Programming 5.02

two types of debugging
programmer debugging and program debugging

what does programmer debugging do?
fixes errors

what does program debugging do?
allows for unexpected input from a user

break point
a tool used by a programmer to isolate a section of code and watch how the compiler steps through it

2 ways to add a breakpoint
right click the line of code > breakpoint > insert breakpoint
click in the gray vertical bar to the left of your code window

what does the blue square mean in the controls?
stop the program and return to the IDE

step into?
move to the next line of code in the programming block

step over
skip the current programming block

step out
exit the current programming block

what does the watch window do?
allows coder to track value of variables during runtime

what is the try..catch function?
checks for incorrect user input

basic format of a try..catch
lines of code to check for exceptions
what to do if an exception is found (message box)

what is IsNumeric?
a function used with an IF statement

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