Project MGT Test 3 (CH 11-14)

CH. 11 SA
Deming, Juran, Crosby and Taguchi are among the thought leaders who introduced ideas that fueled the quality revolution. Briefly identify and describe important ideas and concepts that each of these thought leaders contributed.
-Deming- understanding variation is essential to improving quality; leaders need to understand individual motivations
-Juran- introduced quality trilogy; quality planning by identifying all customers and their needs; quality control by determine what to control and establish measurement system
-Crosby- quality is meeting requirements, not exceeding them; the burden of quality falls on those who do the work; quality costs least when work is done correctly the first time
-Taguchi- reducing variation saves money; project deliverables will be better with a focus on improving methods
The quality revolution introduced many tools that can be used to improve the quality of project related processes and outcomes. Identify three quality tools and briefly describe how you would use them to improve project related processes and outcomes.
1. lesson learned- knowledge from experience captured and shared
2. stakeholder analysis- identification and prioritization of stakeholder desires
3. project risk review- through document review to uncover risks
Assume you have been selected to lead your team in the development of a quality management plan. Identify and describe several components that a quality management plan should contain.
-quality policy- concise statement to guide quality efforts
-quality baseline- reflects agreed upon quality objectives; include metrics
-process improvement plan- details steps for analyzing processes to identify activities that enhance their value
-control quality- test whether specific project deliverables meet their quality standards
CH. 12 SA
Project managers must frequently decide whether to obtain needed products and services from internal sources or from external sources. This decision is often referred to as the “make or buy” decision. Briefly identify and explain at least three reasons that support the decision to “make” the products and at least three reasons that support the decision to “buy” the products.
-Reasons to make:
1. lower production cost
2. lack of suitable suppliers
3. obtains a customize item

-Reasons to buy:
1. ability to utilize specialized suppliers
2. flexibility in procurement
3. inadequate capacity

Contract types are often associated with two broad categories: fixed-price contracts and cost-reimbursable contracts. Briefly identify the factors to consider when determining which type is most appropriate for a planned contract.
fixed price contracts would be most appropriate for a planned contract because it is an agreement that sets a fee that will be paid for a defined scope of work regardless of the cost or effort
Compare and contrast traditional project procurement management with the more contemporary approach – project partnering. What are the conditions or sharing requirements for effective project partnerships?
CH. 13 SA
Describe at least three approaches that project managers can use to develop individuals and teams.
1. demonstrate personal leadership
2. utilize project management tools
3. create a desirable team identity
Identify and describe five characteristics of a high-performing project team
1. personal values- high need for achievement, commitment to self directed behavior, personal commitment to the project
2. behavior methods- the right skill mix, help each other, strive for innovation
3. communication methods- share information freely, value conflict over approaches, discourage personal conflict
4. project methods- jointly plan the project, agree on common goals and objectives
5. feelings for each other- recognize interdependence, share risks with teammates
identify the six step conflict resolution process that a project manager can use
1. understand the conflict
2. agree on conflict resolution goals
3. identify causes of conflict
4. identify potential solutions for conflict
5. pick desired conflict solution
6. implement chosen solution
Identify the five styles of Handling Project Conflict and explain when to use them
1. forcing/competing- when a quick decision is necessary or we are sure we are right
2. withdrawing/avoiding- only when conflict is minor, there is no chance to win
3. smoothing/accommodating- only when we know we are wrong, it is more important to the other part
4. compromising- only when an agreement is unlikely, both sides have equal power
5. collaborating/problem solving- whenever there is enough time, trust can be established
CH. 14 SA
Describe how you would adopt a balanced score card approach to evaluate your project performance. Your response should identify specific measures you would use as well as the approach you would take to obtain the measures you identify.
I would direct and manage project work through control scope. I would monitor and control project work through control schedule. I would perform integrated change control through control costs
Define integrated change control and briefly explain how it is accomplished in an organization.
integrated change control is the process of reviewing change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables, organization process assets, and project documents. accomplished in an organization by the proposed changes being made by the correct person or group
Describe the three different categories of risk events that occur during the control risk process, and some of the risk resolution strategies that might be used for each.
1. Risks within project control
-understand and control WBS, closely manage all project changes
2. Risks partially within project control
-establish limits to customer expectations, carefully escalate problems
3. risks outside project control
-understand project context and environment, actively monitor project environment
CH. 11
-understanding variation is essential to improving quality
-develop requirements based on customer needs
-team learning is necessary to improve quality
-W Edwards Deming
-Joseph Juran
All of the following items are among the key areas covered by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award EXCEPT
Team learning
DMAIC is a disciplined process that includes five phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. DMAIC is most typically associated with which of the following quality improvement approaches?
six sigma
During which DMAIC phase would you find the objectives of identify possible root causes, collect data, and confirm root causes through data analysis?
The four core project quality concepts include which of the following?
stakeholder satisfaction
The decision process for developing relevant quality standards on a project includes all of the following activities EXCEPT
design work systems
Fact-based management includes four key ideas. Which of the following is among the key ideas associated with fact-based management?
the need to understand variation
A source of variation that is inherent in a system and predictable is typically known as
common cause variation
Which of the following documents describes how the project team will implement the performing organization’s quality policy?
quality management plan
Which quality tool provides a crisp definition of what and how to measure specific performance?
quality metrics
After completing detailed planning for a project, it is often helpful for the project manager and team to apply a sanity test to the project plan. Which of the following accurately describes the application of a sanity test?
It should include questions to ensure budgets, schedules and resource plans are reasonable and achievable
Which of the following serves as a pre-condition that must be met in order for a project kick-off meeting to be successful?
an atmosphere of trust and relationship building should be set by all
Which of the following activities are typically included in a project kick-off meeting?
the project manager outlines the project goals
CH. 12
All of the following entities are typically included in the supply chain EXCEPT:
public relations
Which of the following statements accurately describe supply chain management
-it spans across suppliers, resellers, project organizations and consumers
-it addresses the flow of products, information, and funds
-it is a system approach to managing the entire flow of physical products
Which of the following are the PMBOK Guide’s four project procurement management processes?
conduct procurements, plan procurement mgt, control procurements, close procurements
All of these are factors that could lead to a decision to buy or outsource rather than make or perform in-house, EXCEPT
more control over quality and time
The procurement management plan
describes how a project team will acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization
A description of the procurement item in sufficient detail to allow prospective sellers to determine if they are capable of providing the products, services or results is known as:
the procurement statement of work
Which of the following factors should be considered when a project team evaluates a “make or buy” decision to procure services?
advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in terms of time, cost and performance control
Often a project team will start the selection process by establishing a list of potential suppliers. All of the following information sources are frequently used to identify these potential suppliers EXCEPT:
stakeholder register
Which of the following contract types is most appropriate when costs are NOT well known and the buyer absorbs all of the cost risk?
cost plus fixed fee (CPFF)
Which of the following types of contracts involves payment to the seller for the seller’s actual costs plus a fee typically representing the seller’s profit?
cost reimbursable contract
Project partnerships offer which of the following advantages to both clients and vendors?
shared motivation
CH. 13
All of the following are advantages associated with assigning both core team members and subject matter experts to the project as soon as possible EXCEPT
early assignment of SMEs to the project saves money
The process of improving the competencies, team interaction, and the overall team environment to enhance project performance is known as
develop project team
All of the following are among the activities a project manager should undertake to develop a highly effective team EXCEPT:
assess sponsor capability
Place the five stages of team development in order.
1. forming
2. storming
3. norming
4. performing
5. adjourning
During which stage of team development do team members attempt to jockey for power, ask many questions and establish dubious goals?
Which of the following is among the widely accepted project team success factors?
effective communication including performance feedback
All of the following are among the methods project managers can use to develop individual and team capabilities EXCEPT
utilize coercive powers
Frequently, project managers lack legitimate power based upon position and instead resort to persuading others based upon personal relationships. This type of power is known as:
referent power
Which of the following styles of handling conflict is most appropriate whenever there is enough time, trust can be established, the issue is important to both sides and buy-in is needed?
collaborating/problem solving
All of the following are among the common task-related sources of project conflict EXCEPT
All of the following are among the steps of the negotiation process EXCEPT:
use good cop/bad cop technique
CH. 14
The process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents and project management plan; and communicating their disposition, is known as:
perform integrated change control
Change control includes which of the following activities
identifying, documenting, approving or rejecting, modifications to documents, deliverables, or baselines
When a project manager asks clarifying questions and paraphrases what is being communicated to them, he or she is using ?
active listening
Which of these guidelines should be used to handle project information needs?
provide information soon enough so that it is useful to the recipient
All of the following accurately apply to project performance reporting EXCEPT:
the same report format should be used for all stakeholders
One useful method of process improvement involves consideration of how another organization performs a process with an eye toward determining how to improve your own performance. This method is known as:
Project managers interested in controlling quality on projects will often concentrate upon project inputs. Which of the following are important considerations for the project managers concentrating on inputs to ensure project quality?
ensure the workers assigned are capable of doing their work
Which of the following serves as an important guideline concerning project inspections?
inspect at milestones identified in the project charter
Which of the following measures is best suited for determining whether the project is on, ahead or behind schedule?
schedule variance (SV)
The Budget at Completion (BAC) is the sum of all budgets established for the work to be performed on a project. As such it is equivalent to:
the total planned value of the project

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