Promotions Chapter 7 Quiz

Which of the following is true about media​ strategies?
Network​ prime-time ratings are steadily declining.
In the development of a media​ plan, which of the following is​ true?
Demographics do not explain the media habits of consumers.
Which of the following is something considered in the comprehensive review of the marketing program
Prime prospects to be solicited are included in the marketing plan review.
Which of the following roles take part in media​ planning?
Account​ executives, account​ planners, creatives, media​ planners, and media buyers
Media planners and media buyers​ _____
are sometimes the same person
In​ advertising, the word frequency refers to​ _____.
how often the advertisement is run
Gross rating points measure​ _____.
the impact of intensity of a media plan
In order to compare media​ costs, the measure CPRP may be used. CPRP is an abbreviation for​ _____.
cost per rating point
An alternative to using CPRP is to use weighted CPM. CPM is an abbreviation for​ _____.
cost per thousand
Which of the following are the three types of continuity​ patterns?
Continuous, pulsating, and discontinuous
Media planners believe that ad advertisement requires a minimum of​ _____ exposures to be effective.
Some advertisers believe that repetition alone is not sufficient to break through the advertising clutter. Which of the following describes the recency​ theory?
A consumer exhibits selective attention and focuses on personal needs and wants when he considers advertisements.
Brand​ _____ requires an emphasis on the visual presentation of the product​ and/or logo.
Advertising repetition helps build brand​ _____.
According to Deloitte Research​ _____ is the medium favored by the majority of Americans.
There are several advantages to using television for advertising. Which of the following is not an​ advantage?
The popularity of DVR players is allowing more users to skip commercials.
Which of the following statements about social media and television is​ true?
Social media users watch television in order to add to their social chatter.
Which of the following facts about Super Bowl advertising is​ correct?
Almost​ 75% of viewers consider the commercials to be entertainment.
Which of the following statements about radio advertising is​ true?
It is possible to develop recall for a product through repeat radio advertising.
Which of the following is a form of​ out-of-home advertising?
Park benches
Print media is​ _____.
also available in digital form
The blend of media outlets is called the​ _____
media mix
More than half of all business advertising dollars are spent in​ _____.
non-business environments
Advertising media types for​ business-to-business markets have changed. Which of the following statements is​ true?
Approximately​ 25% of​ business-to-business advertising is in traditional business journals.
According to a Forrester Research study of teenagers in​ Europe, which of the following is​ true?
European teens spend more time watching television than any other medium.
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