Phi Sigma Pi

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original name and the current name of the institution that phi sigma pi was founded.
State Teacher’s College Warrensburg Missouri and University of Central Missouri
when was Phi sigma Pi founded?
Feb 14, 1916
Phi Sigma Pi became a national fraternity in what year?
the first initiate handbook was created by what brother?
Claire B. Wilson
the name of the fraternity was changed to Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity in what year?
what action allowed women to join the fraternity?
Amendment to the Phi Sigma Pi constitution by the Grand Chapter
wrote the words and music to Brother Are We.
Edward Ingraham and Charles Darrin
founder known as ALPHA 1
Eldo Hendricks
she was the first woman inducted from the alpha chapter
Laura Abney
He was National Secretary and Treasurer for nearly 20 years.
Joseph M. Torchia
national award recognized outstanding fellowship in his honor.
Claude A. Phillips
wrote Brother in 1996 and became the official fraternity song in 2001
Thomas Daniels
Name of Region
upper midwest
five greek names of active chapters in your region plus the name of the school where they are located
Epsilon Sigma (University of Iowa)
Eta Alpha (University of Northern Iowa)
Zeta Rho ( university of Wisconsin, Madison)
Zeta phi ( Iowa State University)
Zeta Theta (university of Illinois chicago)
order of business
1) Call to order
2) Reading and Correction or approval of minutes from last meeting
3) officer reports
4) permanent or standing committee’s reports
5) temporary or special committees’ report
6) unfinished business
7) New Business
only way an individual may become an official member of phi Sigma pi
through the ritual
the supreme legislative body of the fraternity
Grand Chapter
the executeive and administrative body of the fraternity
National Council
what is the national philanthropy?
Teach for American (TFA)
purpose of philanthropy
to help eliminate educational inequality in public school system. recruits college graduates to teach in underserved schools across the U.S.
the two songs of the fraternity
brothers are we and Brother
two ways to become and alumni
to graduate or to withdraw/ transfer from the institution
the membership certificate is called
the shingle
what are the fraternity colors
purple and gold with white
purpose of procedure at chapter meetings
to help it run smoothly and efficiently
guide to running business and order used by the grand chapter and national council
Robert’s Rules of Order
leader emerged in 1980’s, vp of membership development
Steven A Diguiseppe
First woman inducted after Title XI
Clauda pennock Todd
Elected president in 1928, our graduate scholarship is named after him.
Rolla F. Wood
the dilemma facing Title XI
the fraternity wasnt giving equal future career opportunities for women so it was being said that they were discriminating. Fraternity would have to become CoEd because it wasnt a solely Greek Social fraternity it was an honor fraternity also.
why was the purple and gold letter established?
to keep closer contact between the local chapters and the national office
the first publication for all members was called
phi sigma pi newsletter and was later renamed the lampadion which means little torch.
three ideas of the tripod
scholarship, leadership, and fellowship
the legislative body is composed of
National Council; delegates of collegiate and alumni chapters and NAA
one of the founders, resposible for the Beta chapter. was awarded the distinguished service key.
C.H. McClure
what is the phi sigma pi Foundation
serves as a charitable foundation that collects and distributes funds in support of the programs and goals of phi sigma pi. members are individuals and alumni that have made a significant contribution to the fraternity
under his leadership the fraternity tripled in size
Jeffrey L. Johnson
who are the three founding fathers
Eldo L. Hendricks, C. H. McClure, Claude A. phillips
from the alpha epsilon chapter, she was the first woman president
Tammy A. Mlezira
national president
Jonah Goodman
Senior Vice president
Erik Walschburger
National Secretary
Christopher McCoy
vp of Finance
Matthew “fresh” Nicoletta
vp of membership development
Natalie Swierzbin
vp of chapter development
David Serafini
vp of alumni development
Sarah Cantwell
vp of philanthropy development
Kyle Williams
was a teacher of history and held five positions over 25 years in fraternity (longest in history)
Richard C. Todd
ensures that accurate records are kept at all national meetings
National secretary
oversees the development of alumni resources and benefits; assists chapters and associations in improving and enhancing alumni relations
vp of alumni development
serves as the parliamentarian at all the national meetings
Senior Vice president
serves as official ambasador and representative of phi sigma pi national honor fraternity
National president
employees of the national fraternity who manage the day to day administrative affairs of fraternity
National Staff
guides the frat fiscally and develops and annual budget with the executive director
vp of finance
develops programs to foster communication between chapters and improve regional collaboration among chapters
vp of chapter development
Resposible for leading and developing our national philanthropic efforts with our national philanthropy, teach for america
vp of philanthropy development
Improves and develops resources to ensure initiation programs produce strong and dedicated brothers
vp of membership development
Governing body of phi sigma pi, subject to the direction of grand chapter
National council

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