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SmartArt diagrams
(also called SmartArt graphics) are visual representations of information
you want to communicate. SmartArt diagrams show items of related information in a graphical
way that makes their relationships easy to understand. You can use SmartArt diagrams to present
text information in a more visually interesting way than the usual bulleted or numbered formats.
organization chart
is a type of diagram that shows the relationships among personnel or
departments in an organization. Organization charts are included in the Hierarchy type Smart-
Art layouts. In this exercise, you insert a SmartArt graphic diagram.
SmartArt layout
is a particular arrangement of shapes that a diagram
can have. The following general descriptions of SmartArt types can help you choose a type and
a specifi c layout within that type:
• List layouts display information that does not have to be in a particular order, such as a list
of items to purchase.
• Process layouts show the steps in a process or timeline, such as the steps in a
manufacturing process.
• Cycle layouts are useful for showing a repeating process, such as a teaching cycle of
preparing for a semester, teaching a class, and submitting grades.
• Hierarchy layouts show levels of subordination, such as in an organization chart or a
tournament bracket.
• Relationship layouts show connections among items, such as the relationship between
supply and demand.
• Matrix layouts show how parts relate to a whole, similar to a pie chart.
• Pyramid layouts display relationships in terms of proportion, from largest at the bottom
to smallest at the top.
• Picture layouts include placeholders for one or more graphics in addition to the text
More layouts can also be found at Offi ce.com. Click the Offi ce.com category to see what’s
Some layouts appear in more than one type’s listing. For example, most of the Picture layouts
are also categorized as other types.
top-level shape
An organization chart, such as the one you create in this section, has some special terminology and
layout requirements. In an organization chart, there can be only one top-level shape, which
is typically occupied by the name of the person or department at the head of the organization.
Persons or departments who report to the top-level entity
a person who reports directly to a staff member and usually appears on a separate level.
Text pane
You can display or hide the Text pane, which is the panel to the left of a new diagram in which
you can type diagram text. In the Text pane, shape text (that is, text that appears in shapes) appears
as the top-level bullet items and text that appears on the diagram in bulleted text format
is indented below the shape text, similar to the way several levels of bulleted text appear in a
content placeholder.
You can add, remove, or modify shapes by promoting or demoting diagram text. When you
promote an item, you move it up a level
an item, you make it subordinate
to the item above it in the hierarchy. This procedure is similar to changing the indent level
of items in a bulleted list. In the following exercise, you learn how to promote a shape.
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