Project Management – comparative checklist for project selection

non-numeric project selection models
non-financial models that focus on selection criteria that are not limited to traditional numeric performance measures
competitive necessity model
a model of project selection that is based on the need to remain competitive
operating necessity model
evaluations of a project based on whether it will ensure ongoing operations with the understanding that not executing the project will result in operations being interrupted
sacred cow
projects that are suggested by senior leadership or a powerful constituent of the company
True or false? An operating necessity project is always approved.
True or false? “Sacred cow” projects are never cancelled.
A project being considered due to competitive necessity ________ require a proposal with justification, cost estimates, and schedule estimate.
Non-numeric analysis can or cannot be as good as numeric analysis?
True or false? Checklists always assign weights to each selection criteria.
True or false? A checklist provides numerical values for attributes to compare different scenarios.
sacred cow
Your supervisor tells you that he is aware that a project is not really in line with the organization’s current strategy but it must be completed anyway, as it has sponsorship from the VP of Marketing. What is this an example of?
The checklist model for project selection is an example of a ________ model.

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