Psych 100 part 3

Which of the following represents the correct order of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development?
sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational
A subliminal message is one that
cannot be detected 50 percent of the time.
can affect you under certain conditions.
is below your absolute threshold.
* is all of these things.
Carmella, Jorge, and Gail were all sitting behind the same bowling lane, so Ruth perceived that they were all members of the same bowling team. This best illustrates the organizational principle of
Patients who have negative expectations about the outcome of a surgical procedure may experience increased postoperative pain. This best illustrates the importance of
top-down processing.
Sensory adaptation refers to
diminished sensitivity to an unchanging stimulus.
Stereotypes are mental conceptions that can strongly influence the way we interpret the behaviors of individuals belonging to specific racial or ethnic groups. A stereotype is most similar to a
perceptual set.
The feature detectors identified by Hubel and Weisel consist of
nerve cells in the brain.
The process by which our sensory systems transform stimulus energies into neural impulses is called
Dean overestimates the proportion of family chores for which he takes sole responsibility because it’s easier for him to recall what he has done than to recall what other family members have done. This best illustrates the impact of
the availability heuristic.
Howard Gardner identified a total of ________ relatively independent intelligences.
A full week after Usha hears her mother read her a list of 12 different farm animals, Usha is most likely to remember the animals ________ of the list.
at the beginning
Damage to the hippocampus would most likely interfere with a person’s ability to learn
the names of newly introduced people.
Effortful processing most clearly requires
working memory.
Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered that the rate at which we forget newly learned information is initially
rapid and subsequently slows down.
Instead of simply repeating a series of numbers he wants to remember, David mentally associates the numbers with meaningful dates such as his friends’ birthdays. This best illustrates
deep processing.
In the study led by Elizabeth Loftus, two groups of observers were asked how fast two cars had been going in a filmed traffic accident. Observers who heard the vividly descriptive word “smashed” in relation to the accident later recalled
broken glass at the scene of the accident
Joshua vividly recalls his feelings and what he was doing at the exact moment when he heard of his grandfather’s unexpected death. This best illustrates ________ memory
Karl and Dee had a joyful wedding ceremony. After their painful divorce, however, they began to remember the wedding as a somewhat hectic and unpleasant event. Their recollections
memory construction.
Long-term potentiation is believed to be
a neural basis for learning and memory.
Recall of what you have learned is often improved when your physical surroundings at the time of retrieval and encoding are the same. This best illustrates
context-dependent memory.
Remembering how to solve a puzzle without any conscious recollection that you can do so best illustrates ________ memory.
Stress hormones provoke the ________ to initiate a memory trace in the frontal lobes and basal ganglia
Students who study throughout the term and then restudy course material at the end of a semester to pass a comprehensive final are especially likely to demonstrate long-term retention of the course material. This best illustrates
the spacing effect.
The address for obtaining tickets to a popular quiz show flashes on the TV screen, but the image disappears before Sergei has had a chance to write down the complete address. To his surprise, however, he has retained a momentary mental image of the five-digit zip code. His experience best illustrates ________ memory
Tim, a third-grader, learns the sentence “George Eats Old Gray Rats and Paints Houses Yellow” to help him remember the spelling of “geography.” Tim is using
a mnemonic technique.
When 80-year-old Ida looked at one of her old wedding pictures, she was flooded with vivid memories of her parents, her husband, and the early years of her marriage. The picture served as a powerful
retrieval cue.
When children are interviewed about their recollections of possible sexual abuse, their reports are especially credible if
involved adults have not discussed the issue with them prior to the interview
Which of the following questions would best enable you to remember that you saw the word PEACH on today’s test?
Is the word a type of fruit?
You are most likely to automatically encode information about
the sequence of your day’s events.
The integration of new incoming information with knowledge retrieved from long-term memory involves the activity of
working memory.
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