Practical and Emotional Intelligence Essay Example
Practical and Emotional Intelligence Essay Example

Practical and Emotional Intelligence Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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It is intelligence in terms of non-academic, career, and personal success. Individuals who have a high practical intelligence have the ability to learn general norms and apply them appropriately. Testing of practical intelligence measures the ability to employ principles In solving everyday problems.

Practical Intelligence Is important in the oracle as It employs abilities learned from everyday experiences and observations and then puts them to effective use. It Is the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, and to apply common sense to activities. More employers today base skills required to success on practical intelligence combined with grades obtained in academics. No longer is employment base solely on academic degree.

Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is the set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions. It is the ability to get along with


there and provides us with the understanding of what other individuals are feeling and experiencing. This permits us to respond properly to another's needs. Emotional intelligence relates to how an individual manages behavior, navigates social complexities, and makes personal decisions.

It Is an Individual's self-awareness and management skills of how we Interact with others. High emotional Intelligence enables an individual to assess another individual's feeling that permits a high degree of response. The emotional intelligence is important in the workplace in that t involves recognition of moods, management of feelings, response to moods, and emotion of another, as well as emotional behavior to various situations. It also employs courtesy, consideration, respect, and communication skills needed for success In the workplace.

The Role of Emotional and Practical Intelligence in Theatrics Many actors display emotional intelligence, as theatrica

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individuals need the ability to communicate the role that he or she is playing out. They also need to be able to assess the emotions, moods, and social situations when Interacting with fellow actors and other Individuals. A good example of an actor displaying emotional intelligence is Maroon Brandon in the movie "The Godfather".

This role shows emotional intelligence throughout the movie as his character's emotions are wide ranged as he interacts with various individuals and situations. Maroon Brandon also displays practical intelligence in this role, as this character performs and interacts with other individuals using common sense and street smarts to resolve issues and solve difficulties. Psychology and Your Life, (Chi. 9, pas. 384 - 386), University of Phoenix Textbook.

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