Promotion and Public Relations

The only two factors needed for learning to be transferred back to the job are peer support and supervisor support.
True or False: Integrated marketing communications covers all of a firm’s business-to-business, market channel, customer-focused, and externally-directed communications.
Which of the following marketing and advertising methods has helped Chipotle become a successful fast food operation? Check all that apply.
online presence
All of the following are examples of senders in marketing communications except:
Satellite dish receiver
What determines a consumer’s motivation to conduct an external search? Check all that apply.
Need for cognition
Level of involvement
Level of shopping enthusiasm
Which item is not a step in the consumer decision-making process?
Information processing
True or False: Feedback from customers can take many forms including complaints, purchases, and inquiries.
Which of the following elements is part of the marketing mix?
All of the above
True or False: According to Clow and Baack (2016), “integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources in a company into a seamless program designed to maximize the impact on customers and other stakeholders.”
Which of the following items show the communications process in the correct order?
sender, encoding, transmission device, decoding, receiver
Which of the following is not a trend affecting marketing communications?
Decrease in global competition
Which of the following examples can disrupt advertising messages? Select all that apply.
All of the above
The ________ consists of groups of individuals making a purchasing decision for a business.
Buying center
Which item accurately describes the affective component of attitude?
Feelings or emotions a person has about the objective, topic, or idea
True or false: Brand parity means that quality becomes more of a concern because consumers perceive major differences between brands.
Which of the following is not a trend in the consumer buying environment?
Similar lifestyles
In the communication process, ________takes the form of the receiver’s response to the sender.
Chic-fil-A has used Facebook to communicate with its customers except:
Allowing fans to approve future advertising campaigns
True or False: Problem recognition and evaluation of alternatives are the most important steps in the consumer decision-making process, particularly important to integrated marketing communications.
True or False: Clutter is the most common form of noise affecting the communication process.
Which item is not a category of brand names?
Perpetual names
Which of the following is a type of ingredient branding?
All of the above
Organizations spend millions of dollars developing, selecting, and promoting brand names and logos.
What type of brand uses an established brand name on products or services not related to the core brand?
Brand extension
Which of the following is a type of brand that offers two or more brands in a single offering.
The value of a brand is dependent on ________ and ________, two important concepts that go hand-in-hand.
Brand equity and brand loyalty
True or False: A brand logo is the visual representation of a brand
A brand that provides benefits, high quality, and good value is considered ________ to consumers.
Which of the following is not a tangible element of a brand image?
Environment policies
Which automobile manufacturer’s corporate image suffered a tremendous loss in 2015 due to an emissions testing scandal?
What is the approximate percentage of all unit sales of private brands in the United States?
Keeping a consistent image while incorporating new elements is an example of what?
Rejuvenating an image
What are the three forms of co-branding?
Ingredient branding, cooperative branding, and complementary branding
When a logo is successful it elicits ________, or shared meanings across a culture or subculture.
stimulus codability
Which of the following is a method for measuring brand equity? Check all that apply.
Financial value

Stock market value

Revenue premium

True or False: Branding begins with awareness by the consumer, which may be achieved by featuring the brand name prominently in repeated advertisements.
Selected: True
True or False: Brand parity occurs when consumers do not believe that there are few tangible distinctions between competing brands.
In international markets, brand equity opens doors to all of the following except:
Foreign governments
In a behaviorist approach, the learner’s motivation is ____________.
more externally focused
Learning contracts work very well in the workplace because they can be tied to incentives and rewards; they are less effective in the university setting because no compensation is connected to the contract.
You are a Training & Development professional in a small business. The company employees are primarily engineers. Which one of the following might you do when designing a training program based on a new corporate strategic direction?
the first and second options
Negative reinforcement and punishment theory are the same thing and provide the same results.
A theory is not created by one scholar.
Individual characteristics are related to trainees’ motivation, ability to learn, and resistance to learn. Which one of the following should not be considered by trainers when designing a training program?
all should be considered
Which one of the following is not true about the theory of adult learning?
None of the above; they all apply to andragogy.
Individuals with _______________ are preoccupied with concerns about failure.
low self-efficacy
Choose the theory that best applies if you are designing training for a community senior activity center.
andragogy theory
Which one of the following statements is not true?
The person doing the reinforcing always needs to be present for the technique to be effective.
In a learning environment, adults often feel as though they are at risk. It is up to the trainer to create an environment where they feel safe.
You are a Training & Development professional in a large corporation reporting to a business unit. The manager stops you in the elevator and suggests that you put together a classroom lecture on a soon-to-be released regulation that he will deliver to the Risk and Compliance staff members. What would you do?
Tell him that you will do some quick research, put together some ideas/options for relating the information most effectively, and get back with him tomorrow.
A hypothesis and a theory are the same thing.
A unique selling proposition message strategy differs from a preemptive or generic approach in that that unique selling proposition is:
The following are types of appeals that can be used in designing ads, except:
Which strategy is often used to promote a stronger brand name?
True or False: Only one type of appeal can be featured in an advertisement.
According to the hierarchy of effects model, before Sandra will develop a preference for K-Swiss shoes, she must first:
Be aware of the K-Swiss brand and develop a conviction about the brand.
Which of the following items is not an advantage of newspaper advertising?
Short life span
A ________ involves analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and marketing campaign.
Media strategy
Which factor in the relationship between advertising expenditure and advertising effectiveness claims that an advertising campaign becomes old or boring and causes consumers to ignore the advertisement or tune it out?
Wear-out effects
Which of the following is not identified as a criterion for selecting an ad agency?
Media selection
All of the following are advantages of newspaper advertising except:
Short life span
In terms of a fear approach, one reason teenagers who smoke do not quit is because they are afraid they will lose their friends. The social aspect of their lives is more important than the health aspect. In their minds, losing their friends is which component of the behavioral response model?
Response cost
In an advertisement for Curves for Women, consumers are encouraged to “join now” by offering them the rest of the summer free. This portion of the ad corresponds to which step in the hierarchy of effects model?
The actual purchase
Which of the following items is not an advantage of magazine advertising?
High cost
The Pillsbury Doughboy character used by Pillsbury is an example of which type of executional framework?
Business-to-business advertising has changed a great deal. It used to be very easy to spot the difference between consumer and business-to-business advertising. All of the following are examples of business-to-business expenditures except:
all of the above
What does the hierarchy of effects module do?
Clarifies the advertising approach to use by showing what to emphasize during each stage of the model.
The ________ of an advertisement represents the ability of an advertisement to capture the attention of a viewer without their voluntary involvement.
Intrusion value
Decorative models serve no other purpose in an advertising campaign than to attract attention.
An international company seeking to expand into additional companies should adapt and adjust the ________, appeal, and execution in order to create advertisement.
Message Strategy
What reason are point-of-purchase displays highly effective?
Increasing sales
Companies can enhance a brand community spirit in the following ways, except:
Offer memberships to individuals who have not purchased the particular brand
Which of the following is not a digital marketing strategy?
Alternative marketing
The newest online technology for banner advertising is:
Automated exchange systems that provides precise targeting of ads to specific consumers
Using a lure or attraction that brings people to a website is called what?
Which item is not a step in developing an interactive marketing strategy?
Build an e-mail list
Companies use interactive marketing to accomplish all of the following objectives, except:
Develop a lifestyle marketing campaign
Using a fantasy football league to attract individuals to a Web site is an example of what?
What is one key advantage of brand placement?
Low cost-per-viewer
Which stage of the internet is characterized by customer engagement?
Web 4.0
________ combines all of the components of e-commerce, internet marketing, and mobile marketing.
Digital Marketing
Brand spiraling is using:
Traditional media to promote and attract customers to a website
Digital media within a retail store offers retailers what opportunity?
Customize messages to fit the particular retail store and even the aisle where the display is located
Which of the following would not be used in brand spiraling?
True or False: A social network is a social structure of individuals and/or organizations that are not tied together.
Which of the following companies use Twitter to advertise?
all of the above
Social media metrics include a buzz score, reach, likes on a site, reposts, and ________.
True or False: Interactive blogs permit visitors to send comments or posts, making them another component of social media.
How is social media defined?
Any digital tool or venue that allows individuals to socialize on the web
According to JD Power and Associates, what percentage of customers said their online interactions with a brand were a positive one and impacted their perceptions of the brand?
87 percent (87%)
Which of the following can be used as an incentive for consumers when content seeding is the social media marketing strategy used?
All of the above
Which of the following is not a social media strategy?
Customer purchasing decision
True or False: Twitter users are more racially diverse than the Internet or Facebook as a whole.
YouTube is a very popular site used by consumers because fans are doing what?
All of the above
True or False: According to social media marketing platforms, EngageSciences, 18% of a brand’s fans generate nearly all of the social media buzz about a product.
True or False: Increasing sales should be viewed as a goal of social media marketing.
True or False: Facebook is the most well-known general social networking site.
True or False: A growing trend in advertising or marketing includes the posting of video reviews by consumers about products they like or feel strongly about.
Which of the following items is not a reason for social media marketing?
Decrease traffic
True or False: Giveaways through social media are a great way to garner additional interest in a brand or product.
A company with customer purchase data in its database can track actual________.
Purchase behaviors
Coca-Cola conducted a recent study about online buzz and concluded that talk on social media has little impact on sales. This finding shocked many outsiders because Coca-cola has more than ________ followers on Facebook alone.
61 million
True or False: General social networking sites are designed to appeal to specific demographics, particularly where race, gender, and age are concerned.
What is the most common method of direct marketing?
Direct mail
What is the share of the customer in a CRM program?
Percentage of expenditures a customer makes with one particular firm compared to total expenditures in the product category
The type of consumer that responds best to coupons and premiums is:
Promotion-prone consumers
Which of the following is an example of data mining?
American Eagle studying how consumers respond to price markdowns
What distinguishes trade promotions from other marketing and IMC tools?
Are used to entice other members of the marketing channel to make purchases
What is the primary reason for building a database, coding the information, and mining the data?
Establish one-on-one communications with each customer
What factor determines a consumer’s decision to enter into a contest or sweepstakes?
Perceived value
Which of the following is not a potential problem associated with trade promotion programs?
Inability to tie a trade promotion to a consumer promotion
When planning promotions, what item is not a category to divide consumers?
Repeat purchasers
True or False: The best premiums reinforce a firm’s image.
True or False: A response list consists of customers who have made purchases or who have refused direct mail offers in the past.
Adding geographic codes to customer records to plot them on a map is called ________:
By using cookies to record a customer’s visit to a Web site, company’s marketing team can _________:
Personalize a greeting the next time the customer goes to the site and customize the content to match the person’s past browsing behaviors
When a manufacturer offers a special promotion to other companies for their use and not for resale, what is this called?
Consumer promotion
When a company advertises, develops consumer promotions, such as a contest, and develops other marketing communications as a tie-in with an event marketing program, it is called a(n):
Cause-related marketing is based on the idea that:
consumers are more likely to make purchases from companies that support a good cause
A Hispanic fiesta held in Houston, Texas, funded by a food company is an example of:
event marketing
Sponsorships and event-marketing have increased in popularity during the past decade due to their potential to:
reach consumers on a one-to-one basis
Of the internal stakeholders, the group that is the most critical to the success of a firm would be:
In terms of goals for public relations, a hit is:
mention of the company’s name in a news story
When tires on new Ford vehicles were blowing out prematurely, Ford CEO Jacques Nasser blamed Bridgestone/Firestone for the problem. He stated it was not Ford’s fault. Nasser was using which strategy?
expression of innocence
In choosing a sponsorship, it is important for a company to:
match the audience profile with the company’s target market
While consumers favor green marketing and environmentally-safe products, most consumers are not willing to:
sacrifice price, quality, convenience, availability, or performance
Some individuals would like to create which type of department to oversee both the public relations activities and the marketing programs?
If a firm suggests or hints it is associated with a major sporting event, such as the Olympics, when it is not, it is:
indirect ambush marketing
Although giving or receiving bribes in business-to-business interactions is illegal in the United States, in some countries, such as France and Germany, bribes are:
accepted and may even be deducted as business expenses on their taxes
The Wheeler-Lea Amendment to the FTC Act:
prohibits deceptive and misleading advertising
Of the following taglines or slogans, which would most likely trigger an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission or National Advertising Division?
For better looking skin, use Avon.
A form of law based on local customs, traditions, and precedents is:
Common Law
A form of law present in many Islamic countries is:
theocratic law
In terms of analyzing advertising or IMC campaigns, which would be an example of measuring affective responses?
liking the company
Of the following methods of evaluating advertising and ad campaigns, the one that has the most promise for the future is:
cognitive neuroscience
When a firm intentionally designs advertisements or marketing campaigns to capitalize on a major sporting event, such as the Olympics, it is:
direct ambush marketing
An examination of visible customer actions, including making store visits and purchases, is called:
respondent behavior evaluation

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