______________.

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