Polyatomic Ions Charges

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Monatomic Ions (use the periodic table)
Positive charge
(all have same name as neutral atom)
+1 Charge Monatiomic Ions

H    Hydrogen

Li   Lithium

Na  Sodium

K    Potassium

Rb  Rubidium

Cs  Cesium

Fr   Francium

+2 Charge Monatiomic Ions

Be    Beryllium

Mg    Magnesium

Ca    Calcium

Sr     Strontium

Ba    Barium

Ra    Radium

+3 Charge Monatiomic Ion

B     Boron

+4 Charge Monatiomic Ions

C     Carbon

Si    Silicon

Negative Charge

Monatomic Ions





-1 Charge Monatomic Ions

F     Fluoride

Cl    Chloride

Br    Bromide

I      Iodide

At    Astatide

H     Hydride

-2 Charge

O     Oxide

S      Sulfide

Se    Selenide

Te    Telluride

-3 Charge

N     Nitride

P     Phosphide

As    Arsenide

-4 charge

C    Carbide

Si     Silicide

Multiple Charged Monatomic Ions

Cu+1    Copper(I)

Cu+2    Copper(II)


Sn+2    Tin(II)

Sn+4    Tin(IV)


Fe+2     Iron(II)

Fe+3     Iron(III)


Hg2+2     Mercury(I)

Hg+2      Mercury(II)


Pb+2     Lead(II)

Pb+4     Lead(IV)


Ch+2     Chromium(II)

Ch+3     Chromium(III)

constant charge transition metals

(roman Numerals not used)

Ag+1     Silver

Al+3       Aluminum

Cd+2      Cadmium

Zn+2      Zinc

Polyatomic Ions

Positive Charge

NH4+1     ammonium

H3O+1     hydronium

Polyatomic Ions

Negative 1 charge


C2H302   acetate

BrO3      bromate

ClO       hypochlorite

ClO2     chlorite

ClO3     chlorate

ClO4     perchlorate

NO2     nitrite

NO3     nitrate

OH      hydroxide

MnO4    permanganate

HCO3    hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate)

Polyatomic Ions

Negative 2 charge


CO3     carbonate

CrO4    chromate

Cr2O7   dichromate

C2O4    oxalate

O2       peroxide

SO4     sulfate

SO3     sulfite

Polyatomic Ions

Negative 3 charge


PO4     phosphate

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