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Which of the following meeting delegates’ profiles is correct?
d. Attendees at conventions always travel on an expense account, and hence spend much more than an average leisure traveler.
The meetings of nonprofit organizations are most like those of and should be sold and serviced just like them.
b. associations
The association market can best be described by the following:
d. Both b and c.
The Internet is used by meeting planners to:
d. all of the above.
Conference centers differ from hotels in the following way/s
d. all of the above
Which of the following statements about SMERF meetings is false?
c. SMERF group members tend to spend money freely at hotel restaurants.
The two types of hospitality operations that have emerged with the growth of the meetings and convention industry are:
d. the conference center and the all-suite hotel.
A corporation has decided to reward top performing employees with travel packages. Which of the following types of professional meeting planners specializes in services for guests whose travel packages are company rewards?
c. incentive travel houses
Convention centers are typically supported by which of the following types of taxes?
The practice of evaluating a meeting group’s spending patterns and potential before booking them is termed:
c. revenue management.
Maria, a corporate training director, is planning a series of small group meetings to focus on enhancing the supervisory skills of managers. These types of meetings are best described as:
c. workshops.
In the conventions and meetings industry, all of the following are categorized as nonprofit organizations except:
c. corporations.
Which of the following types of meeting facilities was originally positioned to attract business travelers and the relocation market?
c. all-suite hotels
Meeting planners are increasingly choosing second-tier cities for their meetings. Which of the following is an example of a second-tier city?
Large national associations and corporations are most likely to have planners organizing their meetings:
a. full-time
Which of the following best describes the relationship between marketing and sales?
c. Marketing is the ground work on which sales are based.
A competition analysis should be done at least:
b. quarterly.
In order to effectively position a property, one should take into consideration the property’s:
e. all of the above.
The ______________ traces the property’s past, present and potential operating statistics, including sales patterns over a three-to-five year period.
c. business status and trend summary
___________ is one of the most commonly used budgeting methods where money is budgeted at levels to get the job done.
b. Zero-based budgeting
Most hospitality marketing strategies emphasize benefits rather than the tangible physical features the property offers. This fact relates most directly to which of the following elements of the marketing mix?
d. product
Today’s hospitality industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. In spite of this fact, developing a long-range marketing plan:
c. is important for keeping up with competing companies, which typically use such plans.
Business goals should be specific and measurable. In particular, marketing objectives and action plans should be specific in terms of all of the following except:
d. position relative to potential competitors.
Which of the following statements about implementing a marketing plan is true?
d. Since the marketing plan is the foundation for sales efforts, it is important that the entire sales team get familiar with the plan’s goals and objectives.
Facing sagging revenues, the general manager of a hotel calls in the director of marketing and tells her to justify recent expenditures on market research projects. The director of marketing would do best to tell the GM which of the following?
b. “Market research is an essential part of gauging consumer preferences and developing plans that will enable us to meet our sales goals.”
The four to six properties that are the most important competition for your hotel are called your:
c. competitive set.
Which of the following statements best summarizes the purpose of a marketing plan?
d. The increased competition and sophistication of the hospitality industry today have increased the need to apply marketing principles to develop successful sales techniques and strategies.
Which of the following statements about implementing a marketing plan is false?
c. While non-sales departments should be familiar with the property’s marketing plan, the role they play in the success of the property’s sales efforts is insignificant.
After conducting market research, the next step in developing a marketing plan is to:
d . select target markets
In order to fully implement a zero-based budgeting process in the marketing department, an organization would first have to develop:
b. marketing action plans
The three methods of filing commonly used are based on:
b. key word, numerical, alphabetical
Advantages that are attributed to the use of regional sales offices is/are?
e. both b and c
A quick summary of information for the sales effort–names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, size of the group–is contained on the:
c. tickler file
The main component of a virtual sales office is:
a. a laptop computer.
Which is not true about the database marketing?
d. Computers, to date, have not been helpful in developing database marketing applications.
Because a meeting planner needs to trust that the hospitality salesperson can deliver what he or she promises, more and more hotels that serve the meetings market:
d. are instructing salespeople not to make commitments that they may not be able to fulfill.
Which of the following statements about independent hotel representatives is false?
b. An independent hotel representative usually coordinates all promotional materials for the hotels he or she serves.
Which of the following statements about computer applications in a hotel sales office is false?
b. Computers are making it necessary for salespeople to spend more time in the office and less time making personal sales calls
Which of the following hotel chains, headquartered in Canada, teamed up with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) to develop a training program for their convention service managers that is designed to improve service to meeting groups?
d. Delta
Which of the following is least likely to be found in a standard operating procedure manual?
b. Our hotel’s target markets are business travelers and corporate meetings.
The following statement most clearly aligns with __________. “The group that needs a small room block but requires all of a hotel’s meeting space is not appealing.”
d. yield and revenue management
Danny, a new salesman at a hotel, is learning what goes on in sales meetings. Sales managers typically hold sales meetings for all the following reasons except:
b. to give input to managers of other departments on how to supervise their personnel.
A human resources director who is reviewing resumes should be surprised to see which of the following on the resume of a convention sales manager?
d. Reported to the front office manager.
Some properties are cautious about tentative bookings; they do not want to lose out on other business while protecting a tentative account that may not “go definite.” That is why it is important to limit the length of a hold by designating a(an):
b. option date.
Which of the following is the major factor in determining how far in advance national association meetings are booked?
b. size of meeting
Of the following four factors, which is the least important to association meeting planners in the selection of a hotel?
c. newness of facility
The most active month for association conventions, both in the number of events held and the number of attendees, is:
a. January.
The recent airfare savings realized with a Saturday night stay-over have, according to Jim Tierney, Vice President of Marketing, Amelia Island:
c. made it easier to attract convention participants by offering frequent flier points as part of the stay.
The __________________ is the key person for the initial screening of a suitable association convention site, and he/she imposes great influence over the final selection.
c. association director
Which of the following statements about the association market is true?
c. Conventions constitute a major effort on an association’s part, and they are planned and conducted as such.
All other factors being equal, which of the following properties is likely to get the most association business?
d. the hotel that is closest to the airport
Which of the following statements about associations’ state and regional conventions is true?
d. Regional conventions can be sponsored by the national association or by the state or regional association of that area.
Which of the following statements concerning geographic restrictions and lead time for association meetings is true?
a. Many state organizations, as part of their constitutions, have limited site selections to within their own states.
Bart, a hotel salesperson, has been given the name of an association — the Association of Corporate Travel Executives — and he is supposed to find its address, phone number, and contact person. The hotel has not solicited business from this organization before. Bart should look for this information in any of the following sources except:
d. the master card for this account.
All of the following are ways associations earn money from conventions except
b. through bed taxes.
Which of the following statements about what association meeting planners look for in a convention site is true?
a. Association planners prefer to house attendees at the same property, if possible.
Generally, all properties selected as finalists for an association meeting have been approved by which of the following association parties?
d. the association’s executive director
. A final list of candidates to host an association’s meeting is usually presented to for the final selection.
c. the association’s board of directors
Small associations that cannot afford a full-time executive are most likely to hire ______________ to manage their meetings.
b. an association management company
Which of the following would best describe the corporate meetings market?
a. There is no set geographical pattern to corporate meetings.
The association and corporate meeting markets are closely related, but there are major differences. Which of the following is correct?
b. The lead time tends to be longer for association conventions.
Corporate meeting business is divided into various types of meetings. Which of the following characteristics is true?
d. Training meetings account for the largest number of corporate meetings in hotels.
Of the following types of properties, which one is most frequently used by corporate meeting planners for their meetings?
c. downtown hotels
The Gala Resort Hotel is 85 miles from the nearest large city and airport and 35 miles from the nearest highway. It has a swimming pool and tennis courts, and there is a golf course nearby. Its rooms have a beautiful view of the countryside and a mountain range in the distance. Its meeting rooms are limited in quantity and quality. Which of the following statements about this property’s potential for corporate sales meeting business is true?
d. The property’s chances of attracting corporate sales meeting business would improve significantly if it offered special pre-registration service to such groups.
The types of corporate meetings that have the lowest average attendance are:
b. management meetings and training meetings.
Most corporations when choosing meeting sites.
d. stick with hotels that have served them well.
Which of the following types of meeting sites has the best chance of getting business from a corporate meeting planner who is looking for an informal atmosphere, a variety of shopping opportunities, and plenty of free parking?
a. a suburban hotel
Which of the following is the best question to ask the receptionist of a company when trying to sell a property’s meeting services and products?
b. “Who coordinates your meetings?”
Meeting News, Meetings & Conventions, and Successful Meetings are all examples of which of the following sources of information about corporations?
c. specialized periodicals
Which of the following types of meetings is designated as a reward for excellent performance in a company?
d. incentive meetings
Perry is a part-time salesperson at the 85-room Sun and Surf Hotel. The Sun and Surf Hotel is a beachfront hotel in a warm region. It has a single large meeting room that has a capacity of about 40 people and has high-tech audiovisual equipment. There are four smaller meeting rooms connected to the large one. Perry has been researching a nearby company that has 2,000 employees nationwide (10 percent are salespeople), and Perry has found a list of meetings it typically holds each year. All of the following sound like meetings for which Perry could solicit business from this corporation except:
b. the quarterly management meetings.
Many corporate meeting planners submit rooming lists to hotel salespeople before the meetings that will be held at that property. Properties that serve the corporate meetings market can expect:
a. far more attendees than the rooming list indicates.
Which of the following statements about the corporate meetings market is false?
b. Corporate meeting attendees are sometimes required to pay for certain optional hospitality products and services.
Which of the following best describes the SMERF group market?
c. participants and planners are generally very price-value conscious
Government meetings are best described by the following:
c. The majority of the meetings are training meetings.
Labor unions:
d. usually choose unionized properties
Which of the following associations has the largest number of members?
b. American Society of Association Executives
All of the following are similarities between the nonprofit organization market and the associations meeting market except:
d. both are easy to locate through a central source.
Hotel salespeople should solicit meetings business from local chapters of national organizations because:
a. usually a local chapter must be selected by the national organization’s board of directors as the host chapter for a national meeting.
Which of the following statements about the “military and other reunions” market is false?
b. Most reunions are held in February or March.
All of the following are sources that would give hotels information about fraternal organizations except:
a. the County Agent’s Directory
Sometimes the nature of a group plays a large role in what it will need for a meeting; in other cases, groups that seem very dissimilar have similar meeting needs. A labor union and a medical group with the same number of attendees will require:
c. different amounts of meeting space; the labor union will need more.
Which of the following meetings best target meeting planners who represent nonprofit organizations?
b. HSMAI’s Affordable Meetings Exposition and Conference
All of the following are similarities between the nonprofit organization market and the associations meeting market except:
d. both are easy to locate through a central source.
From the standpoint of public relations, which of the following is a good reason to target the religious meetings market?
d. Large conventions of 40,000 to 45,000 attendees are a common annual occurrence.
All of the following statements are true of the SMERF market segment except:
d. SMERF meetings are often held in the summer months
Juanita is an experienced hotel sales director who knows the meetings market well. Which of the following would most likely surprise her, considering the types of groups these organizations represent?
d. an educational meeting for which all expenses are paid by a school district
Telephone sales have become more popular because:
c. they are very cost effective when used to set up appointments or to find prospects.
Which of the following best describes telephone selling?
e. Both b and d.
Sales blitz selling:
c. may start with sending out sales letters weeks in advance.
Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?
e. Both b and c.
A site inspection or a fam trip is best described by which of the following statements?
c. Fam tours require proper qualification of the prospects involved
During a personal sales call to a corporate meeting planner, the meeting planner tells the salesperson, “We are happy with our present hotel.” This statement would be best described as
c. a lack of interest objection.
Which of the following sentences is the best example of a trial close?
“Don’t you think our ballroom would make an elegant setting for your awards banquet?”
Ahmed, a hotel salesperson, is talking with a meeting planner on the phone. Ahmed says all of the following: “No sir, I’m not trying to sell you anything today. What did you say your average meeting attendance was?” “Thank you, and please rate the following ingredients of a successful meeting in order of their importance to you…” Ahmed is most likely making which of the following types of calls?
c. a market research call
Convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) work to promote a city and to coordinate citywide events. What does a CVB usually do once it learns that a group has selected its city for its meeting?
b. It sends convention lead forms to member hotels.
Trade shows can be an effective way of gaining market share in the meetings industry. The placement of tables at a property’s booth at a trade show should:
a. be placed so as to draw people into the display.
Which of the following sales techniques offers a salesperson the opportunity to present in the most detailed manner, to answer questions immediately, and to see the full reaction of the prospect so he or she can better respond to the negotiating situation?
a. personal sales calls
A bridge statement is often used in the opening of a personal sales call. The purpose of a bridge statement is to:
d. lead into the main body of the presentation.
Which of the following statements about site inspections and familiarization tours is true?
c. Familiarization tours require proper qualification of the prospects involved.
Convention and visitors bureaus (CVB5) work to promote a city and to coordinate city-wide events. Which of the following would be an unusual situation for a convention and visitors bureau?
d. a CVB that is completely funded by local income taxes
Which of the following statements is correct?
c. Updated mailing lists are the core of direct mail.
The best way to create a successful advertising campaign when involving an outside agency is to:
d. both band c.
When trying to reach the meeting planner, it is important to consider the following:
b. All ads should stimulate some kind of action from the readers.
e. b and c only.
Which of the following statements regarding CD-ROMs is incorrect?
b. They can be erased by magnetic fields.
The greatest distinction between collateral material and other advertising devices is the _____________ of collateral pieces.
c. directness
What assumption should a designer make about the prospects who will be reading the convention brochure he or she plans to design?
a. The prospects have never seen or even heard of the designer’s property.
Video brochures have some advantages over printed convention brochures, but there are some functions for which a printed brochure is more suitable. Which of the following statements about video brochures is false?
b. Video brochures typically go into more detail about the dimensions of a property’s meeting space than convention brochures do.
A hotel’s director of sales wants all the hotel’s advertisements to be easily distinguishable from those of other hotels. The director’s concern has to do with the __________ of the property’s advertisements.
d . consistency
In which of the following advertising techniques do several properties — or a property and several related entities, such as a convention and visitors bureau, an airline, and so on — advertise together to save on costs and maximize results?
b. cooperative advertising
An advertising consultant tells a hotel’s director of sales that text in the hotel’s print ads should be specific and to the point. The consultant encourages the director to use white space and bold or large type for easy readability. Which of the following parts of the AIDA principle is the consultant emphasizing?
a. interest
Which of the following is a feature of hotel directory that a magazine typically does not have?
b. A hotel directory presents information about properties in a standard format that facilitates comparison shopping
The Spree Resort Hotel has made an arrangement with a local newspaper by which the newspaper will print an ad for the hotel on a weekly basis and the hotel will give the newspaper’s VIP a free dinner once a week. This arrangement would be best described as an example of which of the following?
c. exchange trade advertising
What is it about publicity that lends property credibility in the eyes of the public?
d. The fact that the source of the publicity appears to be an impartial third party.
Many of today’s Internet marketing programs include electronic brochures that are offered on a property’s website. Which of the following is a benefit of online convention brochures over printed brochures?
d. All of the above.

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