Physics 1320 Chapter 26

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how do the wavelength and frequency of infrared light compare to the wavelength and frequency of ultraviolet light?
the wavelength of infrared is larger than that of ultraviolet, and the frequency is smaller
how does frequency change when the wavelength is increased?
the frequency decreases
how does the speed of radio waves compare to the speed of gamma rays?
the speed of radio waves is equal to the speed of gamma rays
the electromagnetic waves having the highest speed in free space are
none in particular, as gamma, radio, and light have the same speed
the smallest portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is
visible light
materials that clearly transmit visible light are said to be
strictly speaking, the light that meets and passes through the pane of a window glass
is not the same as the light that emerges
the electromagnetic radiation mostly absorbed in ordinary glass is
Materials that do not transmit visible light are said to be
a solar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the
moon falls on the earths surface
a helium-neon laser emits light of wavelength 633 nanometers (nm). Light from an argon laser has the wavelength of 515 nm. Which laser emits the higher-frequency light?
an argon laser
when we look at the sun, we are seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago. so we can only see the sun “in the past.” when you look at the back of your hand, do you see it now or in the past?
i see it “in the past”
most of the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum are
electromagnetic waves are composed of
electric and magnetic fields
electromagnetic waves consist of
oscillating electric and magnetic fields
the main difference between a radio and a light wave is its
which of these electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?
compared to the ultraviolet waves, the wavelength of infrared waves is
compared to radio waves, the velocity of visible light waves in a vacuum is
the same
if an electron vibrates up and down 1000 times each second, it generates an electromagnetic wave having a
frequency of 1000 Hz
infrared waves are often called heat waves because
they induce resonance in molecules and increase internal energy in a substance
a lunar eclipse occurs when the
moon passes into the earths shadow
a solar eclipse occurs when the
moons shadow touches earth
a partial solar eclipse occurs for the people in the sun’s

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