Principles of Health Information Resources Chapter’s 1-3

EHR/EMR software is more comprehensive than Practice Management software because it:
Includes clinical documentation.
a. allows for ePrescribing.
b. has mobile applications.
c. assist in information exchange.
d. all of these
d. all of these
A patient is entered into the patient list:
In the long term, cost will ________ when transitioning to an electronic health record system.
The process of moving a patient from appointment making through check-out is called:
Patient flow*
Clinical documentation of a patient’s visit is known as the:
progress note
An encounter form is also known as a/an:
The _____ is a form used to bill patient claims in physician’s offices.
One factor that might contribute to slow acceptance of EHRs is:
Security fears
PrimeSUITE’s User Guide is accessed through the ____ feature.
Which of the following illustrates clinical information collected through an EHR?
Plan of care
_____________ is not easily attained when using a manual record system.
The acronym HIE stands for:
Health information exchange
An advantage of using screen-based data collection tools is that the layout of the information can be:
The ____________ defined the eight core functions of an EHR.
Institute of Medicine
Which of the following is a goal of HIPAA?
Establish standards for keeping of health information.
In a physician’s office, patient data collection begins when:
the patient calls to make an appointment.
Knowing that Jim Smith had a heart attack when he was 53 is an example of:
When patients are finished with their encounter at the hospital, they:
are discharged
If a hospital uses information gathered through their EHRs to justify the purchase of state-the art equipment to improve patient care, they are:
engaging in meaningful use.
___________ data includes demographic data.
Anna Jacobs presented to the ER of County Hospital three times in the past year. She will appear in County’s MPI:
Which of the following is NOT an example of demographic data?
Primary Physician
Administrative data is used to satisfy ______ requirements
Before a patient can be treated at a healthcare setting, she must be:
How long should a facility’s Master Patient Index be kept?
Recording a patient’s previous or married name might help with:
Cross-referencing data.
One of the common Help features is:
Frequently asked questions
________ is part of a patient’s administrative information found on a registration form.
Occupation *
Patient demographic information should be verified:
at each visit *
An insurance claim may be denied if the receptionist fails to:
make a copy of the patient’s insurance card.
________ is part of the appointment scheduling feature of PrimeSUITE.
Chief complaint
Accountable Care Organizations rely on EHR:
A facility’s collection of patient data might be used to satisfy _________ requirement.
Meaningful use
Editing a patient’s mailing address is accomplished by using:
In a hospital’s health information department, patient records are most often filed by:
Medical record number.
Patient check-in is:
Important for efficient patient tracking.
Information such as a policy holder name and insurance plan name appear in the _______ section of a claim form.
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