Puritan Writing Style

Eminent (adj)

Regenerate (adj)
spiritually reformed

Approbation (n)

Dissembling (v)
speak or act hypocritically

Cleaving (v)
to remain faithful

Contrivance (n)
plan; plot

Manifold (adj)
numerous; varied

Ineffable (adj)

Dolorous (adj)
grievous; mournful

Forbearance (n)
the act of refraining from something

tulip: T
Total Depravity: every person is born sinful because of Adam and Eve (original sin) = negative view of human nature

tulip: U
Unconditional Election: God “saves” the few he wished = elitism and predestination

tulip: L
Limited Atonement: Jesus died for the chosen, not for everyone = elitism atonement

tulip: I
Irresistible Grace: Gods grace is freely given and cannot be earned/denied

tulip: P
Perseverance of the “Saints”: those elected by God have full power to interpret the will of God and live uprightly (rejecting grace or denying God was impossible)

defined as saving/transfiguring power of God (born again)

the belief that God’s intentions are present in human action and in natural phenomenon (no coincidences)

Manifest Destiny
belief that America had a special destiny

“saved” believers can become sinners/ fall to temptation (can be prevented by praying, soul-searching, introspectiveness)

style: Protestant
against ornateness; respect for the Bible; plain style

style: Purposiveness
purpose for writing; didactic

style: Reflected the People
reflected character and scope of reading public (literate and well-grounded in religion)

3 functions/purposes of Puritan writing
1: to transform a mysterious God (he is in a separate world)
2: to make God more relevant to the universe
3: to glorify God

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