Principles of Management Exam 1

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Inspiring and motivating employees to work hard and supporting their effort to fulfill plans are management functions of…
Effective managers utilize organizational resources resulting in both _____ and ______
high-performance outcomes….high levels of satisfaction for the workers
At the _____ level, technical skills are particularly important
lower-level management
Which statement concerning the relative importance of technical, human, and conceptual skills at different
Conceptual skills are most important for top managers
Managers who use their special technical expertise to support the efforts of line workers are called _______
staff managers
Organizations are complex systems composed of ______
many interdependent parts that function together to achieve a common purpose
When managers develop action priorities for their jobs that include goals and plans spanning and performing the important activity of _______
agenda setting
Providing useful ______ and/or ______ is a broad purpose that all organizations share.
Assigning tasks, allocating resources, and coordinating activities of individuals and groups to accomplish your goal is the management function of…
In today’s workplace, careers are being redefined in terms of:
flexibility, free agency, skill portfolios, and entrepreneurship
An input measure of the resource costs associated with goal accomplishment is called _____
performance efficiency
According to the text, Tech IQ is
a person’s ability to use technology at work and everyday living, and commitment to ………. technological developments
Managers who work in public or nonprofit organizations are called…
In addition to initiative and discipline, career success today also requires:
Continuous learning
A manager who emphasizes cost containment, even at the expense of missing production targets is surrendering _________ for __________
performance efficiency……performance effectiveness
Which of the following is not one of the early career survival skills for the new workplace identified…
To survive in the new workplace, people must do all of the following except…
Have an extensive knowledge of information technology
Someone whose mind is a critical asset to employers and who contributes to the intellectual capital of a company is a
knowledge worker
Which of the following could help facilitate a new college graduate’s career entry point?
all of the above
________skills include the ability to break down problems into smaller parts to see the relations as implications of any one problem for others
____are responsible for the performance of the organization as a whole, or for one of its major parts
top-level managers
when making decisions that will impact his department, Tom considers the decision in relation how would he feel if his decision were placed upon him. The rule that Tom uses in making his decision would be an example of…
ethical framework
________is the social responsibility view holding that management’s only responsibility is running a business to maximize profits.
The classical view
Ethical dilemma in the form of ____ may occur when a manager takes a bribe or kickback or extraordinary gift in return for making a decision favorable to the gift giver.
conflicts of interest
In submitting his expense report for a recent business trip, Neil sought reimbursement for some personal entertainment expenses. Knowing hat the company policy prohibited such reimbursement, he reported higher amounts for transportation fares and gratuities than he actually spent. Which is a rationalization?
no one will ever know about it
Which is NOT a potential risk faced by people who act as whistleblowers?
Being generously rewarded for revealing misdeeds
Which of the following are examples of Ethical Dilemma?
all of the above
Formal codes of ethics are usually concerned with expressing how employees may be expected to behave with respect to all of the following except
choice of friend acquaintances
The degree to witch outcomes are allocated without regard to ethnicity, race, gender, age, or other differences criteria is the concept of…
distributive justice
Which of the following rationalizations for unethical behavior displays the mistaken belief that the organization’s best interests stand above all others?
The organization will protect me
When students on a university campus find cheating so commonplace that it becomes an accepted standard, you are dealing with an ethical issue of which context?
_____are personal rules or strategies for ethical decision making
ethical framework
The accommodative strategy of social responsibility meets the organization’s _____
economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities
Codes of ethical conduct have several limitations. Which of the following is NOT one of those limitations
ethical codes are not useful in large, complex organizations
Someone who exposes the misdeeds of others in an organization is an attempt to preserve ethical standards and protect against further wasteful, harmful, or illegal acts
The _____ refers to the situation in which corporate social responsibility leads to improved financial performance and this, in turn, leads to additional socially responsible actions
a virtuous circle
An organization is meeting its economic responsibility when…
it earns a profit through the provision of goods and services desired by customers
The persons, groups, and other organizations directly affected by the behavior of an organization and holding a stake in its performance are referred to as…
Critics charge that _____ is a form of ______, or the attempt to impose one’s ethical standards on another
universalism….ethical imperialism
Former American Airlines president Robert Crandall contacted Howard Putnam, the president of now-dedfunct Braniff Airlines, to discuss raising airfare on their competing money-losing routes. US Justice Dept. alleged this illegal, an example of the ____ factor influencing managers’ ethical behavior
Not taking sexual harassment allegations against top management as seriously as allegations against lower-level supervisors is an example of violating the principle of…
procedural justice
Which of the following is not a step that managers should follow for making ethical decisions?
model what others are doing
The highest level of social performance comes through the satisfaction of an organization’s…
discretionary responsibility
A US company decides to move their operations to a country in which child labor laws are common and accepted practice. This type of action would best display…
cultural Relativism
A strict chain of command, strong work group identities, and ambiguous priorities are
organizational barriers to whistleblowing
Reducing paper usage, recycling, using local produce, and adopting energy saving practices and facilities are all initiatives associated with…
Natural environment conditions
General environment conditions exclude what category?
Human relations conditions
____represents a lack of complete information regarding what exists and what developments may occur in the external environment
environmental uncertainty
The specific environment would include which of these?
all of the above
_____result in the creation of new or improved goods and services
product innovations
Which of the following would be considered part of the sociocultural environment condition?
Which of the following would NOT be a condition of the general environment?
extent and nature of competition
Highly innovative organizations have top managers who do all of the following EXCEPT
create conflict to stimulate creativity
When stores owned by a major national and global chains are advertised with local non branded names these organizations are involved in ________
Reducing the carbon footprint of an organization could be accomplished by
using solar power rather than electricity as a power source in an operating plant
In an effort to survive in a sluggish economy, PC Computing Inc. has decided to streamline their operations and look for opportunities to find better ways of operating their business from cutting costs, transforming the shopping experience, to improving their supply chain, PC Computing in most concerned with which type of innovation?
Process innovation
Which of the following statements accurately describe the concept of environmental uncertainty?
Environmental uncertainty consists of two components–complexity of the environment and rate of change in the environment
_______ strategically links all operations dealing with resource supplies
supply chain management
________ makes use of environmental resources to support societal needs today while also preserving and protecting them for future generations
sustainable development
GE has found expanded markets for handheld and portable electrocardiogram and ultrasound machines that sell for a fraction of the price of larger units. GE utilized the process of ____ to move these products into the US market where they were well received.
Reverse innovation
____is an important criterion when hiring and moving people into positions of responsibility
the triple bottom line considers which of the following in determining organizational performance?
all of the above
the 3 P’s of organizational performance include all the following EXCEPT
According to Gary Hamel, the Innovation Process includes all of the following steps included in the “wheel of innovation”
imagining, designing, experimenting, assessing, scaling
___ is the process of turning new ideas into products or processes that can increase profits through greater sales or reduced costs
commercializing innovation
Achieving efficiency in all aspects of the ____ while ensuring on-time availability of quality resources for customer-driven organizations is the fundamental goal of ____.
supply chain… chain management
The ___ consists of all the conditions in the external environment of an organization that forms a background context for managerial decision making
general environment
persons, groups, and institutions that are directly affected in some way by the organization’s performance are referred to as___
The term used to describe actual organizations, groups, and persons with which an organization interacts and conducts business in the ____
specific environment
_____ involves strategic management of all operations involving the suppliers of an organization’s resources
supply chain management
One reason for pursuing international opportunities is concerned with the notion of economic development, which represents…
a global firm conducting business in foreign countries with direct intent to advance local economic development
trade barriers that limit freedom of trade include all of the following except
most favored nation status
the process of purchasing materials, component parts, or business services from different countries around the would is known as
global sourcing
The EU is an alliance of European countries that have
agreed to promote mutual economic growth by removing trade barriers
___ is the potential loss in value of foreign investment due to instability and political changes int he host country
political risk
the goal of _____ is to take advantage of international wage gaps and the availability of skillet labor by contracting for goods and services in low-cost foreign locations
global sourcing
The importing of products involves
buying foreign-made products and selling them in domestic markets
Which of the following are competitive implications for the EU?
free flow of workers, goods and services, and investments across national boundaries
Engaging in illegal practices to further one’s business interests is known as
A _____ tries to forecast political disruptions that can threaten the value of a foreign investment
political risk analysis
Which one of the following forms of international business represents an investment in a local operation that is completely owned and operated by a foreign firm?
foreign subsidiaries
Which of the following statements accurately describe the basic building blocks of cultural intelligence?
self-awareness and reasonable cultural sensitivity
_____ is a form of international business through which a foreign company pays a fee for the rights to manufacture or sell another firm’s products in a specified region
a licensing agreement
Which of the following are mutual benefits for a multinational corporation and a host economy?
A, B, and C
in the US, the Foreign Corrupt Practices act is controversial because critics believe the act
fails to recognize the realities of business as practiced in many foreign nations
Thomas takes great strides to be aware of international business. This is good quality of a
global manager
cultural intelligence
the ability to accept and adapt to new cultures
________is viewing ones culture superior to others
_______ have nonprofit missions and operations that span the globe
nultinational organizations
According to your text, all of the following are included as part of Confucian values in Asian cultures EXCEPT
The worldwide presence of resource supplies, product markets, and business competition characterizes the age of ____
a global economy
Companies that believe in _____ realize that businesses around the world have much to share with and learn from one another
global management learning
Humane orientation
is defined as the degree in which people in a culture emphasize fairness, altruism, generosity, and caring
______ is the process of growing interdependence among elements of the global economy

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