PUR 4932 Final Exam

A buyer persona is
A representation of your ideal customer

Based on market research and real data

= Both A and B

#SEOchat, #Socialchat and #Brandchat are examples of an event that happens on
Which of the following is an example of THEN and NOW in public relations?
THEN: Press Kits NOW: Content
THEN: Excel NOW: Infographics
THEN: Evening News NOW: Twitter

= All of the above

Which of the following is NOT part of the 8 step social media and strategy plan?
Hire qualified employees
LinkedIn __________ can be an incredibly powerful thing, but should only ever be solicited from people you know well and who know your work.
Why is it important for brands to be on social media?
It allows two-way conversation between the business and consumer

It allows the brand to become its own gatekeeper

= Both A and B

What is one thing you should NOT use to measure success of a social media page
quantity of fans
What is the reason that MOST causes people to retweet a tweet?
valuable content
LinkedIn is known as the _____ network
The majority of B2B Marketers prefer Twitter over LinkedIn and Facebook.
The benefits of looking at social media demographics are __________.
Knowing what networks your target audience uses so as to focus efforts there

Knowing how your fans access your social media pages

= Both A and C

Which of the following typically does NOT accurately describe public relations coverage?
Paid media
Which of the following would be considered an accurate example of “being human” on social media?
creating an original post using a unique and creative voice
Who is credited with creating Twitter?
Jack Dorsey
In the next five years, businesses using social media will expect __________.
To double their social media marketing budgets
You should always compare your social media strategy to your top competitors.
Which of the following is NOT a feature of a LinkedIn page?
Limited to 140 characters per post
Your products, features, and benefits are going to be enough to create passion for your brand.
Where do we find some of the best content ideas?
By subscribing to industry blogs

Trending news stories

Looking within your company’s news

= All of the above

According to the “Marketing the Moon” article, the best people to hire for the NASA Public Affairs team were __________.
Former journalists
Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 C’s of social media?
Corporate branding
@Moz says your road map for your social media strategy should have __________ based goals?
What is something you can do with a social media calendar?
Theme out months, weeks or days

Leave room for breaking news

Plan our predictable events such as holidays

Mark when conferences or trade shows are

Which of the following is not something digital marketers should be doing in 2015?
Writing a script and sticking to it
From, Moz Academy Video 2, what is NOT a crucial question to ask when identifying the correct social media channel?
What channels are my competitors utilizing?
Which statement is true?
Make your audience’s experience on Facebook about their experience and their connections rather than your brand
David Meerman Scott defines the term newsjacking as:
Injecting your ideas into a breaking news story
Only 30% of customers trust peer recommendations.
Tweets with images have a higher average of retweets, clicks and favorites.
What app did Twitter launch in January 2013?
Which of the following is not one of David Meerman Scott’s newsjacking do’s?
Hijack a hashtag
Each day, what percent of the terms typed into Google have NEVER been searched?
What is the best method when attempting to post to multiple time zones?
Posting the same content multiple times with minor variations
Which Twitter tool mentioned (and created by) Moz Academy helps you identify demographics, growth, interests, and what time your followers are most active?
Likes versus Shares. “Shares” are considered more valuable because a “Share” means people endorse your content to the point of putting their reputation on the line.
It’s not OK to tweet the same thing multiple times.
According to Moz Academy, which stage would be considered “brand and social nirvana” in regards to how customers feel about your brand?
They defend the brand
What tool mentioned in the Buffer article lets you monitor mentions of your brand specifically, as well as industry keywords, competitors and more?
The number one reason 73% of social media users “unliked” a brand on Facebook was because the brand __________.
Posted too frequently
It’s important to create content that fulfills the customer’s needs. Topics for content will likely fall in one of these three buckets:
Learn and improve, explore and discover, question and answer
Examples of ways to boost visibility in Facebook include everything except __________.
mixing it up between personalities
LinkedIn can help HR teams save time in the screening process by verifying potential candidates by going through their profiles.
Name one tactic named in the Moz article you can use to make sure you’re getting all the benefits of customer feedback without artificial weight.
Create beta/tester communities
Which of the following is NOT one of the four steps mentioned that will help you determine your audience?
Friend request/message potential clients on their social media channels
Custom audiences in Facebook typically are made up of email addresses and/or website visitors but not phone numbers.
In the video interview with Sarah Evans, she mentioned which as being focal points of today’s Social Media Management?
Content- story identifications

Platform specific apps and tools

Marketing and automation

Analytics and monitoring

= All of the above

What is a common feature for persona research reports?
Descriptive titles

Demographic profile

Personal identifiers


= All of the above

According to Moz Academy, which of the following is NOT a key question you should answer when defining your brand?
What can we do to look similar to our top competitor?
Which answer best describes What’s IN and OUT when it comes to social media management according to Sarah Evans?
IN: Collaboration OUT: Silos
Which of the following is an example of social PR-friendly content?


= both B and C

Buffer’s Nicole Miller is on the front lines of a Twitter community with more than 275K followers. One of her favorite secret weapon strategies is to
Handwrite a personalized note to fans
__________ allows you to assess how your public Google+ content is resonating with your audience by visualizing the engagement and shares in a graph.
Google + Ripples
Sarah Evans describes a new role she has morphed into that mixes public relations and social media strategies. What is her current title?
Digital Correspondent
When using the partner category targeting with Facebook ads, an example would be:
Targeting people looking to buy a car
Social media success can happen during non-business hours. A smart strategy for message posting is to __________.
Schedule evergreen content in the middle of the night and during your weekend or nightly hours
Create a __________ Page to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services. Which type of page does this best describe?
LinkedIn Company
Social media is not something that should be solely utilized by any one team within a company.
What is the definition of evergreen content?
Content that is always relevant no matter how old it is
In Facebook you can “Like” an update. The equivalent to this in Twitter could be considered to __________ a Tweet.
David Meerman Scott’s latest book, The New Rules of Sales and Service, talks about the social media revolution shifting into an era with a focus on __________.
One to one
Where is the best place to look to show you all of mentions of your brand on Google+?
Google+ notification bell
An example of using custom audiences on Facebook would be targeting an email list of journalists.
In Social PR, today’s version of the press release is always published by the brand.
Your social media strategy should include all except __________.
100% branded content
With Twitter and customer service, __________ is a way to communicate privately. It’s a way to take a conversation offline and out of your public feed.
a direct message (DM)
Which statement is true today?
We no longer each for the news, the news finds us

Brands are now publishers

Journalists use social media to find story ideas

= All of the above

Marketers have the most control over content on __________.
Websites you own
Those who share their goals with a friend are 33% more likely to accomplish them then those who merely formulate them.
In Google+ you can easily manage whose updates you see and choose who you’d like to share with. You can broadcast to the world, or keep your conversations private. What features allows you to do this?
The essential components in any social media strategy include everything except:
Social Network Size
Which is an ideal example for social media avatars/or screen names according to Guy Kawasaki?
Business: Your logo as your avatar
Organic reach has never been better with Facebook
Tailwind, TweetDeck and Sprout Social are examples of tools/platforms that help social media managers
Promote content

Schedule content

Monitor content

Distribute content

= All of the above

PDCA stands for Plan, Do, ____, Act
According to the Art of Social Media, you can have more fun and display creativity with your avatar, but stay consistent with your cover image.
Which brand deleted their Facebook Page?
The visual content/thought leadership platform that works very well on LinkedIn is
According to Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick in The Art of Social Media; every social media content post that is curated should contain a _____ back to the source.
If you are trying to use social media to reach the media, which network does Neal Schaffer recommend?
2015 is the year of ___________ according to Jason Miller
personal branding
In the article: The Future of Public Relations – Three Forks in the Road – Which is considered the low end, in dollar amounts, of public relations?
Social Media
According to Andrea Vahl’s interview, some of the latest trends/features on a Facebook Page include all except
Like Gates
If you write a good long form content update on LinkedIn, it is possible it can be syndicated in
In the complete social media checklist by Mari Smith, the first step is
Define your target audience
If you wanted to see the analytics of a Facebook Page, you would look at its
Which is the best answer according to Andy Crestodina? The greatest key in content marketing is we have to be
If Traditional PR is a megaphone aimed at a specific segment of journalists, ______________PR is a team of hundreds of electric guitars, drummers and singers blasting the same message 24-7 using a row of speakers taller than the World Trade Center.
Andy Crestodina gives this advice for social media in 2015 success
Use Canva

Contain human images in visuals

Include multiple images in a post

Make social media more visual

= All of the above

One of the most central parts of social media content starts at
A company blog
The way you use Facebook largely determines what shows up in your News Feed
According to Andy Crestodina, which one of the following is NOT CORRECT:
Content CANNOT be broken down into elements and reconstructed into new formats.
Neal Schaffer’s strategies on personal branding include
Invest time in your own brand and be active on social channels

Follow and engage on social media with people and brands coming from certain industry into which you want to go

Share with people on social media about what you are passionate about

= All of the above

Facebook.com/lisabuyer would be considered a ___________ URL.
_________ measures the strength of people’s reputations based on their social media power. In 2014 it repositioned itself to help people “create and share great content.”
Which channel is typically a primary source of social media content and also reaps SEO benefits.
If you worked for a brand primarily targeting women, which social media network would be the best fit?
If you want to call out another Google+ page or person, you can directly link to their Google+ page (which notifies them that you’re talking about them) by putting a ___ and then typing their name.
Using your LinkedIn Company Page, you should post in LinkedIn Groups:
You can’t post as a Company Page in LinkedIn Groups
More and more businesses are using Facebook Pages to maximize their:
marketing value

customer engagement

= b & c

Twitter cards are a great way to promote:
Owned content such as articles and photos

Launched apps available from the App Store

Newsletter sign ups

= All of the above

Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.
Why do visuals matter in social media?
Visuals get the most interaction over any other content

Consumers in social media prefer images and visual content

= A and C

Using __________ on Instagram will help extend content’s reach


= B and C

What are some things you should take photos of to post on Instagram for business?

Behind the scenes at your company

Contests with hashtags


= All of the above

A brand on Instagram should be __________.
Human and visual
Pinterest shoppers spend less money per session than Facebook and Twitter users.
When using Pinterest, you should try to post visuals that are what?
Visually appealing

Share worthy

= A and B only

For sales and marketing teams, Instagram is a fantastic medium for previewing or highlighting the newest product, services and trends, or for promoting the latest digital campaign.
People are drawn to YouTube for its rich content and __________.
none of the above
Businesses can use YouTube Annotations to entice viewers with a specific call to action such as __________.
‘Like’ all of their videos

Subscribe to their channel

Watch more content

= All of the above

In Krista Neher’s interview, she talked about taking a five-page document that was not sharable and turning it into __________ to make it more interesting and visual.
What is a “pinnable image” according to Krista Neher?
An image by itself tells your story
The content on Pinterest is not time stamped.
If you don’t have good images on your website, that means your website is not __________ on Pinterest or even Facebook.
If you were launching a business that you wanted to engage with mobile users and utilize crowdsourcing photo campaigns, ______________ would be your best bet.
All content on YouTube is indexed by __________.
When you upload a video to YouTube, you can ___________ it on your website, other social media networks and other people’s blogs or websites.
The visual social network that comes with a powerful potential for referral traffic to a website is______________________.
Creating a _____________ for your Google+ HOA will increase its visibility and also help promote the event’s topic.
Custom header
Which of the following is an example of a CTA?
( Call to action)

Ending a post with “Sign up here!”

It is very important to put relevant, intriguing information at the end of your social media post. In other words, save the best for last.
What are some places that search engines get recommendations from in regards to social media?
Facebook Likes

Pinterest Repins

Twitter Retweets

Google+ Shares

= All of the above

Which gets a higher percentage of search traffic?
Organic traffic = Gets more than 80% of search traffic
What is the best example of a goal for SMO?
To generate traffic to a website ot blog
What does SMO stand for?
Social media optimization
When writing a press release announcing company news and you want to get found in Google search results by reporters or customers, ideally it should include?
Buying links is an example of black hat SEO.
If you’re writing for a legal or medical site, still try to have personality in the writing – avoid sounding like an encyclopedia. This is an en example of __________.
Finding the right voice
What does SERP stand for?
search engine results page
Long tail keywords often convert better.
When writing a blog post title, how long should it be for best results in SERP?
60-70 characters
Which is an example of SMO?
Social Plugins

Make content easy to subscribe and follow

Share buttons

= All of the above

In the video interview with Bruce Clay Inc.’s content team, Virginia Nussey referred to Google’s latest quality ranking guidelines when it comes to writing called E-A-T. What does E-A-T stand for?
expertise authority trust
Using hashtags is an example of __________
Using keywords is important to __________.


Search Engines and Social Media Networks

= All of the above

The best example of the relationship of search and social would be a __________.
blog post that is highly shared
Always use the maximum amount of characters when writing a Tweet or Facebook Post.
A visual with a __________ and appropriate links is a great example of social media content for Pinterest and can ideally drive traffic to your website or blog.
What does CTA stand for?
Call to Action
Whether it’s a national tragedy or something your brand has done that’s brought attention, you have to have a plan of action in place and make sure everyone on your social team is aware of it. A community manager should know the answers to which question?
Do you cease all planned content?

Do you have a plan to stop promoted posts from still showing up?

Do you have an outreach list of who needs to know when a blinder happens on social media?

= Al of the above

Facebook is increasing organic reach so that it can show users more relevant posts.
It doesn’t matter how many people are in your community if they are not engaged.
One way to keep your community members engaged and committed is by rewarding them with random acts of kindness. The best example of this would be __________.
To write a personalized, handwritten, ‘Thank you for being our customer’ card
How do you know which social networks are the best for building community as a business?
Do audience research
Which of the following is NOT an objective when managing a social media community?
When conflict arises; issue a “no comment” with your community to avoid conflict
What is the definition of a persona?
A fictional character representing and communicating attributes of a set of people within a target market
The best content __________.
tells stories, answers questions, is personalized
When distributing and promoting, you should attempt to create lookalike audiences to get more visibility and build community.
What are some results you may want to measure in regards to growing your website traffic?
Loyalty and referrals
Want to be a social media community manager? Which is the least likely qualification?
Be able to take a sales oriented approach
In the 18-minute Social PR day, it says every hour you should do what? (Select all answers that apply.)
Check all your social network status

Take one minute to see where you are on your daily list

When looking for a social media management job, what would be the least likely tactic in getting hired?
Use your LinkedIn headline to let prospects know your job status
Jennifer Lopez shared her “Don’t List” when it comes to social media community management. Which was not on list?
Don’t reply to complainers and whiners
It is a best practice to get every Tweet approved before it is published to avoid community management issues.
If someone has a complaint about your brand specifically, Jennifer’s community management tip is to __________.
address it empathetically
If you are a social media manager; chances are your job is 24/7 and you will need to manage your social media via a mobile device. Jennifer Lopez recommends to have all your personal and business social media accounts managed from one app for ultimate speed and accuracy.
When organizing internal social media teams, Neal Schaffer’s Maximize Your Social recommends the teams be divided into three functions; These three teams are called:
Strategy team, Operations Team, Executive Council
The more time you spend on haters, trolls, and spammers, the more time you’re spending on quality community engagement and content.
Social media managers should ideally have some background in calculus, statistics and/or managerial accounting.
During a tragedy, what is a question you need to know the answer to?
Do we cease all planned content?

Is there a plan to stop promoted posts?

Do we comment during a tragedy?

Who will enact this plan?

= All of the above

When adopting a journalistic set of standards, it is important to __________.
check facts, state opinions, check copyright
During a tragedy, which of the following is NOT your social responsibility?
Share news and developments as soon as possible
When Buffer was hacked, what was a good thing they did to handle the situation?
Respond immediately and communicate to users
You should always check your past content to make sure that it is still relevant and appropriate.
Which was NOT a result of how Buffer handled the hacking crisis?
Tweet volume decreased
According to the 2013 Edelman Trust barometer, who ranks highest in public trust?
When a social media crisis or conflict is under way, it is best to __________ everything in a timely manner.
When Melissa Fach refers to TAGFEE, the T stands for __________.
When negative reviews and accounts of a poor brand experience show up in a social media feed, it is best to remove or delete them.
When Melissa Fach refers to TAGFEE, the G stands for ________
When dealing with difficult people in social media; it is not what’s best for you, what matters is what’s best for them.
When a community members gets angry, the best thing to do is __________
Take them offline via email or DM

Respons quickly

Reach out to your team for support

= All of the above

When it comes to establishing your company’s social media guidelines, the optimal strategy is to consider striking a balance between the need to _________________ and the desire to leverage social media channels to
protect and control
Which one of the following would not be an example of a recommendation in a social media employee guideline?
Post content on behalf of the company anonymously
Social media is very powerful, but not powerful enough to destroy a business.
One of the greatest challenges in a social media crisis is:
Keeping focused on solving the core catalyst
By having __________ in place, a social media manager will know what constitutes a social media crisis and how to respond to consumers who communicate with your brand via social media.
social media policy
When brand conversations about an event not fully understood permeate at a rate faster than the company is able to manage, this is best described as a __________.
The mark of true success in social media crisis management is when you take awful news and make it just bad news.
A cross between a phone and a tablet is called a __________.
What are some of the LinkedIn mobile tips stated?
Write a great bio and always post quality updates
__________ might have the most seamless experience between desktop and mobile among all the social networks.
An example of mobile-friendly content would be __________.



= all of the above

A big mistake on blogs, when it comes to mobile and social experience, is __________.
sharing buttons not configured
One of the five things a social media manager needs to know when it comes to mobile is __________.
The difference between responsive design and M dot design would be:
Responsive is flexible and M dot is the mobile version
The mobile version of most bank websites would be an example of responsive design.
Most consumers wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site.
The most important elements on a mobile friendly home page would be __________.
easy navigation


contact information


= all of the above

Facebook, Twitter, and __________ dominate the sharing numbers, accounting for nearly 75 percent of mobile shares.
One way to be sure your brand’s social media presence is optimized for mobile would be to __________.
pay attention to ad targeting and image sizes
You won’t see any pinned tweets on mobile.
One way to get your content as high up on the Facebook page as possible is to __________ a post. When you you do this to an update, the post will appear above the reviews, likes, and photos and just underneath your about section.
Which is conseidered the most real time
According to Google’s big announcement coming April 21, website owners should worry about
losing mobile search results
When optimizing your social media marketing for mobile users, it is important to take into consideration
image sizes

ad offerings

landing pages

content length

= all of the above

Over the past year, almost every major social network has launched a redesign focused on improving ________ activity.
It is typical for Google to announce they will be making an announcement.
Most users know the diffrence between mobile web and mobile apps.
According to the lecture video, which of the following is NOT a step in the measuring checklist?
Count the number of fans on social media page
__________ was one of the oldest traditional ways to measure track media coverage in public relations before the internet?
A clipping book
What is an example of what could be measured to find the conversation rate?
Comments you receive per post
The applause rate represents how many favorites, likes or +1s a post receives.
Which brand did Google’s Adam Singer use as an example of a brand doing a mobile app right and finding ways to creatively market via a mobile device.
Which of the following are examples of the amplification rate?


= both A + B

When creating a plan to measure analytics, what basic web analytics should you begin with?
Your owned media
What is the definition of a sentiment KPI?
(Key Performance Indicators)

Tracking the percentage of positive or negative comments across the social and search graphs

An example of a conversion KPI may be the number of white papers requested from a webinar.
What are the two main points to measure using Google Analytics?
1) Referring Traffic, 2) The full value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead to direct/future conversions
Which of the following refers to the emotion behind a social media mention?
What is the definition of reach?
Potential audience for a message based on total follower count
Exposure measures not just your followers, but the number of followers your followers have.
What does engagement measure?
How much and how often others interact with you and your content in social media
A “reblog” is a way to measure which social media platform?
__________ data is based on observations, and it often takes the form of hypotheses that stem from smaller sample sizes than you’d normally need for a true scientific study.
Follower/fans, engagement, timing, CTR are examples of __________ data.
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