Questions for all quiet on the western front

Based on Paul’s description of the front, what part of the experience at the front would be hardest to bear? What would provide consolation
the hardest part would be fear and lack of sleep. Consolation would be knowing that after each second goes by the war is closer to being over, prayers, pictures of home, and letters from loved ones.

In the beginning of chapter 1, why does Paul’s company have extra food?
because there is food for 150 soldiers and only 80 survived

Why is their friend Franz Kemmerich dying?
he was shot bad in the leg, his leg had to be amputated

how is Muller’s feelings about Kemmerich different from Paul’s?
Muller sees him as already dead and Paul has hope he will survive

What does Kantorek, their old schoolmaster, refer to his former students as?
the iron youth

Why do paul and Kropp scoff at the term Kantorek uses?
the don’t consider themselves young or youth anymore

IPTW for the following quote: “There were thousands of Kantoreks, all of whom were convinced that they were acting best in a way that cost them nothing
The speaker is Paul. Paul is talking about how people convince the young people to enlist but then don’t enlist themselves. Paul is mad that the people who start the war is different from the people who actually fight it. It’s Important because Paul is seeing the war as pointless and shows dislike towards people like Kantorek.

IPTW for the following quote: “We had to recognize that our generation was more trusted than theirs”
The speaker is Paul. Hes says this when they are sitting around and reading letters. It means that the Paul and his friends can only trust people in their generation, the older people can’t be trusted. It is important because Paul realizes that he can only trust the people of his generation.

How are the younger men different from the older men in the company?
The older men have much more back at home, like a wife and a family or a job, while the younger soldiers don’t have much

IPTW for the following quote: “Kantorek would always say that we stand on the threshold of life. And so it would seem. We had as yet taken no root. The war had swept us away.”
The speaker is Paul. He is thinking about how people in the war have someone to go back to. It means that soldiers his age were about to start a life and settle down but the war interrupted that. It is important because it shows how Paul thinks the war affected his life.

How is the army different from school
they became more influenced by ten weeks of training in the army than 10 years of school

Who is Himmelstoss? Why do Paul and the others dislike him?
He is their drill sargent and was the most strict disciplinarian in the camp. They didn’t like him because they thought that he trained them too hard and he didn’t like Paul and the others.

As difficult as the training was why was it necessary? Support answer with quote from the text
They needed or or else they wouldn’t survive on the front and they wouldn’t remain sane ———-.

“Had we gone into the trenches without this period of training most of us would have certainly gone mad.

How does Paul try to distract Kemmerich?
by telling him that he is going to have a good future back at home. He does this to put happy thoughts in his mind before he dies

How many operations and deaths were there the day Kemmerich died?
5 operations and 17 deaths

Other than being sad, what is Paul’s reaction to Kemmerich’s death?
Rage because of the way the doctor didnt care about him

What is Kat’s view on men and authority?
Every man snaps at the chance to have authority, it will make them a beast

How does Kropp feel the war should be fought?
In an arena with an audience and they use clubs and the last standing country wins. Instead of soldiers they should use ministers and generals/ the people who started the war. He wants the people who start the war to actually fight it.

What to Paul and Tjaden do to Himmelstoss?
When he was leaving his favorite pub, they threw a sheet over him, beat him up and then ran away so they wouldn’t know it was him

Why is it good to have Kat (Katczinsky) around? give an example
He has a 6th sense for finding food, supplies, and things they need and is quick to share it with others.
Ex. He got them bread and a horse for them to eat for dinner (pg 39)

Where does Paul’s company go in chapter 4?
The reserves, they will be stringing barbed wire to prevent the British from getting over

What is a soldier’s relationship with earth?
The earth provides shelter, a sturdy place to run, and if he dies, the earth will be his home forever.

The idea of loss of humanity is prevalent in this book. What is the column? How does is apply to this theme?
the column are the trucks and men. It shows that they are no longer individuals but instead are just columns

What is the horrible howling after the bombardment?
the horses screaming

What are paul and his company doing when they are hit by shell fire?
they’re on their way back after finished lacing the barbed wire

Where is paul when the bombardment hits?
in the graveyard

What does paul use for cover?
a shell hole behind a coffin

How should one breath when wearing a gas mask?
as lightly as possible

What does Paul compare the gas cloud to?
a big, soft jellyfish

What does Kat consider doing to the recruit? why? what stops him?
he thinks about killing him to put him out of his misery, he is stopped when he sees a group of people watching him and he doesn’t want to frighten them

What are the men busy killing at the beginning of the chapter? What does this tell about their living situation?
they are killing lice which shows they are living in a dirty enviroment

How does Himmelstoss get in trouble? What is his punishment?
He was pushing the recruits too hard and someone told their dad who was a government official and he got him introuble. his punishment was he has to go to the front.

What does Tjaden do to himmelstoss? What is his punishment?
he refuses to stand up when Himmelstoss tells him to and he moons him. His punishment is 3 days of open house arrest.

Why is Tjaden punishment not really a punishment?
Because he gets to rest for 3 days and doesn’t have to go to the front

What is the conversation between men early in the chapter? Why are they having such a hard time answering the question?
They are talking about what they would do if the war ended. They are having a hard time because everyone except Kat and Detering don’t have much back home. They realized they don’t have a clue about what to do when they get back home

What do the men see stacked up against the school house
Yellow unpolished brand new coffins that still smell of the wood theyre made from

Why are paul and his friends sometimes wounded by their own fire?
Their barrels were so worn out they could be firing in a completely different direction than they desired

What does chance have to so with war? What is pauls experience with chance
A soldier only gets a thousand chances but they will eventually die. Paul was once inside a dugout and left to go to another dugout to see some people. When he came back to the first dugout he was in it was blown up and he would have died if he stayed there

Why are the men given cheese and rum
Theyre going to the front soon so they give them good food incase its their last meal

Why does the soldier begin to go crazy? What must paul and Kat do to subdue him
He is claustrophobic and they give him a hiding and they punch him a few times

IPTW for the following quote: “we have become wild beasts. We do not fight we defend ourselves against annihilation”
Paul says this when they are fighting back at the front. It means they want the war to be over and the only reason theyre fighting back is because they dont want to die. So far the entire book they see no reason in fighting

Describe 2 scenes from chapter 6 which describes the atrocities of war
The soldier going mad and the guys arms getting stuck in the barbed wire. Also knowing theres a soldier out there dying and knowing they could do nothing about it and couldnt help

What is an automaton? Relate it to the comments about columns?
Automatons are robots made to imitate humans. It relates because this shows the impersonalization of war because they are called automatons because they have no identity or feelings anymore

What has Paul lost at the front
Hes lost some memories, feeling of childhood and feelings of calmness

Who are the men searching for? Why is this frustrating
A certain soldier because they know he must be terribly wounded by his screams and groans

Where do the butterflies land? Why is this such a powerful symbol
On the teeth of a skull. Butterflies are symbols of change and hope

Why do the men hate the observations planes
They know that is a sign of bombardment

Why are the recruits almost more trouble then theyre worth?
They often dont know what theyre doing, they fall like flies and get in the way

Discuss the quote about knowledge of trench warfare on pg 129
Pauls says this when talking about the recruits. He is saying that it takes skill to be in a trench. It is important because it shows another reason why the recruits are more trouble then theyre worth

How many recruits die for every experienced soldier who died
5-10 recruits die for every experienced soldier who dies

Why do the young men mistakenly take off their masks too soon
They do not know that the gas stays in low areas

Why are the young recruits sent up to the line so soon?
Germany is in desperation of soldiers in the front

How does himmelstoss try to avoid another battle? What does paul do to stop him?
He overreacts to a small scratch and acts like he cant fight. Paul forces him out

What happens to Haie westhus?
He has a bad wound in his back and his lungs are hardly working

How do Paul and the others try to help the young soliders? Does it work?
They give them many helpful tips to help them survive at the front. Once theyre actually back in action they do everything wrong

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