PR Exam

The cultural dimension that measures how well a society tolerates ambiguity is
uncertainty avoidance.
The effort of American government to be the major disseminator of information around the globe is called
public diplomacy.
Established in 1953 by President Eisenhower, this was the primary agency involved in shaping America’s image abroad.
United States Information Agency
Which of the following is a basic objective for U.S. firms working for foreign governments?
to change public opinion
A significant reason why governments employ public relations efforts is:
because of wars and conflict.
With regard to issues such as labor, health, and the environment, nongovernmental organizations are perceived by the public as
more credible than news media.
Thought leaders trust NGOs more than government or corporations because they consider NGOs’ motivation to be based on
There is increasing evidence that large corporations are:
cooperating more with activist NGOs to enhance social responsibility.
U.S. sponsored radio and TV broadcasts are:
critical to advance ideas of freedom.
Companies operation in nations other than the U.S. are:
face the same public relations challenges as those not operating in other nations.
A critical benefit for nonprofit groups is that they are
Connecting people on the Internet is a fund-raising technique known as:
Nonprofit organizations are often referred to as:
The practice where organizations file suits seeking court rulings favorable to their projects is referred to as
About three-quarters of all charitable giving in the United States comes from
individual sources.
In general, professional associations are:
national in scope.
A local chamber of commerce serves what primary purpose?
as a public relations arm of city government.
Which of the following is a basic audience for hospitals?
administrative staffs
Which is NOT typically under the auspices of a university public relations director?
fund-raising efforts
What is the primary reason for people to volunteer and donate money?
to help less fortunate people
The most significant aspect of the U.S. mass audience is
Which is NOT indicative of the Hispanic audience?
They are more likely to read American press than Hispanic-based publications.
Who watches the most television?
African Americans
According to Wilcox and Cameron, what is key to reaching the Millennial Generation?
Creativity with digital media.
Which is most likely to interest the “baby boomer” generation?
health issues
Research has shown that teens:
spend more time online than in interaction with their parents.
A critical public that is NOT convinced by fads, vote consistently, are more avid consumers of mass media, are an excellent source of volunteers, and are extremely health-conscious are
This audience makes more than 80 percent of the household purchase decisions.
Which is typical of the GLBT community?
Their combined purchasing power is about $750 billion.
What is the most important thing to consider about an event?
detailed planning
On the day of an event, you should:
get a final count of reservations.
What is the name of the public relations event that shows the public the facilities where an organization does its work and how the work is done?
open house
A (n) ____ are meetings intended to gather and exchange information, meet other people with similar interests, discuss and act on common problems, and enjoy recreation and social interchange.
Any booth or exhibit at a trade show should be
designed for maximum visibility
A consideration when planning a trade show booth is:
make display booth visually attractive.
Media relations surrounding a trade show happens
A. before the show.
B. during the show.
C. after the show.
D. all of the above.
Which of the following are reasons for holding a promotional event?
A. promote sales
B. increase organizational visibility
C. make friends
D. all of the above
Open houses are customarily:
One-day events.
Liability insurance should be secured
Always, unless there is a blanket liability policy
A good tip for conducting cause-related marketing is:
consider causes that appeal to your primary audiences.
The refusal to buy the products or services of an “offending” company is a
Employees are considered the organization’s
Which of the following is a key social issue in the workplace?
sexual harassment
Which one of the following is a good example of “cause-related” marketing?
allocating a percentage of sales to restore the Statue of Liberty
Public relations specialists often work primarily with what department regarding employee communications?
human resources
Marketing communication refers to:
supporting the marketing and sales objectives of a business.
Viral marketing is valuable because it
enhances or maintains a company’s reputation
An example of corporate philanthropy would be:
providing uniforms to a little-league baseball team
Customer service is considered:
the “front line” of public relations.
Public relations professionals who represent an artist, musician, athlete, or celebrity are often called
When public relations professionals try to minimize the negative publicity to the client’s image, it is often called:
Damage control
The first step in conducting a personality campaign is to:
Interview the client
When movie, television, and network productions use ______________, there is a steady output of information about the production.
The drip-drip-drip technique
A large percentage of cruise passengers are:
When interviewing a client, the practitioner should ask them to
Answer detailed questions
When conducting a personality campaign, all of the following tactics are used EXCEPT:
Mass demonstration
Within a public relations firm specializing in personalities, a ______ job is to place clients on talk shows and set up other public appearances.
Which of the following is NOT a phase of travel promotion?
Offering a coupon for future travel
Public relations sports professionals use the normal tools of public relations, but also try to:
Stir the emotions of the public
Lobbying activity serves what purpose?
to counterbalance the actions of governmental bodies
The mission of government is:
public service.
The federal government spends several hundred million dollars a year on:
ublic service advertising.
RFP stands for:
request for proposal
Public information efforts can be justified in what terms?
cost savings
A popular and long-running “localization” effort by government relations specialists is the
distribution of hometown releases by the military.
Influence peddlers primarily capitalize on
The Internet was first used for campaign fund-raising in what campaign year?
The person (in the White House) who handles the everyday task of briefing reporters is the
press secretary
One of the most active forms of corporate government relations is done by what group?
trade associations

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