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A “Data Pipe” between carrier’s soft-switch and SIP capable CPE
SIP Trunk
A logical sub-trunk within a SIP Trunk.
Trunk Group
CPE configuration of HFC delivery
Standard cable modem with DHCP address
Max of 46 CCS
CPE configuration Ethernet Delivery
Ethernet switch with static IP
Max 800 CCS
Three Ethernet switch models used?
Ciena 311v
Ciena 3916
Ciena 3930
What configurations can SIP trunks be set to?
Inbound only
Outbound only
Throughput for a single PRI channel
How many channels are in a single PRI
Comcast can provide up to how many trunks over fiber?
PRI over Ethernet utilizes which IAD?
Adtran Netvanta 644
PRI over HFC utilizes which IAD?
Adtran 908e
A loop providing a connection between two switch points
A Trunk
Connect PBX to Switch?
Switched Trunks
Connect PBX to PBX
Tie Trunks
Connect switch to switch
Inter-Machine Trunks
PRI Trunks are made up of two types of channels?
B or Bearer -Channels
D or Delta -Channels
Can be used to transport voice or data, Comcast only uses them for Voice
Used as management channels, responsible for timing, signaling, call set up, call teardown, alarms, etc.
Data rate for each channel?
Total bandwidth needed for a single PRI circuit?
PRI over DOCSIS can support?
2 Full PRI circuits
In case of a power outage, calls will automatically reroute to a predefined number to ensure business continuity
Destination Unreachable
What is the maximum number of Trunk Groups?
Its equal to the number of channels the customer orders, each channel can serve as a Trunk Group
Direct Inward Dialing
Direct Outward Dialing
Identifies the toll free number dialed by the caller and supports phone traffic analysis.
DNIS- Dialed Number Identification Service
Calling Name and Number – Delivers the outbound caller ID
With 2 PRI Trunks, if one Trunk is at capacity, new calls can spill over to the other Trunk
Trunk Overflow
Preferred modem for PRI over DOCSIS
Arris 760
Port that the modem will connect to on the Adtran 908
ETH 0/1
Port that the customers PBX will connect to on Adtran 908
T1 0/3 and 0/4
The type of connection that will interface the Adtran 908 with the customers PBX
Comcast Business provides businesses with two options when it comes to trunking, what are they?
What is PRI?
Primary Rate Interface
If a customer has a TDM or IP PBX what trunking service would they be utilizing?
Dynamic protocol that supports Inbound and Outbound calls on each channel?
PRI support up to how many channels?
23 B channels for voice and 1 D for management
Comcast Business can sell how many PRI’s at a single location?
What type of equipment is required to install SIP trunking?
What is SIP?
Session Initiation Protocol
How much dedicated bandwidth is provided for PRI and SIP trunking?
50Mbps – PRI
100Mbps – SIP
When SIP is delivered via Fiber what range of concurrent calls are available to the customer?
6 to 800 CCS
When SIP is delivered via HFC what range of concurrent calls are available to the customer?
6 to 46 CCS
How many PRI are available to a customer via HFC?
How many PRI are available to a customer via Fiber?
With SIP, when a trunk group is not reachable, the next inbound calls will be routed to?
Another trunk group in the same account (if customer chooses trunk group failover feature)
A predetermined external destination such as PSTN #
The CFNR feature which allows a customer to select a TN to route calls to
This feature allows a customer to opt into additional call capacity, this is calculated based on the number of regular CCS purchased and then takes 20%?
Bursty channel functionality
If a trunk group has failover or load balancing a customer can not have which feature added?
Bursty channel functionality
This feature allows a customer to determine the per CCS split they want by percentage on a trunk group?
Trunk Group Load Balancing
How many trunk groups can a customer set up for Trunk Group Load Balancing to split the traffic?
This feature functions dynamically allowing for incoming calls to failover, or overflow to a different SIP trunk group at another location, if the original destination trunk group is out of service or busy?
Trunk Group Failover

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