Psych study guide#1

Psychology is best defined as the science of
Behavior and mental processes
Wilhelm wundts lab work invloves experimental studies of
Reactions to sensory stimulation
Who is considered the father of psychology
Wilhem wundt
William james was a prominentamerican
Functionalism was a school of paychology that focused on
How our mental and behavioral processes function
Behaviorists dismissed the value of
Which perspective is most relevant to understanding the impact of strokes and brain diseases on memory?
The psycho dynamic persepctive focuses on
Unconsious conflicts
Which perspective most clearly focuses on how we learn observable responses
The cognitive perspective in psychology emphasizes how
People think, store, and remember
Which perspective is most concerned with the unique way in which individuals interpret their own lige experiences
Dr. Doogie engages in basic research on why individuals conform to the behaviors and opinions of the group. Which specialty area does his research best represent?
Social psychology
Industrial / organizational psychologists are most likely to be involved in what type of research?
Applied research
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