Psychology death grieving and dying

leading cause of broken bones in women

global term for deterioration of mental functioning

Erikson’s final stage of development
integrity vs. despair
involves reflecting on the past and evaluating

prejudice against older adults

health bill for the care of adults 65 and over

brain death
when all electrical activity of the brain has ceased for a specified period of time

legal document of patient’s advance care planning
living will

active euthanasia/ legal states
occurs when death is deliberately induced, as when a lethal dose of a drug is injected…oregon and washington

program for end of life

american attitude towards death
is not viewed as the end of existence, although the biological body has died, the spirit is believed to live on

need to recover the deceased person
pining or yearning

Currier, Holland and Neimeyer
study of more than 1,000 college students found that making sense was an important factor in their grieving of a violent loss by accident, homicide or suicide

Kubler-Ross stages of dying
1.denial 2.anger 3.bargaining 4.depression 5.acceptance

care that is designed to reduce pain
palliative care

act of painlessly ending the lives of individuals who are suffering from an incurable disease or severe disability

advanced directive/ living will
states such preferences as whether life sustaining procedures should or should not be used to prolong the life of an individual when death is imminent

Big Five factors linked to medication non-adherence

successful aging is related to 3 main factors
selection, optimization and compensation

socioemotional selectivity theory
states that older adults become more selective about their social networks

important factor to higher level of emotion regulation and successful aging
reduced responsiveness to regrets

elders discuss past activities and experiences
reminiscence therapy

look back and evaluate their life
life review

nun study
directed by David Snowdon investigation of 678 nuns all 678 nuns agreed to participate in annual assessment of their cognitive and physical functioning

linked to small declines in memory
reduction in acetylcholine

tiny bodies within cells that supply essential energy

transitional state between normal aging and early Alzheimer
mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

improves the sleep profile of older adults
regular exercise

unable to see clearly what is right in front of them
macular degeneration

cells can divide a maximum of about 75-80 times
cellular clock theory

DNA sequences that cap chromosomes

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