policing final

it has commonly been believed in police administration that random routine patrol creates a sense of:

the Kansas City Study indicated that adding or removing police random routine patrol:
had no effect on crime

academic studies regarding response time indicate that:
citizens generally cannot or do not report crimes immediately

___ is the most expensive part of a police department’s budget.

the most important and visible part of police work to the public is/are___

the police department’s generalist is the:
patrol officer

who coined the term “omnipresence”?
O. W. Wilson

Differential response to calls for service is a policy that abandons the traditional practice of responding to all calls for service. in differential response, responses to citizens’ calls to 911 for service are matched to the ___ of the calls.
importance or severity

the single most important determination of whether or not a case will be solved is the information the victim supplies to the ___
immediately responding patrol officer

the idea that detective work is glamorous, exciting and dangerous, as it is depicted in the movies and on tv is called
detective mystique

the vast majority of all arrests are made
at the scene of the time

decoy operations are most effective in detecting and arresting all of the following except:

what system has greatly improved the surveillance of offenders?
global positioning system (GPS)

investigate units that reexamine old cases that have remained unsolved are called:
cold case squad

a legal defense that holds that police originated the criminal idea or initiated the criminal action is called:

plainclothes officers’ efforts to blend into an area and attempt to catch a criminal are called:

according to the author, the police should be seen by the community as:
members of the community

the president’s commission on law enforcement and administration of justice reported that police relations with minority groups have:
sunk to explosively low levels

according to researcher James Q Wilson, most police officers feel that the public:
does not like or appreciate police officers

according to the author, one of the best way to improve relationships between the police and minority groups is to:
ensure that minority groups are adequately represented in a jurisdiction’s police department

what is the largest minority group in the United States

the Guardian Angels were formed by:
Curtis Sliwa

McGruff, the crime dog and the “take a bite out of crime” program is an example of:
police mass media campaign

in a nationwide poll conducted by the Gallup organization in 2007, citizens were questioned regarding how much confidence they had in American institutions. Which of the following has the highest rate of confidence?
the police

many believe that modern community policing became with James Q Wilson and George Kelling’s article ___: the police and neighborhood safety
broken windows

problem- solving policing emphasizes that many crimes are caused by____ and attempts to deal with those problems rather than just responding to each criminal incident
underlying social problem

analyzing crime issues to dertermine the underlying problems and addressing those underlying problems is referred to as:
problem- solving policing

what is the philosophy of empowering citizens and developing a partnership between the police and the community to work together to solve problems
community policing

the real responsibility for proper police community relations rests with
every police officer

community- oriented policing is an approach toward crime that addresses:
the underlying cause of crime

the recent measurable trend of police departments employing full-time community officers:
is declining

the biggest recent threat to community policing and consequently, the biggest criticism of the community policing initiative is:
the inability to keep police department fully staffed due to budgetary constraints after the grant expire

evidence that leads a person of reasonable caution to believe a crime has been committed is the definition of:
probable cause

this constitutional amendment states, “the right that no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be search and the persons or things to be seized
fourth amendment

process by which actions of the police in areas such as arrests, each and seizure and interrogations are reviewed by the US court system at various levels to ensure the constitutionality of these actions

the right to counsel contained with he Miranda ruling applies only when the subject of an interrogation:
is in custody

which of the following provides the most expectation of privacy?

when conducting a stop and frisk, officers may search:
the outer clothing of the individual

policing identifications process which brings a victim to where the police have stopped a subject is called what?
show- up

what identification process allows a subject suspected of a crime to have an attorney present?
line up

In 1985, the fleeing felon rule was declared unconstitutional by the US supreme court in the landmark case of ___
Tennessee v. Garner

the legality and morality of the fleeing felon rule is challenged because of the US legal concept of:
presumption of innocence

the police role is
very ambiguous

robert lilly’s research concluded that the majority of police calls are in reference to:

police officers have ___ discretion

the first decision maker in the criminal justice system and often the most important is:
the police officer

the ___ allows police officers to use deadly force against people who were using deadly force against an officer or another person, as well as in certain violent felony situations.
defense of life standard

the scientific name for pepper spray is:
oleoresin capsicum

most police patrol time is spent:
as uncommitted time

statistics clearly indicate that police officers:
do not overuse force

what is not a indicative of the police culture

the refusal of some police officers to report fellow officers; misconduct is called:
the blue wall of silence

the majority of recent studies have found that the police “working personality” comes from:
the socialization process in the police academy, field training and patrol experience

The dirty harry problem refers to:
the moral dilemma officers face when they can use evil means to achieve good ends

the human body’s reaction to highly stressful situation is known as the:
flight or fight responce

which of the following is not one of the factors leading to stress in police work?
early retirement

a situation in which police officers only trust other police officers and do not aid in the investigation of wrongdoing by other officers is called the:
blue curtian

according to the research, compared to the professions the police exhibit higher rate of:
divorce, suicide, stress

according to research, what is the leading problem among police officers?
marital problems

studies indicate that police officers are ___ more likely to suffer from alcoholism

prior to the 1940s, how many black police officers worked in the Deep South?

in 1910, ____ appointed the nation’s first “officially designated” policewomen
los angeles

in 1910, the nation’s first “officially designated” policewomen was
Alice Stebbins Wells

the most controversial aspect of ending job discrimination is:
affirmative action

what city has actively recruited gays for police position during the past 10 years
san francisco

the simultaneous expectations by white officers that african american officers will give members of their own race better treatment, but that african american officers will also receive hostility from the african american community because they are perceived as traitors to their race is known as ____
double marginality

the primary instrument governing employment equality, as well as all equality, in US society is the ___ Amendment to the US Constitution

what type of discrimination is the indirect result of policies or practices that are not intended to discriminate but do, in fact, discriminate?
de facto discrimination

what type of fairness test was developed to reduce adverts impact in the selection process?
physical agility

noble cause corruption is also known as:
dirty harry syndrome

the honest NYC plainclothes officer whose revelations about police corruption let to the legendary Knapp Commission was:
frank serpico

tort is a :
private wrong

the first national commission to discuss police brutality was the:
wickersham commission

police testimony that narcotics they found on the group were dropped by persons they arrested has been called:
dropsy testimony

the major resouce used to combat corruption by many police department is the:
creation of internal affairs division

what is the more prevalent type of corruption in law enforcement today?
noble cause corruption

what is considered a loyalty test given to rookie officers by the training officer an other officers?
mama rose’s test

police officers who violate a person’s civil rights by unlawfully searching or detaining them can be sued under what law?
42 USC 1983

who patrolled roman streets day and night

who formed the bow street runners
henry fielding

who is generally credited with establishing the fist police department in london, england
sir robert peel

according to the statute of winchester, when would persons be required to assist the watch?
during a storm

the first state of police agency was the:
texas ranger

the director of the FBI from 1924 to his death in 1972 was:
j. Edgar Hoover

which US supreme court case resulted in the police requirement that persons who are in police custody and will be interrogated be advised of their constitutional rights?
Miranda v. Arizona

Williams J. Braton completely reengineered the NYC police department to make reducing crime its primary objective. what vehicle did he use to accomplish this mission

prior to the late 1960 women in policing were restricted to preforming their type of duty:
juvenile work, guarding female prisoners, issuing parking tickets

what influenced police department to address traditional employment inequities and lead to more women and minority group officers being granted true representation in law enforcement?
affirmative action and individual and class action lawsuits

the marjory of law enforcement agencies in American are:

law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of:
local polices agencies

which of the following states does not have a state law enforcement agency

a state law enforcement system that combines the duties of major criminal investigations with the patrol of state highways and small towns into on agency is generally called ___ model

a state enforcement system that provides for separate agencies for traffic enforcement and other state- level enforcement functions is generally called ___ model

which of the following is responsible for the investigation of counterfeiting of US currency?
Secret service

which of the following is responsible for the protection of the president, vice president and their families
secret service

the federal witness protection program is administered by the :
US marshal service

the largest local police department in he US is:

which of the following is not a common duty of a state police officer?
serve civil process

the management concept that says that each individual in an organization is supervised by one immediate supervisor or boss who in turn reports to a higher supervision is termed:
chain of command

the number officers or subordinates a supervisor can supervise effectively is called:
span of control

police officers are considered ____ members of the department

the standard order of civil service ranks within a police department from lowest to highest are:
officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, chief

who is in charge at the crime scene?
detective/ investigator

the smallest geographical area a single patrol unit can patrol effectively is called a:

a number of individual beats grouped together is called a:

generally the most police activity occurs on what tour?

informal job actions by officers in which they refuse to preform certain job functions in an attempt to win labor concession from their employers is called____
blue flu

who are considered the backbone of police services?
patrol officers

they typical police officer of today is ___ than previous generation of police officers.
better education

a ___ identifies the important tasks preformed by a police officer and than identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities nescessary to preform those tasks.
Job analysis

if a competent job analysis is done, tests in the police screening process are considered to be:
job related

what does researcher Hrand Saxenian say is he single most important criterion in the police selection process?

what sate of the police selection process receives the most litigation>
written entrance exam

what stage of police selection process scenes out the most candidates?
written entrance exam

correct answer regarding police education requirements
most departments do not require any college but require a high school degree or equivalent

most police agencies require police applicant vision to be correctable to:

most federal law enfacement agencies require this education reuiremnt
bachelor’s degree

considered a “learning position” for potential police candidates while they are pursuing their education
police cadet

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