Public Speaking Final

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If there are discrepancies between the verbal and nonverbal components of a speech, listeners will probably
accept the nonverbal as the true message
Radio and television are examples of
According to the text, “locking your eyes with a listener’s eyes
helps calm you
A public speaker who tries to eliminate all fear is pursuing a goal that is
In preparing for a speech next week, you discover that one member of the audience has a vision impairment. To find out how to meet her needs, whom should you consult?
the woman herself
A good way to find speech topics is to explore the internet
Which on of the following is NOT listed by the text as part of overall speech design?
question-and-answer period
The “Find” feature in document involves holding down the Control key and pressing the letter “F”.
A key advantage of e-books is that you can quickly search an entire book for wards and phrases.
Before starting your research, you should decide on your
specific purpose
I will discuss robots as surgeons is an effective example of a central idea.
Air fresheners, candles, and incense can contain organic compounds that cause health problems for some people. This is an example of
a central idea
For listeners who are deaf or hearing-impaired, the text recommends which of the following?
slow your rate of speech slightly
If you have handouts, it is a good idea to give one to a blind listener.
If your hands tremble or you show some other sign of nervousness, you should apologize to your audience or try to make a joke out of your problem.
The term used by the text for visualizing successful actions is
positive imagery
A speech, says management consultant David W. Richardson, takes place in
the minds of the listeners
A speaker can cause interference in the speech communication process.
The internet addresses “” indicates
a non-profit entity
Cut and paste is
is an unethical and unacceptable technique for gathering information
A speaker says “Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir said, “to be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.” This sentence illustrates the use of
A narrative in a speech must always be factual
A speaker says, “So far, we have seen that carelessness is the main cause for industrial accidents.” Which device is the speaker using?
Internal summary
In planning the body of the speech, the text recommends that you spread out your ideas on a table top or a computer screen and experiment with different
The best way to indicate that you have finished with a quotation is to
pause as an ‘oral” punctuation device
It is ______ for an introduction to be too short.
According to the text, results of polls often depend upon
how a question is asked
I got my information from the Internet is an acceptable way to assure audiences that the information in your speech is valid
Jazz is a form of American music that grew out of African-American musical traditions. This sentence is
a definition
For a speech explaining how to bake bread, which organizational pattern would be used?
To avoid making mistakes in a speech, it’s a goo idea to ask someone beforehand to _____ its accuracy.
Most attorneys believe that courtroom battles are won because of the effectiveness of
both the opening statement and the closing argument
Telling a story, asking a question, and using a visual aid are examples of
attention material
You can signal the end of a speech with
both verbal and nonverbal signals
Plagiarism in public speaking can cause public humiliation and loss of a job.
Sleet is harsh and icy, whereas snow is soft and fluffy is an example of
A speaker says, “According to historian Barbara Tuchman, ‘Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed.'” This sentence illustrates the use of
Bridges and internal summaries should never be used together.
Main points are designed to help the audience understand and remember
the central idea
Informing the audience of your qualifications to speak on a topic is
recommended to build credibility
For the first few sentences in a speech, which one of the following options would be a mistake?
an announcement of the topic
A group called “Mothers for Honest Government” issues a report on campaign financing. A researcher
should find out who is in the group and what motives it has
Anything published before 1923 is no longer protected by copyright law
The term percent means “out of ________”.
Companies such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony make expensive camera lenses. This sentence illustrates the use of
In a speech on redwood trees, a speaker begins by discussing the roots, proceeds to the trunk, then the branches, and finally the leaves. Which organizational pattern is being used?
Each main point should make an announcement rather than an assertion.
If you plan to give a speech to several different audiences, you might need to have different main points for each audience.
A speaker says, “How long will America continue to be plagued with child abuse?” This is an example of ________________ question.
a rhetorical
For a speech on spiders, pulling tarantulas out of a box and letting them walk about would
upset some listeners and put them out a receptive mood
A topic outline has more words than a complete-sentence outline.
Donald Macleod of Princeton Theological Seminary tells his seminarians that the maximum time for an effective sermon is
18 minutes
An outline has a title, but the speaker does not actually say it in the speech.
If you as a speaker do not know the answer to a listener’s question, you should
admit that you do not know the answer
The extemporaneous method of delivery involves speaking on the spur of the moment with no chance to prepare.
Cannahepya? for “Can I help you?” is an example of poor
One of the goals of informative speaking is to convey what kind of information?
To inform my audience of the reasons for the near extinction of mountain gorillas is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
In a speech to a graduating high school class, you can assume that all the students know basic information, such as the fact that Alaska and Hawaii were the last states admitted to the United States.
Research shows that speakers are better off using no visual aids than using poor ones.
A good time to use a topic outline is
in the early stages of preparation, when you are brainstorming and putting down your ideas
A topic outline uses
key words or phrases
Ouch! How to Treat a Bee Sting is an ______________ title for a speech.
A speech should be practiced point by point, not word for word.
Which method of delivery is a person most likely to use in delivering a paper at a scientific conference?
If you don’t receive any questions during the question-and-answer period, you must have failed to stimulate the audience’s interest in the topic.
In a process speech, the goal is always to teach the listeners how to perform the process themselves.
Calling on people at random is a technique that the text recommends for long presentations.
Of the three main channels for learning information, the visual is the strongest.
Inductive reasoning is never used by scientists.
In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological needs must be met before a person can try to satisfy esteem needs.
A speaker says, “We must change to the metric system or we will fall behind the rest of the world in science and industry.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
A good persuasive speech __________ contains sections that look like sections of an informative speech.
The visualization step of the motivated sequence offers a scenario that can be
either positive or negative
According to the text, petition drives are almost never successful in persuading lawmakers to change their positions.
It is __________________ for a persuasive speech to include sections that seem identical to sections of an informative speech.
In a persuasive speech, your credibility is strengthened if you concede that your ideas sometimes do not work.
Aiming sarcastic remarks at listeners who disagree with you will make them defensive at first, but will eventually increase their respect for your courage and integrity.
A speaker says, “There is no need for me to refute Senator Smith’s ideas about regulating professional baseball. Senator Smith is unqualified to speak on baseball because he has never played any sport on the high school, collegiate, or professional level.” This speaker is guilty of using which type of fallacy in reasoning?
attack on a person
Because Germans are the smartest engineers in the world, you should buy a German-made car. This speaker is guilty of using what kind of fallacy in reasoning?
building on an unproven assumption
Implying what you want your listeners to do is more effective than asking for precisely what action you want them to take.
In the motivated sequence, the first step is “attention” and the second step is
A leave-behind is a handout distributed at the end of a meeting.
In a persuasive speech, you should reveal to the audience
your true goals and motives
Persuasion in one’s career often requires weeks, months, or even years.
Which type of logical fallacy asserts an argument that is based on popularity rather than on evidence and reasoning?
Reasoning that moves from a generalization to a specific conclusion is
deductive reasoning
A speaker says, “I owned a Ford and had nothing but trouble with it. My cousin had a Ford that was a lemon. And my best friend is unhappy with her Ford. I tell you, Ford is a lousy automobile.” What fallacy in reasoning is the speaker using?
hasty generalization
A speaker wants to persuade an audience to stop engaging in unhealthy behavior. Which level of fear is most effective in accomplishing this objective?
a high level of fear
The speech to motivate action can try to stimulate either positive or negative action.
Role play can be used to change people’s behavior.
Everyone is drinking strawberry lemonade for good health, and so should you. This is an example of which type of logical fallacy?
A speaker says, “Because the Japanese make the best stereo sound systems in the world, you should consider buying a Japanese-made sound system.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
building on an unproven assumption
The technique of changing one’s behavior by performing scenarios and receiving critiques is called
role play
A DVD about your speech topic, given to listeners at the end of your speech, is an example of what the book calls
a leave-behind
In a speech of refutation, deeply held beliefs are easier to demolish than a set of erroneous facts.
A speaker says, “People who favor gun control want to turn our society over to the criminals. Therefore, we must ignore these gun-control advocates.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
straw man
The final step in the motivated sequence is
A pediatrician sees five children in her office one winter morning. Because all five have symptoms of influenza, the pediatrician concludes that her community is experiencing an influenza epidemic. The pediatrician has used
inductive reasoning
Taking notes while engaged in a one-on-one discussion with your supervisor
is a compliment to the superior
A headache causes which type of distraction?
Hermina listened politely to a speech on zoos, but she became angry when the speaker argued for abolition of all zoos. For the rest of the speech, she tuned him out and planned the counter-arguments that she could throw at him during the question-and-answer period. What listening mistake is she making?
failing to control emotions
In Japan, listeners who close their eyes during a speech might be showing respect.
In a meeting, the leader should periodically summarize the group’s work.
When you are a participant in a panel discussion, you should
be willing to alter your position
A group spends all its time on minor issues and never gets around to the major issues. The group could solve the problem by
establishing and following an agenda
Meetings should always begin
at the designated time
At the beginning of a meeting, the leader should review the purpose of the meeting and the scope of the group’s power.
In giving a speaker an evaluation of a speech, you should always note any indications of the speaker’s nervousness.
In taking notes, a listener should try to record the speaker’s exact words.
A hidden agenda is an effective technique for small group meetings.
A speech that is divided into parts, with each part delivered by a different person, is known as a
team presentation
A team presentation is like a speech given by an individual except that the content is divided among the team members.
When a speaker makes a point with which you disagree, immediately prepare a rebuttal in your mind to use later in the question-and-answer period.
If you have the habit of engaging in fake listening, one of the best ways to force yourself to pay attention is to
take notes
A speaker who asks listeners to turn off electronic devices is
wisely improving the odds that the audience will listen to the message
A participant should not express views in a meeting if they are clearly contrary to the views of the majority.
If you are part of a team and one of your team members is speaking to an audience, what signal would you send the audience if you review your notes?
“What’s being said is not very important.”
In an agenda, items should be rank ordered
from most important to least important
A document that summarizes what transpired at a meeting is known as the
Jack Smith works hard on a committee preparing a plan for action. At the sixth meeting, he finds out that the committee can only advise; it does not have the power to take action. Jack is distraught because he feels that much of his work has been in vain. Whose fault is it that Jack has labored under a misconception?
the group leader, for not making clear the scope of the group’s power
The text quotes Keith Davis as saying, “Hearing is with the ears; listening is with the _______.”
If you whisper, it is okay to talk on a cell phone while attending a presentation.
The Golden Rule of Listening is “Listen wisely and well”.
Reading background material on a speaker’s topic is something the listener should do
before the speech
Listening occurs when your ears pick up sound waves being transmitted by a speaker.
A group often has an IQ (or intelligence level) that is higher than the IQ of any individual in the group.
Oral language requires more amplification and elaboration than written language.
Friendship is
an abstract word
The deafening din of dynamite is an example of antithesis.
Honesty is
an abstract word
Which one of the following is incorrect grammatically?
I have already took algebra
A eulogy should
focus on the significance of a person’s life and deeds
A toast offered at a celebration should avoid
A speech designed to formally bestow an award of honor is known as the speech of
Before you give a speech of introduction, you should coordinate your remarks with the speaker’s. The primary reason for doing so is to avoid
stealing the speaker’s material
An important dimension of inspirational speaking is
It is more important for a listener to remember the main points of a speech than to remember support materials.
According to research cited in the text, employees who multitask during business meetings may be
NOT: ignored when they present ideas
In giving a speaker an evaluation of a speech, which should be presented first?
NOT: negative comments
According to the text, whether you succeed in persuasion often comes down to one key question:
NOT: Are you likable?, Are you sincere?
To encourage listeners to call the Red Cross to volunteer for blood donation, you should try to get them to use their cell phones
NOT: before the speech is finished
A speaker says, “Scientists who perform operations on animals in laboratories are not interested in getting scientific knowledge-they enjoy inflicting suffering on animals. Therefore, we must stop the use of animals in experiments.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
NOT: induction, false cause
In Maslow’s hierarchy, the human need to help others falls into the _______________ category of needs.
NOT: physiological
Convincing your audience that democracy is expanding in China is an example of a
NOT: speech to motivate action
A speaker says, “Jackson says he believes that there is intelligent life on some other planet in the universe, but how can you believe him? He’s not an astronomer; in fact, he is not a scientist at all. The only degree he has is a masters in business administration.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
NOT: Either-or-reasoning
A speaker says, “Now we come to the most important thing I have to tell you.” Which device is the speaker using?
NOT: bridge
A speaker who says, “France is 212,000 square miles-roughly the size of Texas,” is using
NOT: narrative
Which one of the following can be reprinted without getting permission?
a U.S. Department of Agriculture booklet on how to raise bees
Which of the following organizational pattern is a TV news reporter most likely to use in a report of an event?
NOT: topical
Most international audiences prefer
visuals prepared in advance
A speech, says management consultant David W. Richardson, takes place in
the minds of the listeners
A speaker who blames doctors for the rise in lung cancer deaths is engaging in
The extemporaneous method of speaking involves
using notes
According to the text, a sudden bolt of panic can hit speakers who
initially feel no fear
The text says that worrying about yourself and your image in a speech is a kind of
According to the text, “locking” your eyes with a listener’s eyes
helps calm you
If, during a speech, your mind goes blank and you forget where you are in the speech, the text recommends that you
ask the audience, “Where was I?”
The textbook notes that many _____________ persons prefer to think of their condition as a cultural difference rather than a disability.
deaf or hearing impaired
Horace noticed some listeners looking confused when he used a certain term in his speech, so he backed up and explained the term in greater detail. Horace exhibited
adaptation during a speech
If your audience knows little or nothing about your topic, you should limit the number of new ideas you discuss.
Which one of the following is NOT listed by the text as part of overall speech design?
question-and-answer period
According to the text, we should eliminate hidden purposes that
sabotage our true goal
Hidden objectives in a speech
sometimes sabotage a speaker’s primary goal
The specific purpose statement should be limited to one major idea.
The main disadvantage of interlibrary loan is that
you cannot be certain of a book arriving quickly
According to the text, e-mail is a good tool for interviewing experts.
The text says that for interviewing experts, social networks like Facebook
may be helpful
A speaker says, “In the latest issue of American Health, Dr. Emily Sanchez says that …” This is an example of
an oral footnote
Which one of the following citations during a speech is inadequate?
“I got my information from the Yahoo search engine on the Internet.”
Punctuation marks are like traffic signs. This sentence is
an analogy
To inform my audience about living conditions in an institution for autistic children is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
In a first aid class, a nurse says, “To control bleeding, remember RED, which stands for Rest, Elevation, and Direct pressure”. Which learning device is the nurse using?
An ancient Chinese proverb says, “I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I ____________________.”
A definition speech focuses on giving a dictionary definition of a concept.
Pauses in speeches should be avoided because they make you look indecisive.
A few audience members are rudely chatting among themselves during your speech, distracting other listeners. Which one of the following solutions is unacceptable?
NOT: Stop speaking and look directly at the talkers.
During a question-and-answer session, which one of the following responses is undesirable?
NOT: “I’ll find out the answer and get back to you soon.”
Main points in outlines are represented by Roman numerals (I, II, III, and so on).
It is acceptable to write quotations in full on your speaking notes.
An outline for a speech is like
a blueprint of a house
You should never bring new main points into the conclusion.
In the introduction, it is acceptable to tell a hypothetical narrative (a story that did not actually happen).
The cause-effect pattern of organization
can explain either causes or effects first
A speaker says, “Now that we have looked at the problem, let’s turn our attention to the solution.” Which device is the speaker using?
The most common form of color-blindness is
A “contrast” is just another word for “comparison”.
A speaker says, “Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir said, ‘To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.'” This sentence illustrates the use of
Informing the audience of your qualifications to speak on a topic is
recommended to build credibility

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