Publisher Chapter 5 Review Questions

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A(n) ____ is preprinted stationery with important facts about the company and blank space to display the text of the correspondence.
A(n) ____ is a specific component in a set, such as a name, job position, or address.
A(n) ____ is a recognizable symbol that identifies a person, business, or organization.
The Add Selection to Business Information Gallery command allows you to add selected text and graphics as a Publisher ____.
building block
You use the ____ toolbar to enter the exact values for the horizontal position, vertical position, width, and height of the object.
When you point to a business information field or click it, Publisher displays the ____ button, which allows you to edit the field individually.
smart tag
The default style in Publisher is call the ____ style.
You can change the ____ settings by right-clicking the text box and choosing the style on the shortcut menu.
The ____ appears at the top of most business letters.
You cannot make permanent changes to a(n) ____ file.
The ____ list allows you to click the name of the publication to open it, without browsing to the location.
Recent Documents
Microsoft has various envelope ____ for occasions such as holidays, weddings, parties, and graduations stored online.
___ is a portable format that can be read by anyone using a free reader, available on the Web.
PDF stands for _____?
Portable Document Form
____ options allow you to set specific margins to match specialized business card paper.

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