Psych final questions

Which of the following is not a stimulant?
caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, ALCOHOL

Mary blames her failing Calculus grade on her professor’s unfairness. This
is an example of:
self-serving bias, reciprocal determinism, EXTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL, positive psychology

To help relieve his depression Daniel is prescribed a drug that
decrease serotonin, INCREASE NOREPINEPHRINE, decrease norepinephrine, increase actylochline

Believing you are Barack Obama would be a
hallucination, DELUSION, compulsion, obsession

Jessica got a new job and moved across the country. However, every time she is asked for her address she always gives her old one. This demonstrates:
retroactive interference, PROACTIVE INTERFERENCE, misinformation effect, retrieval failure

A box of cookies contains a recipe for cookies and creme milkshake. The recipe lists the ingredients, their amounts, and step-by-step instructions. This is an example of
a heuristic, AN ALGORITHM, a prototype, a concept

More ice cream sandwiches were sold when they were labeled 65% fat free than when they were labeled 35% fat. This is an example of
belief perseverance, availability heuristic, FRAMING EFFECT, confirmation bias

Susan is on a strict sugar-free diet but she is really tempted to eat a delicious cake at a birthday party. However, she knows that eating the cake will put her back days of hard work. What two Freudian forces are at play here and in which order?
THE ID, THE SUPEREGO; the superego, the id; the id the ego, the superego, the ego

A true statement about Freud’s Psychodynamic theory of personality and Maslow & Rogers’ Humanism is that:
Critics of the Psychodynamic theory argue that it fails to make testable predictions, while critics of Humanism argue that it fails to recognize human capacity for evil

What would be a typical personified response of the “Id,” according to Freud?
“DO IT NOW”, “is this realistic?” “this is not how we ought to behave ever”

Observing our heart racing after a threat and then feeling afraid is an example of:
JAMES LANGE, cannon bard, schechter singer

True or False: Dilated pupils, decreased salivation, and an accelerated heartbeat is attributed to the Parasympathetic division of the Autonomic Nervous System.

A word salad, or fluent speech that does not make sense, is consistent with what kind of aphasia?

The Ego is governed by the:
REALITY PRINCIPLE, pleasure principle, moral judgments, amygdala

According to Freud, during the first year of life, children is go through the what psychosexual developmental stage
anal, genital, ORAL, phallic

All of the following are big five except?
openness, INTROVERSION, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism

Damage to the insula could cause all of the following problems except
inability to feel social emotions, INABILITY TO PROCESS EMOTIONAL CUES, loss of enjoyment in music, all of the above

How do the facial feedback studies support the James-Lange theory of emotion?
They show that emotion comes before arousal, they show that emotion comes with arousal, THEY SHOW THAT EMOTION OCCURS WITH AROUSAL, none of the above

What psychoactive drug does not cause withdrawal symptoms?
stimulants, HALLUCINOGENS, depressants, narcotics

An individual with a pragmatics deficiency would be able to understand which of the following
A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION, idiom, satire, facial expressions

Maria is afraid of cats. To help her overcome her fear, her mother calmly pets and strokes a cat while Maria is watching. Her mother encourages her to imitate her behavior. Which technique is Maria’s mom using?
Reinforcement, MODELING, extinction

In Zimbardo’s prison study, male college students agreed to participate in a two week experiment to discover what would happen when they took the roles of prisoners and guards. After the prisoners staged a revolt, the researchers found that
The guards tried to be tough but fair, the experiments had everyone switch roles, all the guards decided to quit the experiment, THE GUARDS BECAME MORE AGGRESSIVE

The low voltage brain waves produced during realized wakefulness or the twilight stage between waking and sleeping are called ______ waves.
alpha, beta, delta, THETA

Which of these personality disorders shows less activity (lower level of arousal) in the frontal lobe?
histrionic, narcissistic, borderline, ANTISOCIAL, obsessive compulsive

In small amounts, alcohol acts as a stimulant because it cheers up the drinker

Which of the following is an example of a negative symptom of schizophrenia?
delusions, ANHEDONIA, hallucinations, agoraphobia

Tom is a member of the high school track team. He finds that he runs faster when his family and teammates are cheering him on in the stands. This is most likely due to:
social loafing, groupthink, SOCIAL FACILITATION, deindividuation

Sally claims that aliens abducted her last night while she was in bed. The experience of “alien abduction” most likely occurred during:
NREM-1, nrem2, nrem3, rem

What personality disorder is defined by a preoccupation with details?
narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, OCD

What is NOT a symptom of Aspergers?
a developmental delay in social interaction, developmental delay in symbolic or imaginative play, above average intelligence, DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY IN LANGUAGE

What part of the brain is associated with Broca’s aphasia?
LEFT FRONTAL LOBE, right frontal lobe, left parietal lobe, right parietal lobe

After a traumatic trampoline accident, Jerry shows difficulty in producing speech. He is no longer fluent in his native tongue, English. He speaks with awkward articulations in telegraphic speech. Which type(s) of aphasia does Jerry most likely have
Wernike’s, BROCA’S, anomic, Chomsky’s

Given the following list of 10 years to remember, which of the following years are most likely to be remembered by an average American?
2001, 2014, 1776 (important dates for Americans)

Failure to remember your new password because you keep remembering your old password is an example of _______, whereas failure to remember the original lyrics to a song sung with new lyrics is an example of __________ .
proactive interference, retroactive interference

Damage to which hemisphere of the brain can cause the loss of emotional rationalization?
RIGHT HEMISPHERE, left hemisphere

A person that is said to be Histrionic is:
a sensible person, CONSTANT NEED OF REASSURANCE, affected by past experiences, dislikes socializing

f an individual needs to touch their nose three times before crossing the street, every single time he crosses the street, one can clearly identify this individual as having a case of:

Transforming incoming info into a usable form is the stage of memory called
retrieval, ENCODING, storage, organization

Which of the following is true of short-term memory/
unlimited storage capacity, deals with information for longer periods of time, SERIOUSLY AFFECTED BY INTERRUPTION OR INTERFERENCE, permanently stored

Which of the following is the currently the only personality disorder that can be visualized by a difference in the frontal lobe?
ocd, ANTISOCIAL DISORDER, histrionic disorder, borderline disorder

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Which of the following statements is correct?
Echoic memory is sensory memory of auditory stimuli that lasts 3-4 seconds

If a person is experiencing sleep spindles, then he or she is in which sleep stage?
Stage 1, STAGE 2, stage 3, rem

If a person with schizophrenia is experiencing hallucinations, then he or she is experiencing:
negative symptoms, POSITIVE SYMPTOMS

When climate change activists provide evidence of rising sea levels and increasing temperatures, they are trying to influence us through the:
foot in the door, peripheral route, cognitive dissonance theory, CENTRAL ROUTE PERSUASION

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