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One may transfer information from short-term memory (STM) into long-term memory (LTM) by:
elaborative rehearsal

The information-processing model of memory suggests that:
the process of memory storage is similar to the way a computer processes memory in a series of three stages.

________ memory is like a giant filing system in which the “files” are individual bits and pieces of memories stored in a highly organized and interconnected fashion.

In their original study, which explored how information is stored in long-term memory, Collins and Quillian (1969) asked participants to respond “true” or “false” as quickly as possible to sentences such as “a canary is a bird” and “a canary is an animal.” The results of this study suggest that:
information exists in a kind of network, with nodes of related information linked to each other in a kind of hierarchy.

Memory for facts is called ________ memory because facts are things that are known and can be stated outright.

In Broadbent’s filter theory, only a stimulus that is _______ enough will be passed on to be analyzed for meaning in short-term memory (STM).

When a memory is being formed, several changes take place in the brain in a process called:

Brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF), a key protein involved in the formation of memories, is stimulated by:
continued everyday learning.

While hypnosis may make it easier to recall some memories, it also:
makes it easier to create false memories.

The constructive processing view says that every time a memory is retrieved:
it may be altered or revised in some way.

In order to remember the short list of groceries her mother gave to her, Denver repeated the list to herself over and over again until she got all of the items from the store that she needed. Denver’s method of memorizing the grocery list involved the process of _______.
maintenance rehearsal

When given a list of grocery items to remember, Marissa can only recall the last several items on the list. Marissa’s memory lapse is a good illustration of _______.
the recency effect

Carl is able to remember the names of the first three presidents before he begins to have difficulty. This is:
the primacy effect.

Which is an example of a recognition task?
a word-search puzzle

Information that enters long-term memory by automatic encoding:
requires little or no effort to retrieve.

The ________ is derived from work in the development of artificial intelligence.
parallel distributed processing model

Jill Price was born with the ability to _____________.
remember every detail from every day of her life

There are __________ people in the United States who have been tested and confirmed to have the same memory abilities that Jill Price has.

Jill Price can only remember _______________.
things that are of interest to her

The ability to remember every detail of your life is called ________
superior autobiographical memory

One major drawback to having the memory ability that Jill Price has is that _______________.
you would remember the painful details of all the negative things that have happened to you too.

In a bar graph of results that show the serial position effect, you would expect the tallest bars (highest recall) to be for items
Both A and C

The Primacy Effect refers to the fact that we have better memory for the first few items than the middle items.

What is the name of the effect whereby the last few items are more likely to be recalled than the middle items?
The recency effect

The occurrence of the serial position effect is limited to human verbal memoriza

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