Psychology Quiz 3

Children can reach half their adult height by the age _______ years
The human body is equipped to protect the brain when malnutrition temporarily affects body growth. This protective feature is known as…
A basic nerve cell in the central nervous system is called a…
The last part of the brain to mature is the…
prefrontal cortex
Synapses are…
intersections where the axons of one neuron meet the dendrites of another neuron
Transient exuberance is the:
rapid growth of dendrites during the first few years of life
Pruning is the process by which:
unused connections between neurons are eliminated
The signs of REM sleep include flickering of the infants:
closed eyes and rapid brain waves
You see a beautiful yellow flower while walking through a meadow. Your eyes seeing the flower is a matter of __________. Your brain determining that the flower is yellow is a matter of _________. Imagining how the flower will look in a vase would demonstrate __________.
sensation; perception; cognition
The sense that is the least developed at birth is an infant’s:
Large movements that coordinate many parts of the body are known as _______ motor skills.
What three factors contribute to the ability to walk?
muscle strength, brain maturation, practice
The most lethal disease for all children in past centuries was:
When children are immunized, they contribute to the protection of others. This is referred to as:
herd immunity
Breast milk:
provides antibodies to fight diseases
Hasan is 2 years old and does not have enough food. As a result, he has unusual swelling in his face and abdomen, and thin, colorless hair. Hasan is suffering from:
During the sensorimotor stage, the child’s main task is to:
use senses and motor skills to understand the world
Research indicates that infants reach the stages of Piaget’s sensorimotor intelligence ________ Piaget originally predicted
earlier than
Which theory compares human thought to the workings of a computer?
information-processing theory
The usual order of the development of spoken language in an infant is:
reflexes, cooing, babbling, and spoken words
Research has found that child-directed speech is:
spoken in a high pitch with simple vocabulary and short sentences
The term holophrase is used to denote:
the infant’s use of one word to express a whole thought
As infants acquire language, they say more _______ than any other parts of speech
Javier’s mother is a native Spanish speaker, and his father is a native English speaker. He hears both languages equally often and is addressed in Spanish by his mother and in English by his father. If Javier is a typical toddler, how will his language skills be affected by this early experience?
his mastery of both languages will proceed normally, with proper grammar in both
The language acquisition device (LAD) was proposed by Chomsky to explain:
children’s ability to derive the rules of grammar quickly and effectively
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