Psych chapter 13, 14, epilogue

The multidisciplinary, scientific study of old age is called

A dependency ratio is calculated by comparing the number of______ with the number of _______
dependents; self-supporting individuals

Those speaking to the elderly need to:
increase logical pauses

The chief reason the elderly have difficulty in getting enough nutrients is the:
reduced efficiency of the digestive system

people who live to their 100th birthday are referred to as

Loss of working memory is particularly likely to affect the ability to:
repeat a series of numbers just heard

dementia is
the pathological loss of brain functioning

In the final stage of Alzheimer disease, patients start to
become unresponsive

Many elderly people suffering from depression do not receive treatment because
their depression goes undiagnosed

elements of wisdom include:
a broad practical approach to life and deep insight

Anxiety about the possibility that other people have prejudiced beliefs is known as:
stereotype threat

Which senses become less sharp in late adulthood
smell and taste, hearing and vision, and touch and smell (all of the above)

The changes of primary aging are:

Maximum life span is defined as
upper limit to which members of a species can live

shrinkage to the prefrontal cortex is a natural result of aging that can cause which of the following?
lack of inhibition

with age, what happens to the brain?
all the answers occur with age

Autopsies show the brain of Alzheimer victims
have a proliferation of plaques and tangles

multi-infarct dementia may be prevented by:
regular physical exercise

Don is a retired businessman that start to garden. His primary purpose for planting his garden was:
a heightened appreciation of nature

Dorothy has begun keeping a journal that includes detailed stories of her childhood to early childhood. She plans to pass her journal down to her grandchildren as a family history and so they can know her in a more intimate way. Her journal writing is a form of
life review

Self theories emphasize
the core self

According to continuity theory, the big five personality traits
are maintained throughout old age

recent research in Sweden, has indicated that the quality of life in late adulthood is directly related to:
engaging in many leisure activities

When young adults who moved into a neighborhood decades earlier never leave, the result it:
a naturally occurring retirement community

Compared to single older adults, the married elderly tend to be:
happier and wealthier

Barabara’s relationship with her two adult sons is peppered with conflict and tension over choices they make in their lives. They rarely listen to her advice. Barbara is typical of many parents with grown, independent children in that she:
hasn’t stopped parenting

Mrs. Smith lives in the same house as her children and cares for them everyday: her grandparenting is:

The most important buffer against the loss that comes from retirement and widowhood is having
at least one close friend

An elderly woman who seeks to integrate her unique personal experiences with the future of her community is in Erikson’s stage of:
integrity versus despair

The three major stratification categories emphasized in the textbook that can limit choices at every stage of life are:
age, gender, and ethnicity

According to research, positive emotions in the elderly are correlated with:
feeling recognized with their accomplishments

The term social convey refers to the notion that:
we travel through life with the company of others

After losing a spouse, older women typically:
enjoy their independence, choosing not to remarry

With regard to their grown children, most elderly people:
are more likely to give financial support than to receive it

Mrs. William’s grandchildren live with her because their parents are both drug addicts. She is now considered:
surrogate parent

Which of the following increases the likely hood of elder abuse
substance abuse, poverty, and fraility

Theories that describe the ways in which societies place people on a particular life path are called:
stratification theories

Which of the following is true of selective optimization with compensation
It involves older adults figuring out how to accomplish what they want despite their limitations

Mr. Inman is 71 years old and just enrolled in a course at the local college. Which of the following is least likely to be his motivation
promotion on his job

Most studies of marriage of long duration find compared to younger adults, the elderly:
happier in their marriage

The study of death and dying is known as

In every cultural tradition, religion plays a role in:
providing hope of death

The function of the hospice is to
allow people to die in peace

What is it called when a person s in a state of deep unconsciousness from which he or she cannot be aroused

George is terminally ill and is in constant pain. he has asked his doctor for pain killing medication that his doctor knows George will use to end his life. If the doctor gives the prescription and George uses it to die, It is considered:
Physician- assisted suicide

Ted’s ex wife died suddenly. While their two children were included in the memorial services, Ted was intentionally excluded. Be he still cared about his ex-wife, he experienced:
disenfranchised grief

Which of the following is a way that death has changed in the past 100 years
death often occurs in hospitals

Several recent trends have contributed to making a good death more likely than a bad death. They are:
honest conversation, the hospice, and palliative care

According to Kubler-Ross, the first stage of dying is:

Which of the following is true regarding hospice care
A diagnosis of terminally ill must be made in order to qualify for services

A seriously ill person is allowed to die naturally, Without any medical intervention. Via what is called:
passive euthanasia

A living will is written to:
specify how much medical intervention is to be given if the individual is unable to express his or her preferences

Which of the following is a true statement about living wills
Even the most definitive living will cannot answer every question because terms like “extraordinary measures” mean different things to different people

Which of the following may hinder the healing and affirmation of the bereaved
autopsies, not having the deceased’s body in a specific location, and inadequate grief

The period in the life span where death is less feared is:

Which of the following seems the most influential source of variations in death practices

The goal of palliative care is to:
relieve patients from pain and suffering

Which of the following is an example of active euthanasia
a patient asks his adult child to give him a lethal injection, and the child does so

In comparison with grief, mourning:
is more dependent on cultural practices

A person whom a dying person designates to make his or her medical decisions is
a health care proxy

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