Public Speaking: COM 231 Test 1

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Dyadic communication
A form of communication between two people is called
Public speaking anxiety
A speaker’s fear or anxiety associated with either actual or anticipated communication to an audience is known as
A speech is successful when the speaker and listener ______ the meaning of the speech.
moderated panel
A(n) presentation involves three or more people in a discussion
improve how you respond to stress
Activating the relaxation response through techniques such as meditation or stress-control breathing can
a focused, purposeful process
Active listening is
two or three
An effective speech should be organized around ______ main points.
An example of a terminal value or characteristic is
to inform
Anne chose to give a speech to her classmates about categories of computer games. The general purpose of Anne’s speech was
Anything that influences the speaker, the audience, the speech, the occasion, or the situation is called
interviews and questionnaires
Audience analysis involves the study of an audience through techniques such as
the topic and the speech occasion
Audience analysis is a systematic process of getting to know the listeners relative to
performance anxiety
Ben noticed that his anxiety was most pronounced during the introduction of his speech. According to the text, Ben experienced
improving intrapersonal skills
Benefits of public speaking do not include
external listening distractions
Construction noise, automobile traffic, slamming doors, and poor ventilation are examples of
converting thoughts into words is called
internal listening distractions
Daydreaming, fatigue, illness, and strong emotions are examples of
avoiding movement during the speech
Each of the following is a successful strategy for gaining public speaking confidence except
Opportunities for feedback; level of preparation; degree of formality
Factors that distinguish public speaking from other forms of communication include
Feeling ______ is one reason many people have anxiety about public speaking
Generalizing about an apparent characteristic of a group and applying that generalization to all of its members is known as
speakers make more reference to themselves and to the audience
How does spoken language differ from written communication?
If a speaker’s verbal and nonverbal messages do not correspond, which cues are usually the most honest?
practice difficult words in English
If English is not a speaker’s first language, which of the following should the speaker do?
In an outline, what kinds of points support main points?
mass communication
In this form of communication, the receiver is physically removed from the messenger, and feedback is delayed.
In which part of a speech should the speaker illustrate each main point using supporting material?
adapting speech information to the audience in order to make your case
Intervention refers to
expecting too little from the speaker; displaying an arrogant attitude; ignoring important information
Laziness and overconfidence in listening are manifested by
information that they deem important; information that is associated with their experiences; information that relates to their backgrounds
Listeners tend to pay attention to
Most people retain what percentage of what they hear immediately after listening?
to inform; to persuade; to address a special occasion
Online presentations address which of the following general speech purposes?
be well organized; have reasonable expectations; maintain ethical standards
Online presenters should
coordination and subordination
Outlines are based on the principle of
selective perception
Paying attention to information that is important to us, paying attention to information that touches our own experiences and backgrounds, and sorting and filtering new information based on what we already know are key elements are
high trait anxiety; low trait anxiety
People with ______ are naturally anxious much of the time, whereas people with ______ will experience nervousness usually only in novel situations.
can be included visual aids, audio aids or combination of different aids; can be simple or more involved; can help the audience retain ideas and understand difficult concepts
Presentation aids
have a solid grasp of the subject; display a sound reasoning skills; are honest and straight forward
Research on speaker credibility reveals that people place their greatest trust in speakers who
plan how they will respond to the speaker
Scriptwriters tend to
approach a speech as an opportunity to achieve understanding with audience members
Speakers who engage in dialogic communication
are usually more helpful if they are objective in nature
Speech evaluations
Supporting material illustrates main points by ______ the speaker’s main ideas.
The Athenians demonstrated their oratorical talent in a public space called a(n)
The audience’s response to a message, conveyed both verbally and nonverbally, is referred to as
any sources that require credit in written form should be acknowledged in oral form
The basic rule for avoiding plagiarism as a public speaker is as follows:
The conscious act of recognizing, understanding, and accurately interpreting the messages communicated by others is called
feedback loop
The continual flow between speaker and listener is called the
permits the limited use of copyrighted works for some specific purposes
The doctrine of fair use does which of the following?
selecting a topic; practicing delivery of the speech
The first step in the speechmaking process is ______, and the last step is ______.
competence, good moral character and goodwill
The following comprise positive ethos:
forensic oratory
The Greeks referred to legislative or political speech as
the receiver
The recipient of the source’s message is
The study of moral conduct, or how people should act toward one another, is termed
The ______ Amendment guarantees freedom of speech to all Americans
specific purpose
The ______ is a declarative sentence stating what you expect your speech to accomplish.
general speech purpose
To inform, to persuade, and to mark a special occasion are the three types of
conversation and composition
To learn public speaking, you can draw on skills that you already possess from these two types of communication:
pre-preparation anxiety
Tyson began to panic as soon as his instructor gave the speech assignment to the class. Tyson experienced
take notes of the speaker’s main points
When listening for a speaker’s most important ideas, a listener should
Which kind of outline is usually brief and contain key words or phrases?
Which of the following is a Greek word meaning “character?”
video; podcasts; webinars
Which of the following is a platform used by online presenters?
start-times and time zones are not a factor; audience members have the opportunity to return to the presentation whenever the information is needed; speakers can build on and add to stored digital presentations
Which of the following is an advantage of recorded presentations?
Address issues only from one’s own point of view
Which of the following is not a way for a speaker to demonstrate respect for the audience?
Which of the following is not one of the five canons of rhetoric?
it involves physically going through the motions of giving your speech
Which of the following is not true of visualizing?
public speaking
Which of the following is the most formal type of communication?
single speaker
Which online presentation format consists of one speaker delivering a message to the audience?
Interview style
Which online presentation format consists of one speaker posing a series of question to another individual?
speaker-audience interactive
Which online presentation format fully engages audience members with the speaker via audio or video connectivity?
Which part of a speech alerts audience members to your specific speech purpose?
Which part of a speech represents the speaker’s last opportunity to motivate listeners and memorably state the theme of the speech?
real-time presentations
Which type of presentation connects the presenter and the audience live and at the same time?
“fighting words”; slander; speech that invades privacy
Which type of speech is considered illegal?
______ are real-time seminars, meetings, training sessions, or other presentations that connect presenters and audiences from their desktops, regardless of where they are in the world?
Critical thinking
______ involves evaluating evidence, analyzing assumptions and biases, and assessing the speaker’s reasoning.
is the acronym for the fear associated with a speaker’s communication to an audience.
______ plagiarism is copying material into a speech and then changing or rearranging words and sentence structure to make the material appear original.
Terminal; instrumental
______ values are desirable states of being, whereas ______ values are socially desirable behavioral characteristics.
Anxiety stop-time
______ is a technique for combating pre-performance anxiety in which you allow your anxiety to present itself for up to a few minutes until you declare time for confidence to step in so you can proceed to complete your practice.
A digital audio recording of a speech or presentation captured and stored in a form that is accessible via the Web is called a(n)
interview style
A speaker who poses a series of questions to another person is using a(n)
moderated panel
A(n) ______ presentation involves three or more people in a discussion
Face-to-Face (FTP)
Both online presentations and ______ presentations address the same general speech purposes.
Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA)
Feeling different from the audience, a lack of public speaking experience, and uneasiness about being the center of attention can lead to _____
In ______ presentations, speaker and audience are separated by space and time, in asynchronous communication.
Katarina experienced ______ anxiety as soon as she first learned that she had to give a speech.
Selecting a topic is the ______ step in preparing a speech.
The Greek word for character, from which the word ethics is derived, is ______
The onset of nervousness that occurs during the rehearsal of a speech is called ______ anxiety.
The practice of giving speeches was originally known as ______, also called oratory.
The type of anxiety that occurs when a speaker utters the first words of the speech is termed ______ anxiety.
feedback loop
The ______ is the continual flow, or circular response, between speaker and listener.
______ are people’s most enduring judgments or standards about what is good or bad, important or unimportant.
real time
______ presentations connect the presenter and the audience live and at the same time.
______ values are socially desirable behavioral characteristics.
______ is the study of moral conduct – how people should act toward one another.
speaker-audience interactive
______ presentations fully engage audience members with the speaker via audio or video connectivity.

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