Personal Finance Lessons 1-6

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True or False: Eating one large meal per day is the best way to maintain your health.
Which of these is not a result of regular exercise?
Causing your heart to wear out faster
Time management can help you:
All of the above
On average, the ideal amount of sleep for most adults is:
7-8 hours
In managing time, health and work, which of the following goals is most sensible?
Try to find a balance
Which of the following is a true statement?
Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system
True or False: When starting out a career, you should always work at least two jobs so that you can accumulate money for investing and long-term growth.
If owning a car costs you $350 per month but allows you to work a second job that provides take-home pay of $125 per week, is it worth it financially to have the car?
True or False: It is generally better to concentrate your exercise time on the weekends only for maximum aerobic benefit.
Which method of commuting is most likely to reduce your need to go to the gym or get a treadmill?
An associate degree is a:
2-year degree
“Aptitude” refers to:
an inherent talent or ability
In an interview, an appropriate response to “What is an example of one of your weaknesses?” could be:
“I’m too hard on myself sometimes”
Which factor is most important in securing well-paying jobs throughout your career?
Having a good education
A resume is generally____page(s) in length.
A cover letter begins with a(n)
Heading, and then an introduction
“Cold call” refers to:
A phone call to a company, asking if they are hiring
Without health insurance, a routine checkup at the doctor’s office can cost you:
Several hundred dollars
In a job interview, it is best to broach the topic of salary:
At the end or wait until the subject is brought up
True or False: Jobs require either specific education or specific work experience, but not both.
Which is NOT a money management skill discussed in the reading material?
Managing your time in a health manner
What are some typical expenses for a person just starting out in a rental apartment?
rent, renters insurance, transportation cost
Which of the following is an example of irregular income?
a graduation gift
Why is it harder to estimate expenses than to estimate income?
Expenses often change more from month to month
A budget can help you reach a financial goal by:
Allowing you to see where you can cut back on spending
Preparing a budget is:
An on going process
Money in your emergency fund could be wisely used:
to pay for an unforeseen health expense
How much money should you save each month?
You must decide what you can afford
Which is NOT something you should look for in a savings account?
Rewards for using your debit card
When estimating income, it is better to be:
a little low
In which of the following locations could you find an ad for an apartment?
a) In the local newspaper
b) On the Internet
c) In the phone book
Which of the following best describes a lease?
A legal document that contains all the details of the agreement between the landlord and renter which is signed by both parties
Which of the following utilities may be billed separately from your rent?
a) Water
b) Electricity
c) Phone service
How much of your take-home paycheck should be budgeted for base rent?
Most landlords require the renter to pay a security deposit at the beginning of the rental agreement. Which of the following is true about the security deposit?
The deposit can be used to repair damage caused by the tenant during the term of the lease
Your landlord has the right to:
Charge you the late fee stated in your lease if your rent payment is late
The most important thing to consider when choosing an apartment is:
If you can afford to pay your rent and other costs on an ongoing basis
Which of the following information would not be found in a typical lease?
The name of the previous tenant
A landlord can refuse to rent you an apartment if which of the following is true?
you own a cat and dog
Which of the following are considerations in choosing an apartment:
a) Cost
b) Proximity to work
c) Availability of mass transit
This will allow you to borrow money to buy a car, but you will have to pay it back with interest over time:
This includes all the money you will have to pay to a lender beyond the amount you need to purchase the car:
Finance Charges
This allows you to use a car for a specified period of time for a specified monthly payment:
With this type of insurance, if you are involved in an accident both parties will be covered by their own insurance policies:
This number helps you compare loans:
This type of insurance pays to fix damages that you cause, but does not cover your own car:
Which one of the following is not part of your automobile operating costs?
Transaction fees
When you are looking for a used car, this resource will help you best determine the value of a particular make and model:
Kelly Blue Book
A substantial one of these will keep you from going upside down on your loan, that is, owing more on your car than it is worth:
Down Payment
Purchasing rather than leasing will generally cause your initial monthly payments to be:
What is the main reason people shop?
To provide for primary needs
A car and a computer are examples of what?
Secondary needs
Which is NOT a step in researching your purchase?
Getting your friends approval
How can you tell the value of a purchase?
Thinking of how it will affect your life
How can you make the most of a tight budget?
a) Making a list before shopping
b) Buying on sale
c) Setting good priorities
The Better Business Bureau is:
a nonprofit consumer organization
As a part of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, this agency educates consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities:
Federal Trade Commission
When is a contract made between a buyer and a seller?
Every time you make a purchase
A warranty from the manufacturer covers:
only what is included in the statement
True or False: A rebate and a discount are the same.
False, because a rebate often requires action after the sale

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