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Political Thinking Essay Example

Political Thinking Essay Example

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Thucydides starts with past. articulates the tech of power that Greeks have developed over clip Key tech Doctor of Optometry power Walls/security. ships/naval power. liquid money/cash These are progresses that Greeks have made for themselves He disagrees with poets His war is the greatest war because of the agony Plague on the organic structure politics The pestilence ( literally used in the book is besides a metaphor in the devastation of political organic structure Greeeks were related by linguistic communication affinity and faith groups.

They were related by civilization = planetary war turns out to be a civil war between brothers What relation there may be unchanging human civilization and political civilization Causes of the War/ national character Ethos – character of peculiar political government Spartan fright Spartans claims to be the liberator of Gr


eece “your battle will be much rent so yourself” – cognition of the enemy is of import Is democracy the advanced government Main art of democracy is freedom and equality This freedom can make job as persons create their ain docket Corinthians stress the ideal of the Athenians’ willing to give themselves for the common good.

What would do the Athenians more democratic- for the metropolis and non self Patriotic ethos? Athenian Justification Athenians give the address to remember the yesteryear They self sacrificed for the state as they left place to travel to sea ( island-dwellers state ) Athenians argue that they were generous They view themselves as leaders and non empirilists They do it for the good of themselves and the others as welll They believe that their behaviors are acceptable.

( The Spartans besides made the same ppoint about themselves internall

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) They claim that it is utile for them to take control and usage things for their ain good. because they were compelled to take their leading function 2 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 They were driven by fright honor and ego involvement because person else less suited would hold taken that function They suggest that international relation is shot through moral ambiguity and political power Spartan war council Human nature must be understood with poltical civilization Spartan King Speech.

He implicitly accepts the thought that justness and unfairness is irrelevant to state But what is most advantageous is of import He was besides disquieted that inquiring for peace was cowardliness for Spartans Shows that Military ethos- war as a needful solution He called the division of group who were cowards desiring peace and who were the work forces desiring war Arcidumus had to contend in involvement of prudence He argued that the tradiionalism of Spartans make them brave Their slow thought do them good thoughtful Archidumus counts their awkwardness Poltics is non besides capable to rationalism.

His address turns out to be useless as the little address by St Indifference to him Perticiles shows that right analysis can demo an result Shows democratic positivists Has the tech of military power is shown off Through address address he shows a self image Before Grecian work forces were husbandmans when the conflicts were normally about two groups for land Athenians are to take over Spartans by their What is the connexion between invention and democracy Democracy is accepting the hapless – green goodss are civilization were everyone is heard even the hapless 430 BC –

periclian oration In contrasts there is non oration for the Spartans.

Because of its freshness democracy is needed If citizens were willing to be killed for Athens so at that place needs to be a public oration This oration besides doesn’t travel to the past Perticles offers the democratic manner of life and demo why Athenian democracy is better than Spartan Oligarchy Democracy is free and Athenians battle for that Pg45 It’s a pleasance and an award to decease for male parent land Athenians voted to travel to war and went to war on their ain unlike nowdays democracy where it’s a determination of a president The Athenian freedom allowed them to develop themselves and provided the context where highest of human nature can be realized.

They are self sufficient citizens 3 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 Pericles argues that there is an idealistic manner in democracy to populate. they are non tyrannized to give their life Democratic bravery – Athenians – Pg42 – they see harmony in address and workss. relaxed and free and military efficient They are classless and yet equal They think carefully about what they should make and how they should populate ( Thu ) Democracy is prone to peculiar pathologies if it is the manner to populate Human nature is non ever capable to political control.

Reading notes Historical methods are taken w/o proving them m ( slaying of Hipparchus ) Great war of Peloponnesian last long and was accompanied by adversity like pestilence. drouth. famine War began from the interruption down of the 30 yrs peace agreed Growth of Athenian power seting fright in Lacedaemonians obliging them to war

Both side concluding for war – Debate in Sparta Athens’ besieging on Potidaea – Corinthian settlement Decision to assist support island of Corcyra against Corinth Decree curtailing trade with Magara – caused adversity in the metropolis Athens had many enemies.

Four addresss are given where enemies complain and province Athens strength/military power Speech of the Corinthians Lacedaemonians’ self control makes them ignorant of foreign personal businesss Corinthians have been assaulted by Athens and neglected by Lace Athens has done unfairness to Greece — helped the stronger Corcyra while simply reacting to Corinth and took Potidaea ( involvement in Thrace for Gold and Timber ) Lace has allowed the subjection of Playboies by Athens – Walls Lace have procrastinated who crash enemies when they are twofold Athens attack small by small and when no detecting they come with full force.

Lace won against Persian because of king’s mistake Athens program and transport it out while Lace keeps things as they are ( laczy ) Athens ne'er hesitates while Spartans ever delay Athens ne'er at place and Spartans ever homebodies Athens counts on acquiring something by traveling abroad and Spartans are afraid of losing what they have Athenians give organic structures to metropoliss and head to have undertakings – when neglecting to carry through one they move to another to carry through that They ne'er rest and don’t allow others rest either Spartans believe that equity lies in a defense mechanism that does no injury to othes and brings no harm to egos.

Playboies ask for an ally ( Sparta ) to assist other Alliess when to salvage Peloponnesus 4 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 Speech of

Athenians Not to reason against but to stand for the metropolis and warn what Spartans will acquire into if they go to War They don’t respond to any of the Charges like Potidaea Show off their courage from the Persian War ( 2/3 ships. best leaders ) Say that they non meriting the resistance because they have an imperium since the Spartans withdrew from the Persian War when Athens developed the imperium for fright. aspiration. and advantage.

( Deos. clip. and Ophelia ) Thucydides’ position of under surface ground FEAR being the ground for unfairness and force The imperium was offered and they accepted it without give uping it after Spartans lost leading as their ain mistake for endorsing down Following natural disposition to govern over others should be praised ( Athenians think they deserve as they have been moderate to the others ) “those who have power to utilize force have no demand for law” They Warn Spartans that the Alliess will handle Spartan the same manner if they become strong like Athens.

Before doing determinations they should believe – non to convey problem to themselves While good opinions can be made between both sides no errors should be made Ask to remain harmonizing to pact understanding Speech of Archidamus No war is merriment. have seen excessively many Although we say Lashkar-e-Taibas go to war we are non ready for war. non adequate ships. no good ground forces and no money September 24/08 Strengths and Weaknesses of democracy of war – uncover theoretical lesson – human nature in general Peak of the democratic Two contrasting images – Plague at Athens and Civil war @ cocyra Plague

at Athens.

Political context in which it occurred – political diagnosing Emphasiss on failing and disablement of traditional faith ( proven useless ) Athens confused sacred and secular Thucydides cycnical about the claims of faith to supply counsel Importance of address – it isn’t a crystalline medium for communicating but is a positive consequence for a shared ethical universe Pg 90-91 reversed …… intuition Understanding of moralss and political life – if persons were to understand each other and portion ethical footings.

Meaning of political action depended on how people described others ( positive mark of bravery shown by an unprompted violent death 5 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 Patriotism was corrupted Honour that had nil to make with common good Thucydides was a pessimists about these Breakdown of Corcyra was a political pestilence Pericles’ response Thucydides represents the strong democracy in Athens Pg 50 – Athnians though God brought the pestilence ( job of democracy ) – people find mistake with their leader even though they voted to travel to war Three characteristics of Pericless last address

Take duties for their action -Presented bravery as their indignation before Backtrack the hereafter through democratic concluding – Thucydides nowadayss this address to demo that disunity threatens the poltical… Athens has already began to see political disfragmentation Rational and shows good opinion – reciprocality Speech is non corrupted in Athens yet as Pericles uses it to convey Athens back to integrity – where have the passion gone Athnians manner of acquiring rid of selfishness Spartans solved from age 7 Pericles by the rhetoric that united in democracy.

Leadership. war against Persians. Knocking station Pericles democracy pg. 57 –

contrast of leading Thucydides suggests that Athenians demo was successful because of a leader like Pericles who was prudent and strong leader who guided that democracy- congratulationss an earlier leader called Pericles replacements were more peers in themselves – who competed one another to delighting the people – even if their desires were imprudent Pericles rhetoric kept these leaders seems prudent since ordinary people don’t have the power to acknowledge a leader’s qualities etc.

Pericles misunderstood his place – he was excessively confined in the ideals of democracy that he didn’t see the failing of democracy = democracy as a consequence so misleads its leaders Mytileniaen Debate Diodotus – gift of God Cleon unfastened by assailing democracy because e thinks the demos ( peoples of Athinais are to in love with themselves. sort etc… ) He is a greater realists as he thinks of himselves – he wants stronger penalties in the hereafter which will forestall something like that Diodotus – advantage over justness.

Democracy is indecisive – no person can contend it – but he people must take Both talkers have rhetorical manners ( naming people cowards to be brave it’s a good thing ) If they listen to Cleon they will go less advanced. baronial etc 6 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 Diotous – looks more like free discoursing democrat but- later he sees menaces towards the free democracy If we have to lie in order to be believed so id Diodotus prevarication ( c. f. all Cretons are liar ) Diodotus and Cleon- both don’t seem to delight the demo audience – there is a degree of instability that’s built in

the people of Athens.

Thucydides shows how democracy is vulnerable to political dislocation Melian Dialogue Athnian occupy the Melos country – Athens vs. the people of Melos “the criterion of justness depends on the equality of power to oblige and that in fact the strong do what they have the power to make and the weak accept what they have to accept Transformation of the Athenians self understanding – contrast it with Spartans embassadors – The Athenians “put to decease all the grown work forces whom they took and sold the adult females and kids for slaves” Pg 103 – distant themselves from the inquiry of justness – Melians are compelled to subject to them.

Thucydides suggests that they have been driven to that – might is right Athenian’s self representation – enables them to their success Sicilian argument Athenian assembly – leads to the determination to contend against Greeks and non Greeks proper democratic position that leads to desolation Are democracies good through empirical observation – Athenians do non to the full understand that they are ready to assail. they don’t see their history Nikias enters metropolis in a narrow and selfish manner unlike Pericles Gives good advice but he is excessively weak to get the better of the Athenians characters that are in enlargement.

This shows the address consequence worsening traveling in similarities with Spartans How can democracy license leaders ( strong and magnetic ) when Democrats are all for equality Alsb: perfect kid of imperium Imperialism erodes democratic equality Breaks down freedom and equality. every bit good as relation between leaders and citizens Imperialism and democratic freedom Imperialism and democratic address – alternatively of earlier

now it is escalating people – book 8 Athens in civil war – democratic instability Tool: address. leading. political passion.

October 01/08 Plato 7 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 *Glaucon and Adeimantus are two of Plato’s brothers. Plato’s The Republic Key Topic for Plato: Why does justness ( of the people ) lead to the felicity for the merely? 2 Passages on Ethics & A ; Politicss Book VII: Quote 538 e- Socrates wants to demo that there are good replies to the inquiry of: What is baronial or merely? He wants to root these virtuousnesss in human nature. There was an instability of ethical terminology—previously shown by Thucydides—as an after consequence of the Peloponnesian War.

Socrates wanted to support justness by demoing that it was a portion of natural order. He did this through philosophical conversation. Plato thought that political stableness depended on the moralss of the people Book VI: Quote 492 b-c Plato took the measure. unlike Thucydides. to demo a good ethical and political province Opening Moves Cephalus The Piraeus. the seaport. was considered as the place of Athenian democracy The subject of persuasion and irresistible impulse are underlying 1s Plato has used for this work At the terminal of Book II. Glaucon was sorely persuaded by oppressive inclinations and aspirations.

Quote 491 c- Plato aimed to educate immature Athenian democrats who are vulnerable to the wrong-headed instruction provided by the Imperial Athenian metropolis. Quote 329 d- Cephalus speaks of the sentiment of wisdom over wealth with respects to old age. He suggests that wealth has of import and morally important functions. an illustration of which is the paying dorsum of debt.

Cephalus has an inherently misconstrued and incoherent perceptual experience of what is merely. what he says struggles with ‘what he says’ . Quote 330 d-It is merely now that he is old that he has begun to believe about his life and Hades.

He has taken a self-satisfied expression at life. His life shows us why we should take a closer expression at our life and measure what is merely. “Paying back one’s debts and giving proper forfeits to the gods” : This is Cephalus’ position of justness. Socrates believes. nevertheless. that justness is a affair of character and good judgement. If justness is ‘paying back one’s debts to the gods’ . so isn’t graft of the Gods a signifier of justness? The chief job with Cephalus is his non-thinking traditionality ( and unwise apprehension of wealth ) . which consequences in self-contradictions.

He expresses that civilization is more of import than wealth but follows his tradition that wealth is built-in to set uping a good life ( ergo a self-contradiction ) . 8 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 Plato may be demoing that fright is non a good motivation for taking a merely life ( fright of Hades-a bad after life ; fright of loss of pride as shown by Thucydides conversations and their speechmakers ) . If we are decently developed/educated within a decently constituted metropolis so we would non be motivated by fright but by a good apprehension of justness. [ Refer to Quote 491 hundred ] .

*Plato in this book is non stand foring his ain positions but the positions of his characters. in this instance Socrates. Polemarchus Takes over

the conversation from his male parent Cephalus Socrates does non take to specify ‘justice’ in footings of its regular usage. He wants to demo the intrinsic philosophic thought of ‘justice’ . He wants to happen an history of justness that satisfies thoughts of what the single already believes or has experienced ( e. g. trades and professions: a physician. a labourer. etc. ) Quote 332 c- Socrates likens justness to a proficient accomplishment. nevertheless he hasn’t yet established that virtuousness is a accomplishment.

Socrates is meaning to utilize topics that we have already grasped to assist us understand justness through comparings Quote 332 d-e: Socrates asks Polemarchus: ‘If justness is of import. what usage does justnesss hold? Socrates makes Polemarchus recognize that he can non specifically say why justness is of import. Quote 333 vitamin E: Socratic inquiring has a destructive component because it shatters the individual’s beliefs and may non go forth them with anything to replace it. Quote 334: Socrates shows that the traditional apprehension of what a good or bad individual is does non accurately state us what the good truly is.

If justness and good are. so. inter-related so there needs to be a proper apprehension and relation to what the term ‘good’ is. Quote 338 a-The position that justness is ‘helping friends and harming enemies’ provenders oppressive positions. which is harmful and hence non merely. Socrates believes that justness is a cognizable construct or jurisprudence of nature ( or the universe ) . Thrasymachus Here we say adieus to traditional morality. which paves the manner for a extremely misanthropic history of what justness is. Quote 337 d-Plato alludes to Socrates’ test in

ulterior old ages and his ensuing decease.

He shows that any examination of justness was non tolerated good by the Imperial Athenians and he defends Socrates’ stance. Socrates is driven by cognition whereas Thrasymachus isn’t Quote 339 b- Thrasymachus says that justness is:1. ‘the advantage of the stronger’ ; 2. ‘justice is the advantage of the bing regime’ and ; 3. ‘justice is another’s good’ . Thrasymachus history of justness seems confused and attempts to draw down a social head covering of rhetoric. He sees himself as deflating the 9 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking.

POL200Y1 idealism of justness as he sees it being used by democratic politicians. His positions are extremely misanthropic. reflecting thrust of the politician towards wealth and power. Thracymachus assumes that there is a opinion art/craft that instructs swayers in functioning their ain involvements. Socrates argues that humanistic disciplines or trades do non profit the single creative person or craftsman. but that the object/service is what is good Quote 348 vitamin E: Thrasymachus believes that unfairness is best for the person. but is it? Boding.

Socrates is at strivings to demo that rulership should be about the good of the people and non the swayer and that merely good work forces are compelled to govern. Unity and stableness. Socrates believes is built-in in constructing the ideal metropolis. What is justness? Justice isn’t ever about following the regulations. Socrates’ rebuttal of Polemarchus’ position of justness. Justice is about the moral cosmopolitan good. Justice is besides approximately order. Justice isn’t about ‘helping your friends and harming your enemies’ . For Plato there is a moral duty non to ache your enemies. It is immoral

to make so.

Polemarchus positions justness as a trade. a theoretical acquisition or instruction. Merely certain people can larn and cognize what justness is. and merely the people that know ‘what is just’ should be able to govern. This virtuousness requires an active attitude. a changeless acquisition and updating the cognition of what is merely. *The thought of ‘techne’ is really of import in the apprehension of Plato’s position of justness. Thrasymachus believed that justness ‘serves the involvement of the strongest’ . This position leads to tyranny. an single that follows this manner of justness there can be no order since the person follows his desires and non logic.

Socrates realizes that Thrasymachus is unwilling to larn and believe otherwise. He could acquire Thrasymachus to conflict within his ain statement but he couldn’t acquire him to understand that justness could assist him unite his opportunism and the common involvement. What Plato is seeking to acquire us to make is to believe for ourselves about what justness really is. He tries to acquire us to take part in the treatment of what justness is. October 08/08 Transition to Book 2 345b. 358c It possibly impossible to convey in a moralist – rational statements 10 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1.

Republic is a ace duologue – proper audience that is likely to be persuaded and how they should be questioned Glaucon’s challenge Begins with 3 categorizations 1. Good that is joy or felicity from experience 2. Goods that we desire both per se and for their effects. or the endurance for a philosophical position. running a endurance contest 3. Instrumental goods. acrimonious medical specialty. good in so

far that they reliantly lead to desired results Why justness must take to good – ambiguity in this inquiry Physical endurance of course follows from good wellness – even the healthiest individual can be mistaken about their goods.

Galucon is non interested in unreal effects that are in the belief Glaucon’s narrative of beginning ( genologie of justness ) His theory of justness is contended by the ulterior theory of justness By contrast with Thrucymuchus and Polemurchus – Glaucon offers a theory that touches the beginning of human and what justness is making in our life Glaucon portions this so that Socrates can state him what is incorrect with it Sophist ( Thrucymuchus ) recommended the life of a successful autocrat and why it created a job We of course strive to make unfairness and that is our intent. . . . most people don’t have that power to make so.

So people don’t make injustice because there is a desire for societal regard and non because they embraces justice Justice is a scheme of power in ego protection based on our human nature as we come together People value justness merely because they don’t want to be harmed If they were manfully and couregous so they would persue what they want and do injustice Offers a construct of human goodness – human existences prosecute good and honour Hypothetical narrative of Gyges pealing – whether anyone acquired a ring of invisibleness so he would utilize that pealing to go a happy autocrat.

362b – earlier sentiments of justness. ( any inquiries based on repute ) He’s non believing of justness as a province of psyche but is believing

about the instrumental goods Interpretation of Glaucon He takes treatment back to origin. wants to cognize that nature of justness Peoples tend to see justness as something that exists in the Torahs and non outside the Torahs Merely through an rating of the history and beginning of human we can understand it Glaucon might look to be a realist – this is what human existences are like He’s non sinister but he provides merely a negative ideal in which justness is a necessary immorality.

Shares ideals with modern broad theory with Thomas Hobbes etc – human’s basic end is to make ain good and bask the greatest good possible. people 11 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 come together for their ain good. metropolis is convetional and directed toward commanding the urges Government doesn’t provide an history of virtuousness. but citizens think of their ain good Adeimantus’ speech His position is of Cultural effects that result taking a position from human nature Those who conventionally praise justness do so for its effects and besides the afterlife Natural V.

unreal effects 364c Certain tenseness and lip service in position of justness Peoples teach justness while stating that unfairness is more profitable There is a general cultural lip service in their beliefs Honour of affluent people Conventional faith Traditional faith poesy gives no clear footing of believing that justness wages If Supreme beings can perpetrate unfairness for their pleasance so what’s incorrect with me making that The instruction provided to people leads them ashtray Justice is good while injustice wages Peoples are brought up this manner Socrates – utilizations this coherency in the psyche.

Justice has something to

make with working that coherency – to set up the healthy status of the psyche Soul/state analysis Develops an analogy – latent rule – we see justice in the metropolis because there is justness and unfairness in the metropolis Thucydides’ description of Corcya Justice as a whole metropolis – to cast visible radiation in what justness is In relation to other metropoliss — Toronto is a merely metropolis. it doesn’t take advantage of other metropoliss But Socrates chooses to see the metropolis as internal relation of psyches in the metropolis Chracterizing the metropolis is indispensable for the justness.

Justice – paradigmatically societal virtuousness. something to make with what is owed. self controlled- it is the external dealingss But Socrates is seeking to happen the individual’s self internal plants as a private and non societal virtuousness Justice within a psyche Ethos of metropolis and character of citizens – merely and unfair characters are in a metropolis that shape the individual’s character Social and political context – bulding a psyche province Justice whatever it is. . . is the same thing in the metropolis and the psyche – he wants to compare it in a dialectic manner – each understand the other Besides provides a cultural critic- instruction.

Concept of justness is provided by specially trained trainers who are better at 12 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 cognizing the doctrine – because they have entree to the outside. independent philosophical criterions Cities should educate their citizens. but the metropoliss largely don’t cognize what the good is and so they need to kno City of hogs Needs to travel back to origin Socrates Task is to do

the metropolis attractive Socrates metropolis is founded because human existences lack sufficiency to care for themselves Can’t take attention of themselves Human existences are of course shapers of conventions.

369c – if people portion things with each other – common AIDSs Common AIDSs society – non because they are protected but because they are persons are made better because of that common Deeply concerned with advancing the common good 369e – economic metropolis – contribute ain work for common usage of all We best contribute to metropolis if we do that we are most suitable for – best suit our natural endowments If persons portion themselves as spouses and non as their ain City will necessitate supply of different sets of shapers. manufacturers etc 1 ) Reciprocality is the cardinal rule of the merely metropolis = Principle of specialisation.

2 ) There is no capitalist market metropolis People obtain what they of course need in order to populate of course with no inordinate desires- Glaucon calls this the metropolis of hogs But this metropolis has no justness or unfairness because it is non human or relevant to human nature – everybody is engaged in a mutual merchandise to do others’ life better Although common assistance is portion of our human nature and oriented to human good. but he recognizes that there is more to human nature than merely that Glaucon introduces desires – ( Socrates says that military struggles arise from deisres ) Feverish activities and hectic provinces.

373d – expansion of metropolis through warfare is needed because he’s agreed to analyze the hectic metropolis – but doesn’t admire the empiricist philosophy carried out by in the metropolis

399a – how is it cleaned? ? Educating warriors Military force. workers. Development of establishment – instruction is needed Gaurdians must protect the metropolis but they must be educated – cultural Worriers must be educated to incorporate to present psychologically: Brave. brave and moderateness. gradualness. Athenian dare and Spartan moderateness.

These philosophical Canis familiariss need to cognize what is their ain – can’t take excessively selfish because that can take to military absolutism But besides what is public goood and what is common good 392ab – Poets teach that unfairness pays 13 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 377c – immature shouldn’t happen justification of immoral behaviors Purifying the representation of Gods Properly expressed piousness is of import Poets – must laud heroes – Achilles complained about life after decease ( the greatest hero complained after decease ) .

Plato – in ordinary political life and civilization we get function theoretical accounts – the emotional instruction is needed for political control. our modern-day civilization besides has function theoretical accounts who merely go on to be heroes and non created 1s Education of these fuss-budgets are to be educated about emotions. what is merely and unfair. what is beautiful. what is ugly. experience things in the right manner If a individual is educated in early childhood emotionally and ethically so he will bask being a good and brave individual. and bask transporting out his responsibility All his psyche features will be purified Need to larn to chair desires.

We think desires are familial – Plato thinks our desires can be trained and fashioned 389e – Achilles should non be depicted for loving money or return to the

battleground for the gifts he’s offered Can’t represent celebrated heroes or function theoretical accounts feel foring themselves either Positive function theoretical accounts – = need to supply poetic function theoretical accounts Socrates wants them to make this without any declinations or ambivalent 399e – purified the epicurean metropolis – paves manner to happen justness Socrates = is enplaning the thought of ORDER in the psyche Soon he provides a rational order in the mind October 15/08 Censorship and other commissariats

Socrates slandered poesy – against God Manliness in one side and moderateness on another for defenders Censorship is a type of repression – misdemeanor of our rights In our society we have some censoring – non much for grownups Censor poesy among grownups for Socrates while instruction for kids What the human good is? Whether the human should inquiry and understand and what non? What our political relations should look like if nonsubjective human goodness were available to the authorities: Internet Explorer: wellness issues – smoke is bad for wellness yet authorities do non criminalize smoke.

Government can advance good wellness by running wellness runs. through warnings on coffin nails. revenue enhancement it but won’t criminal it Plato did non hold this belief like our authorities – he’s non dedicated to compensate to individual’s freedom – but more of what the human good is Paternalist – Socrates acts like a male parent figure – this is how he wants the authorities to be To irrupt in private life – 14 World Wide Web. notesolution. com Political Thinking POL200Y1 412ab – group of swayers from fuss-budgets They have wisdom They are older adult male.

Less complete fuss-budgets are aides

Police froce but travel beyond the power of constabularies force – rational qualities that go beyond these emotions Noble Lie Useful falsity Teaches the civilisation they’re 415ab – gold. Ag souls Justifies hierarchies of power Myth of the metals – gold Ag Fe bronze – fanciful citizens believe it as a loyal myths Not literally CF – people don’t come out of the psyche but we say that This myth/metaphor means that all ciizens are like brothers who are didcated to each other and attach to the metropolis

Meritocracy and non hierarchy – feeling. although that is what is seems like Hierarchies are based non on the evbaluiation of the person’s value ( what’s inside the kid ) It’s non where he is born or how rich the parents are This myth doesn’t lead to a fixed dramatis personae system but instead a meritocracy Socrates wants defenders to be kept in cantonments separated from the outside The swayers are the philosophers – they should non be fallible because they can’t make mistake – most impartial and willing.

Socrates is puting up an Utopian society that we can utilize – but non precisely – it is non to be implemented – ( if you’re non meaningful to the words so what is the educational function/ purpose Happiness of single Worriers and swayers will non be happy by the mercenary criterions of the universe What is the point of a metropolis if the citizens are unhealthy and unhappy = that means the metropolis is non healthy There are communistic characteristics to Plato’s thoughts but non wholly Warriors and swayers can’t ain private belongings Doe.

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