Projectile Motion – College Essay Example
Projectile Motion – College Essay Example

Projectile Motion – College Essay Example

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Purpose: The intent of this lab was to specify what the initial speed of the ball when it is launched out of the pipe. Our following aim is to find at what angle that the ball will be ejected at the maximal scope. Last. we predict and confirm the scope before we launch the ball at a certain angle.

Theory: Projectile gesture harmonizing to Dr. James S. Walker is defined as. “the gesture of objects that are ab initio launched –or “projected”- and that so go on traveling under the influence of gravitation alone” ( 82 ). Gravity is the lone force moving on the missile when in gesture. There are two constituents to a speed vector. The horizontal speed constituent is the consequence it has on traveling the missile horizontally. On the ot


her manus the perpendicular constituent affects the speed by traveling the missile vertically.

Procedure: To get down the lab set the launcher to a medium scope puting. We used C paper on top of white paper to find where the ball lands on the floor. We so shot the ball at angles of 30. 35. 40. 45. and 50 grades. We recorded the distances after each shooting and determined that hiting the ball at 40 grades gave us the maximal scope. We kept the launcher at a medium scene and shot the ball straight out 5 times and determined what the mean scope was at this grade. We used that informations to find that the initial speed was 4. 627 m/s. Next we chose our ain angle which was 22 grades and predicted that the scope would be 2. 57 metres. We so shot

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the ball 5 times and determined the mean scope of flight was 3. 03 metres.

Initial Speed: After hiting the ball straight out 5 times we found the norm scope which was 2. 2794 metres ( our delta x value ) . We so measured the perpendicular distance that the ball falls which is 1. 19 metres ( our delta y value ). We plugged in the values for the equation:

Vx=4. 627 m/s
We determined that the initial velocity= 4. 627 m/s
Scope at angle theta:

Analysis: Since we found the initial speed we can utilize this for all tests because under normal conditions the initial speed will stay the same. Our per centum divergence for this experiment was 15 % . If we were to duplicate the speed it would quadruple the scope. If we were to increase the tallness of the lab stool twice every bit high it would increase the scope by approximately 50 %.

Decision: In lab 4 we experimented with missile gesture which is the gesture of an object that has been launched into motion by a force such as throwing or utilizing a machine. We used the information we gathered from this experiment to foretell an mean scope for an angle we picked and we were non really far off from the existent Numberss. Air opposition. per centum mistake. and measurings are things to maintain in head when sing what could hold caused mistakes with our anticipations for the scope.

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