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Which is the following is a key difference between PR and advertising?
Advertising works almost exclusively through mass media
Public relations can take on different names in different organizations. Public information or public affairs is most likely to be used by
This part of the PR process is where a policy or program is examined to see if it is a success or a failure, and if new issues or opportunities must be addressed.
European universities primarily teach public relations as a journalistic function
Essential skills for success in PR include research, planning, problem-solving, business competence, social media expertise and
writing skills
A flack is an endearing term for a public relations practitioner that describes a hardworking, entrepreneurial type.
To public relations practitioners, human resources, advertising, and marketing are often seen as sources of
Small-scale organizations of low complexity usually have public relations persons working in roles that are primarily
basic duties
Public relations has a generally lukewarm return on investment (ROI) of about 120 percent, but the rate is considered acceptable because PR is not considered a bottom line” function.”
The most widely used billing method by public relations firms is pay-for-placement.””
The most admired Fortune 500 companies think of public relations as
a strategic management tool.
If an informational brochure about autism is prepared by the medical division, and it must have approval from the public relations department before production, the public relations department is described as having
concurring authority
Arthur W. Page advocated that public relations was a
management function
Tom Paine’s influential pamphlet “Common Sense” was written during the
Revolutionary War
Which is NOT a reason why there is an influx of women working in public relations?
Women have a better business or bottom-line sense than men
Which is NOT associated with the legendary P.T. Barnum?
Annie Oakley
What development during the Middle Ages allowed for the distribution of information to flourish for the next 500 years?
Gutenberg printing press
The “grande dame” of fashion public relations is
Eleanor Lambert
If a firm is representing both McDonalds and Burger King franchises, it is liking violating which PRSA core value?
The top four responsibilities in rank order for PRSA members are (1) media relations, (2) writer/editor, (3) marketing communications, and (4) corporate communications
Bribing journalists would disrupt the ____________ when it comes to discussing major provisions of the PRSA code of ethics.
free flow of information
Using an approach to solve a problem in public relations that looks for the greatest good for everyone involved would use which approach?
All of the following are gudielines endorsed by the National Association of Broadcast Communicators for Video News Releases, except
A video news release does not always have to be identified as such, it only has to be labeled somewhere once while airing.
If your approach seeks to look for balance between two extremes which approach are you using?
Justification tactics attempt to appease the publics involved
The basic idea behind issues management is reactive analysis.
Which is NOT an element of the issues management approach?
react to surprises
Minimizing a crisis with a statement that there is no serious damage or injuries” is known as which type of strategy?
Only 14 percent of business crises are
Oftentimes, apologizing after a crisis isn’t effective because of the
hypocrisy factor.
Most lawsuits and complaints involving employee newsletters are usually the result of
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act essentially involves
corporate transparency
Which is a concept inherent with green” marketing?”
low-carb” promotion”
An idea for promoting a product cannot be
In order to use a likeness of a deceased celebrity (i.e., Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe), the user must pay a licensing fee to the Federal Trade Commission.
Government documents are in the public domain and cannot be copyrighted.

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