Psychology Quiz 3

Selective Attention
When psychologist talk of focusing on a particular stimulus, they are referring to

According to Freud, _____ material is not currently in awareness but it is readily available to awareness.

When certain bodily processes cannot be experienced through sensory awareness or direct inner awareness, we say that they are

a cycle connected to the 24-hour period of earth’s rotation.
A circadian rhythm is

hypnagogic state.
As John drifts off to sleep, he sometimes experiences images of his old dog Freckles running around the yard. This is an example of a

a. REM sleep.
c. paradoxical sleep.
d. both a and c
Your husband just woke up, and he said he was having the most bizarre dream. He was probably awakened during

unconscious wishes and urges
According to Sigmund Freud, dreams reflect

The concern will heighten autonomic activity and muscle tension which delays sleep
Genia suffers from insomnia. She is determined to fall asleep.

challenge the fear that the next day will be ruined without sleep.
All of the following are psychological methods for coping with insomnia except

sleep apnea.
A dangerous sleep disorder in which the person’s air passages are obstructed is called

sleep terror.
Your little sister sat up in the bed the other night, and began to talk incoherently, and moved about wildly. She is most likely experiencing a

a. help people control weight and quit smoking.
c. help people overcome fear and anxiety, and control pain.
d. both a and c
Today, hypnotism is used to

hypnotic suggestibility.
Your friend Ricardo can be easily hypnotized. He probably demonstrates

narrowed attention.
Jerry was hypnotized by the police to help him recall more information about the person who attacked him. Most of the information proved to be incorrect. This is an example of

a relaxation response.
In his study of transcendental meditation, Benson found that meditation leads to

Transcendental meditation
____ is a form of meditation that encourages clients to focus on the present moment rather than focus on problems.

Any system that provides information about a bodily function is known as

a. heart rate.
b. blood pressure.
c. sweating.
d. all of the above
Bodily functions that were once thought to be beyond voluntary control but that can nowadays be changed with biofeedback include

When a person is deeply involved in a pleasant activity they may experience an altered state of conscious called

The most popular drug on high-school and college campuses in the United States is

The study of motivation is an attempt to understand ____ a behavior occurs.

a. oxygen, food, water and proper temperature.
c. waste elimination.
d. both a & c
Examples of physiological needs are

in order to survive
Physiological needs must be met

work hard.
A high need for achievement would drive a person to

____ theories suggest that needs create a state of tension and that behavior relieves that tension and returns the organism to a calm, resting state.

primary drives.
Drive-reduction theory defines hunger, pain, and thirst as

a tired person to sleep.
The tendency toward homeostasis or a steady state would cause

A prisoner is punished with solitary confinement. This punishment consists of the deprivation of a need for

Which of the following is a stimulus motive?

a. physiological needs
c. safety needs
d. both a & c
A homeless individual motivated to seek shelter at a church to escape the rain is satisfying ____ according to Maslow’s hierarchy.

Maslow argued that humans differ from other animals in that humans have a self-initiated striving for

signals hunger and satiety
The hypothalamus plays a key role in hunger regulation in that it is a brain center that

a. stomach contractions.
b. blood sugar level.
c. the hypothalamus.
d. all of the above.
Biological factors in hunger include

muscle tissue
Which type of tissue metabolizes food faster and makes it easier to lose weight?

anorexia nervosa.
Extreme fear of being too heavy, dramatic weight loss, and distorted body image are a few of the characteristics of

excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
The sexual response cycle occurs in what sequence?

During orgasm, Laura experienced muscle tension. These were caused by

A man experiences an orgasm and cannot experience another for at least 30 minutes.
Which of the following demonstrates the presence of a refractory period?

those who have some college education, or who have graduated from college, have more liberal views on sex.
According to the NHSLS,

You had an argument with your supervisor at work, which left you feeling upset. Upon arrival at home, you find your child has left a mess in the kitchen. You blow up and direct your built up aggression towards your child. This scenario is indicative of the ____ perspective’s explanation of aggression.

If you believe that aggressive children have been reinforced or rewarded for aggressive behavior, then you have a ____ 7 view of aggression.

A(n) ____ can be both a goal and a response.

An individual exhibiting sympathetic arousal and concern about danger is likely to be experiencing

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