practice quiz 3

The _____ bill demonstrated the conflict between Internet snooping and Internet user privacy.
Through the use of the ____ plug-in, a webpage can provide a user with an interactive experience.
The most efficient way to share digital files within a home environment is to set up a(n) ___ network.
Intranet content can be extended to specific individuals outside the network, such as customers, partners, or suppliers, in an arrangement called a(n) ____.
The ____ oversees the setup, maintenance, and implementation of a network in a business environment.
system administrator
A unique feature of the semantic web is its ability to ____.
figure out what the user is looking for
In the URL, is the ____.
domain name
We rely on ____ as the dominant technology to provide wireless Internet access in our everyday lives.
wireless fidelity
A typical setup for a ____ network would include computer users sharing a single Internet connection.
An area of a building where you can connect to the Internet wirelessly is often referred to as a ____.
One focus of the Internet2 is to improve ____.
communication speed
LTE access promises faster speeds for mobile wireless users and is aimed to be the successor to slower ____ technologies.
To connect multiple businesses from different locations, a ____ area network setup could be used.
It is much easier for people to remember ____ than IP addresses of websites.
domain names
____ technology may someday replace today’s bar code system for identifying items in inventory.
Using ____ technologies, scientists are able to share virtual environments for research within a variety of locations.
____ is credited with the development of the web.
Tim Berners-Lee
Combining voice, video, and data communications into one interface is known as ____ communications.
Using the web as a primary user interface to access such applications as Google Docs is an example of ____.
cloud computing
Cookie files contain ____.
Many cities have adopted ____ technology to provide faster Internet speed to their users.
Thanks to ____, you can watch a movie as it is being downloaded from the Internet.
streaming media
Signing up for a(n) ____ will automatically provide you with web content that is updated on a regular basis.
RSS feed
A ____ network is used when a user wants to make his or her computer and others’ computers available for access.
Bluetooth is an example of a technology used with a ____ area network.
A type of connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Internet and your phone is ____.
To acquire an online presence, you can subscribe to a web ____ service that will store your files for users to access.
____ is a popular software program that can be used to manage podcasts.
A(n) ____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet.
____ is commonly used to enable web browsers to communicate with web servers.
Hackers can gain access to computer systems through the use of ____.
In a(n) ____ relationship, multiple users are provided with access to a server at the same time.
The Internet uses hardware, software, and ____ that allow(s) different types of networks to communicate.
____ technology enables you to connect to your cell phone through a display on your car’s dashboard.
Global positioning system (GPS) ____ are primarily used to assist travelers in getting from one place to another.
In the URL, http: is the ____.
Thanks to ____ files, a website can recognize you and cater to your individual tastes each time you visit.
A new fourth-generation technology called ____ is competing to become the wireless network of choice for high-speed connectivity.
Long Term Evolution
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