PR Test 4

“Fame is a good product of a certain industry- most notably the mass entertainment business- not a gold star given by the good fairy to the deserving” who said this?
Stephen Cave
Today’s entertainment news cycle is driven by the advent of
celebrity culture
Which marketing tool has become a major pr tactic of professional sports?
social media
Which group plays a role in building fan and community enthusiasm for the team, and makes star players celebrities
sports publicists
Who stated that tourism is in the same company as oil, energy, finance, and agriculture in terms of gross economic power?
Elizabeth Becker
Which social networking community is being used to provide information and engage with potential travelers?
Which method is widely used by travel writers for promotion?
familiarization trip
In 2012, more than 1.4 billion movie tickers were sold, more than 17 million people attended NFL games, and about 30 million people attended concerts. According to these stats, which fields cover a major part of the American economy?
Entertainment, sports and tourism
Christian is an excellent dancer who has won numerous local and national comps. respected for acting talent by family friends and outsiders. With this as an inspiration, he entered the film industry and his acting chops won many fans. His popularity increased, what term best describes him
The performance and efficiency of a production house are analyzed by its achievements and strengths, and it is portrayed as the best in the entertainment industry by a defined set of individuals. This enhances the organizations credibility among the public and established is as a business icon in the media. The individuals in this scenario are known as
press agents
In the tourism industry, the pr staff stimulate the travelers’ desire to visit a place, provide facilities to entertain them and make them comfortable during the visit. Earlier the staff used to publicize their services through the mass media. Currently, the PR staff are making use of the internet and social media as mediums. Which term best defines the method adopted by the PR staff and why is it essential?
Destination Marketing:
it assists travelers in everything from learning about a destination to booking a tour, a flight, hotel and even a restaurant at the destination
Suan Brothers Travel Pvt. Ltd., a leading travel agency in Singapore, always strives to grab the attention of visitors with its unique tourism products. The agency succeeded in meeting the visitors’ requirements by offering transportation, meals, housing and entertainment services with a professional escort in a single deal. Which term best describes the agency’s approach, and how is it helpful?
Packaging; visitors can make all the arrangements earlier and within their budget, which lets them enjoy the trip
A travel agency failed to gain the publics attention initially, although is was offering services for a range of tourist hot spots. Later the management approached a consultant in hopes of getting the problems fixed. The consultant followed a strategy that included identifying target audiences and creating special trips that appealed to them. Travelers increased. This persons role in the scenario is termed as
travel promoter
A travel agency specialized in offering premium services such as alumni tours, tours to famous temples located in different places etc. These tourism services are arranged by pairing compatible elderly widows to share cabins and trips ashore that require little walking within an affordable budget. Which audience does this scenario exclusively address?
senior citizens
During unexpected situations or in a crisis, which adversly affect the operations of hotels, cruise lines, air lines or even the entire tourism business of a city, state, or country, who takes the responsibility of stabilizing the tourism business?
public relations professionals
What is the primary objective of government agencies and elected officials?
to serves the public good
When government agencies attempt to publicize the current administrations policies to gather public support, it is often primarily related to
re-election campaigns
Which American president’s campaign rallies were most often compared to rock concerts
Barack Obama
The reports made by the journalists who are included within American military units are called
embedded reports
Which American president was a former actor, who most often used symbolism and delivered simple down-to-earth speeches?
Ronald Reagan
Which is one of the functions of a government relations specialist?
Motivate employees to participate in the political process
The objective of the campaign by the Panama City Convention and Visitors Bureau was to attract college students during spring break and thereby
increase tourism
In his second meeting with the Congress, a rep of Met. Co a construction company explained the importance of building new overpasses throughout D.C. Furthermore, he also established the correlation between increasing traffic congestion and the resultant increase in accidents. These meetings led congress to make amendments in existing urban policy. Which term best describes this act of persuading the congress to amend the urban policy
An environmental organization conducted several negotiations with the government to prevent the dissemination of mercury in water sources. Since the negotiations were unsuccessful, the group organized a press release to state their objective. used website and social media to broadcast cause. Special attention provided to mothers. Which term best describes the tactic used by the organization, and why?
Grassroots lobbying because this type of lobbying will help obtain public involvement to influence the government
Since the beginning of 2007, member of a political party started formulating strategies, preparing speeches, and appointing professionals to raise funds from various sources. It also included a team of communication consultants mobilizing support from the people, web masters and pollsters. What does this scenario exemplify?
election campaign
When considering the future development of a city the local government drafted a competent plan. Although there was no opposition from any organization individuals or the state of fed levels of government duly considered. On the other hand the federal and state govt had a notion that the local govt was not paying enough attention to the development of the city. What prompted the confusion among the governmental bodies?
lack of circulation information
One American president gained popularity among the public becuase of his communication style. His use of information technology and television talk shows has earned him much respect. These qualities characterize which American president?
Bill Clinton
Stephen, an officer of the American military, is specially trained to provide background information and accompany the journalists who report on military operations on the warfront. During one of these occasions, he realized that since the lives of the soldiers on the warfront are always at risk, the dissemination of information through the media should be cautiously managed. Which term best describes stephen’s professionalism?
public affairs officer
A public affairs officer appointed special staff to draft stories favoring his country;s position during military actions. Spent money to makes sure newspapers from rival country also published news to benefit his country. Authors remained sealed. This act attracted criticism from various experts. Which term best describes the act of the Public affairs officer, and why was it criticized?
Pay for play; because the public affairs officer was engaging in propaganda rather than disseminating information
Andrew’s job consisted of keeping track of the activities of various legislative bodies, presenting the views of various projects that are mutually helpful for both the govt and those corporations. Which term best describes andrew’s profession?
government relations specialist, also known as public affairs specialist
Rapid industrialization and major urbanization caused growth of the public relations industry
______ companies are recognizing that public relations is essential for generating revenues and building reputation
______ has a problem recruiting trained and talented public relations personnel
_____ is often regarded as the worlds bridging language
The measure of tolerance in a society about unequally distributed decision-making power is called
power distance
The loyalty to one’s self against loyalty to a larger group is called
The measure of how society tolerate ambiguity is called
uncertainty avoidance
Andrea, and American, recently moved to London after receiving a job offer there. She talked fast, ate fast, moved fast and her colleagues did not like her behavior. What could she have done to avoid offending her colleagues?
slow down
Alisha, an American, visited Japan for a work conference and talked a lot about the wonderful facilities in America that are not available in Asia. This created a negative impression to whom she was speaking with. What could she have done to avoid this?
Talk small
Some things must be kept in mind when you are in different parts of the world. For example, it is advised not to use first names or slang. Depending on where you, are the way you great people also changes. This difference in behavior is a _____ difference.
If a company wants to be global, it is important to communicate to people from all over the world in ways that they understand. This can be a big challenge for companies. what is the difference in understanding called?
Language difference
Sometimes, it is important to dress up according to the country you are in, especially, if you are in a country in the Middle East where women are expected to wear burqas. Casual dress can be taken as a mark of direspect. What can this difference in dress be described as?
cultural difference
Foxclub Pvt. Ltd. decided to use the campaign “each one teach one” for its global operation. help implement them becoming global, understand the campaign because it had high public trust. Which type of organization was it, why was it selected?
nongovernmental; because they are extremely influential all over the world
It is very important that companies with global presence have instant contact with any and all of their operations around the world. What helps companies achieve this, and how?
communication technologies; makes transfer of information via voice, data, graphics and videos
Child labor is one of the biggest problems in Asian countries. This issue has to be take seriously, and addressed globally. An influential group, which has public trust, can help in doing this. which of the following groups can be helpful?
nongovernmental organizations
When steps are taken to rebuild people’s trust in a business after years of negative publicity, it is called developing
Public relations
_____ helps companies determine if polices and communication strategies have to be revised to improve reputations
customer relations
______ is important because the workforce are the organizations ambassadors
employee relations
_______ helps to keep company’s health and wealth in good condition
investor relations
Using tools and tactics of public relations to support promotional and sales objectives is called
marketing public relations
______ helps to promote human rights and provides social and medical services
environmental relations
Depending on the coverage an organization gets, _______ can tarnish or enhance its corporate reputation.
media relations
In this day and age, organizations all over the world have campaigned for donations for various causes. Why have companies started doing this?
to improve corporate philanthropy
The employees of Mapes, Inc. were not happy with the management after a change in the board of directors. The new management did not put forth any effort to communicate with its employees and the basic needs of the employees were also not addressed. What did the new management fail to do?
Maintain employee relations
It is very important for a company to maintain communications with prospective shareholders and financial media. This ofter decides the health and wealth of a company. What is this called?
Investor relations
Branding and publicity of a product is as important as producing a good product. Keeping this in mind, companies today come up with creative ideas to reach out to potential customers. What is this called?
Maintaing marketing communication relations
U-labs Ltd. decided not to throw waste water into the rivers surrounding its officers. Instead, the company decided to treat the waste and reuse it. What is this kind of behavior called, and how can it be achieved?
Environmental relations; public relations departments can cooperate and partner with environmental groups.
AK and K Pvt. Ltd. decided to sponsor the annual sports day for the local high school. What is this kind of behavior called, and why is it important?
Corporate philanthropy; to improve community goodwill and their reputation as good citizens
EXXforms Ltd. formed a public relations department that spent time and energy to provide reporter with information about the business operations of their clients and employers. This helped the company improve its repuation among the customers, which it had failed to achieve in the initial years. What did the company do differently to achieve this success?
Maintain media relations
People often spread the word about an experience that they have had with company. Therefore, it is essential for companies to address any dissatisfaction that customers may have while using its products or services. What are the companies supposed to do?
Maintain customer relations
When the polices of a non-profit organization and the beliefs or policies of a donor do not match or are contrasting, it leads to a
What kind of a membership organization represents an entire industry and advocates on behalf of the employees?
labor union
Which nonprofit organizations fight for social causes on behalf of community?
Advocacy groups
People who share common businesses and social interests generally become associated with ______ organizations for the purpose of mutual help and self-improvement
Which type of nonprofit organization has members that are manufactures, wholesalers, or retailers in the same line of business?
Trade groups
Which public relations tactic do social service organizations use when they file suits seeking favorable court rulings for their projects?
Alfie is a very successful businessman in his city. He has recently been invited by an organization to become a member. This org. is an association of people who work towards improving the city’s commercial climate and boosting local business growth. What can this association be classified as?
Chamber of commerce
Which types of nonprofit organizations include philanthropic and cultural groups that serve the public in numerous ways?
social service
If an organization has a prerequisite that all its potential members have to hold a certain educational degree and a certain number of years of experience in working in a particular field, what can this organizaition be categorized as?
Professional association
A social service organization called We Have Hope has started a free helpline that people can call if they are depressed. Which PR tactic is We Have Hope using to further its goal of helping depressed people?
Use of Service
If a social service organization has organized a half marathon to raise awareness for better lifestyle choices for better health, then which publc relations tactic is this organization using?
Creation of event
Clopine Inc. is the the third biggest distributor of raw silk in the state. Recently, the federal government has been debating a new law which, if implemented, would result in a substantial decrease in Clopine’s revenues. The owners of Clopine want their company to be a part of some association that can help them lobby against this law. What kind of an association should Clopine join and Why?
Trade group, because members of trade groups work together for the benefit of the entire industry despite being rivals in the market.
Narayan Mittal is head of the billionaire family and a devout Hindu. He wants to help medical researchers come up with a cure for breast cancer as he lost his wife to the disease at a very young age. Setting ip what kind of a social service organization would suit his needs best, and why?
Foundation, as he can start it with his own money and the earnings from the investments made with that money can go to promising research projects as grants
Healthy Childhoods is a nonprofit organization that works towards providing healthcare to underprivileged children. It recently decided to let a toy company use its logo on all its toys, and as a part of the deal, a share of the proceds from these sales will go to Healthy Childhoods every year. What fund-raising method has Healthy Childhoods used by making a deal?
If a nonprotfit organization is hosting a party where guests can come and have dinner for $1000, then which fund-raising method is the organization using?
event sponsorship

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