Principles of Management/Organizational Behavior Final Exam

The preferred strategy for stars is growth because they:
are not only high performers in the present, but they offer similar potential for the future.
The preferred strategy for cash cows is stability or modest growth because:
they produce large profits and a strong cash flow, but have little upside potential.
One of the differences between stars and cash cows is that:
cash cows have little upside potential.
Which of the following increases the attractiveness of a market?
Few substitute products
The preferred strategy for dogs is retrenchment because:
they produce little if any profit, and they have low potential for future improvement.
Which of the following is true of a formal structure?
A formal structure consists of vertical layers of management.
Which of the following is true of informal structures?
They are sources of emotional support and friendship.
Which of the following is a limitation of having a team structure?
The total time spent together in a team meeting is not productive.
Mayer Inc., an advertising firm, has a horizontal structure with simple rules and procedures. It achieves targets by having personal means of coordination. The firm values the existence of informal groups and does not believe in division of labor. Which of the following designs is being used by Mayer Inc.?
Which of the following is true regarding the process of delegation?
The responsibility given by the manager is an expectation for the subordinate to perform assigned tasks.
At Mario’s Café, the owner always treats the customer with respect, and if any customer complains about the quality of the coffee or cakes, the owner himself addresses the issue to the customer’s satisfaction. This has ensured that Mario’s Café has become a very popular coffee shop. This is an example of Mario Café’s ________.
core culture
Manson’s Inc., a tech support company, ensures that its employees are not overworked. The employees get half a day off every alternate Friday, when the men go to the local sports bar and the women hold their coffee club meetings. Which of the following subcultures is evident at the multicultural Manson’s Inc?
Gender subculture
“NetCo Ltd.” needs to handle its new account in the most effective and innovative way to ensure that its new client signs more contracts in the future. The enthusiastic team members of Michael’s team come up with a number of innovative suggestions and strategies. However, Michael, fearing uncertainty and the unpredictability of a new process, rejects all the innovative ideas and asks his team to stick to the traditional way of working. Harris depicts the characteristics of a ________.
status quo manager
Barry, the director at Grover Inc., decides to make some changes in the structure of his organization. He believes that this will improve the performance of the organization. This change is an example of ________.
top-down change
Willis’s company is not able to meet targets and this is affecting the company’s revenues. Will decides to hold weekly meetings with employees from all levels of the organization to find a solution to the company’s problem. He listens to the employees carefully and based on their suggestions, gradually implements certain changes in the organization. This is an example of ________.
bottom-up change
The goal of human resource management is to ________.
enhance organizational performance through the effective utilization of people
Which of the following is involved in the HRM task of developing a quality workforce?
Employee selection
Which of the following is involved in the HRM task of maintaining a quality workforce?
Performance management
Which of the following is an advantage of external recruitment?
It brings outsider applicants with fresh perspectives, expertise, and work experience.
Which of the following is true of realistic job previews?
Less inclination of employees to quit prematurely is an expected benefit.
Which of the following performance appraisal methods uses specific descriptions of actual behaviors to rate various levels of performance?
(Behaviorally anchored rating scale)
The employment-at-will doctrine assumes that ________.
employers can terminate employees at any time for any reason
Which of the following is true of referent power?
It can be developed and maintained through good interpersonal relationships that encourage the admiration and respect of others.
Servant leadership differs from visionary leadership, in that servant leadership:
is follower-centered.
When a leader is said to have cognitive ability what does it indicate?
The leader has the intelligence to integrate and interpret information.
An employee-centered leader:
maintains good social relations with the employees.
When a leader is high in concern for people, he or she:
acts with supportiveness toward employees.
Which of the following is a function of a leader high in concern for people?
The leader shows trust in the employees.
Debra is a manager who believes in being inclusive in decision making. She allows her subordinates to voice their opinion about relevant projects. She believes in helping them use their talents fully so that the organization can benefit the society. She also tries to empower others by providing them with information, responsibility, authority, and trust to make decisions and act independently. Which of the following types of leadership styles does Debra follow?
Servant leadership
Which of the following is true about perceptions?
People perceive the same people, things, or situations differently.
Which of the following is true of a conscientious person?
A conscientious person focuses on what can be accomplished and meets commitments.
Jonathan regularly gets into arguments with his colleagues due to excessive stress at work. He also harms them physically. This is an example of:
workplace rage.
A person with a Type A personality:
is oriented toward extreme achievement and perfectionism.
Amanda is a Type A personality. Which of the following patterns of behavior would be observed in Amanda?
Which of the following is true of Machiavellianism?
A person with “high-Mach” personality often acts with the assumption that the end justifies the means.
Acquired needs theory states that people with a high need for achievement:
take moderate risks in competitive situations.
According to McClelland, people with a high need for power:
behave in ways that have a clear impact on other people.
Natalie encourages her employees by recognizing and immediately rewarding a good performance, so that it motivates the employee as well as others to consistently perform well. This type of strategy to increase the frequency of desirable behavior is known as ________.
positive reinforcement
Martin encourages the employees who have not been meeting the expectations of the job by ignoring minor issues when they meet his expectations. This type of strategy used to strengthen the desirable behavior is called ________.
negative reinforcement
Justin notices that one of his employees has been coming late to work and his team members have been shielding him. Justin counsels the coworkers to stop shielding him and to not encourage him to be late to work. This type of reinforcement strategy is known as ________.
Conformity to norms in a team is likely to be the highest when:
cohesiveness is high.
Which of the following is an example of a maintenance activity?
Which of the following helps one in achieving consensus?
Every member in the team is kept involved in the decision process.
In which of the following situations is groupthink most likely to occur?
When members accept consensus prematurely
Ashton is an employee with an internal locus of control. Which of the following characteristics would be observed in Ashton?
A manager who is cooperative and assertive, and is trying to fully satisfy everyone’s concerns by working through their differences, is an adherent of the ________ approach to conflict management.
In the authoritative command approach of conflict management, managers ________.
use force, superior skill, or domination to “win” a conflict
Which of the following is true of the accommodating style of conflict management?
It plays down differences and highlights areas of agreement.
Which of the following is true about conflict?
Moderate levels of conflict are constructive.
Which of the following is true about managing conflicts?
When managed well, conflicts can stimulate creativity.
________ involves being sincere and trying to find out the full meaning of what is being said.
Active listening

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