Permit Tech 2012

meant to be used as a secondary, authoritative reference. A measurement unique to a specific manufactured item. A published technical document that represesnts an industry consensus on how a material or assembly is designed, manufactured, tsted or installedso that a specific level of performance is obtained. BCE, 21

Authority to adopt codes
granted to the states by the state enabling legislations. BCE 18

a collection of requirements that pertain to a specific subject and regulate specific practices. BCE 3

model code
written set of regulations that provides the means for exercising reasonable control over construction and is available for adoption by cities, counties state or construes with such changes as may be desirable or legal for local needs. like a model car, the manufacturer makes things better on newer models but the basic design of the car is the same. addresses design, installation, maintenance, alteration, and inspection of numerous systems, including buildings, and structures, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire prevention. BCE 3,4

Spells out the qualitative materials and workmanship for a proposed project.

zoning ordinance
controls the height, area and bulk of bldgs

A main reason why the US adopted codes in the latter part of the 19th century. BCE 7

Building Permit
Legally binding document by which the builder agrees to comply with the code A permit required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding on to pre-existing structures, and in some cases for major renovations. Generally, the new construction must be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with national, regional, and local building codes. Failure to obtain a permit can result in significant fines and penalties, and even demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code.

Certificate of Occupancy
the document that certifies a building has been completed to conform with zoning and other standards and is ready to be occupied.

Inspection notice
A notice for an inspection

Prescriptive Regulations
nitty gritty nuts and bolts, emphasizes methods and materials in achieving a result but each code is really a combination of both, the 2012 IRC is written to be largely prescriptive based. BCE 11

Performance Regulation
overall purpose, big picture, emphasizes results but each code is really a combination of both, the 2012 IRC is written to be largely prescriptive based. BCE 11

Dash and dot
center lines, projections, elevation. BCE 121

dash and double dot lines
property lines, boundary lines. BCE 121

dotted line
hidden, future or existing construction to be removed. BCE 121

Break Line
to break off parts of the drawing. BCE 121

Permit Fee Calculation
Permit fee reflects the cost of provididng inspection services for buildings based on the relative calie of one construction classification group to another. Take into acct permit fee multiplier, roral annual construction value in the jurisdiction for the past year and estimated construction value of the project. BCE 60

Permit Fee Multiplier
must cover the cost of providing inspections and services after a plan review for each permit (unit) issued. Applied to all construction. Determined by determining total annual construction value that has occurred withing the jurisdiction for the past year and the percentage of the building department budget expected to be provided by building permit revenue. BCE 60

Calculating a plan review fee
gross sq ft x sq ft construction cost x plan review fee (use table) dependant on cost and type of construction. BCE 57

Plan View
proposed contruction aerial view. BCE126

Elevation View
standing on ground and looking right at it from the front and rear. BCE 126

Building Section View
Cut-way view of the entire building, used to locate BASIC material for walls. Longitudinal or transverse section . BCE127

Wall section view
indicate the types of materials used in relationship to each other, greater detail than building section views.

Distance from a house to a property line. BCE 156

Research reports
required when building with alternate materials not in the code. Must be from approved sources.

substantiate claims for alternate materials, tests must be performed by an approved agency, tests must be retained by the bldg official for the period required for the retention of records.

180 days
a permit expires after 180 days with no work commenced.

Means of Egress
IBC, means of exit discharge, number of occupants to be accommodated on every floor and in all rooms and spaces needed in sufficient detail for all but R-2, R-3, and I-1.

Posting of Live Load areas
required in any areas above 50 psf, for which each floor or portion of a commercial or industrial bldg is or has been designed to exceed 50 psf.

Time limit for temp structure permit.
Per IBC a permit for a temporary structure shall be valid for no more than 180 days

Habitable Rooms
interior space dimensions IBC

Chapter 34 IBC Existing buildings and structures
If provisions in Chapter 34 conflict with International Property Maintenance Code, Ch 34 in the IBC shall take precedence.

Board of Appeals in the IBC
has no authority to waive requirements of the IBC

Group I
Institutional groups, 24 hour care, detox, foster, hospitals, nursing homes. The difference in the levels are by self preservation capabilities.

R3 5 or fewer persons receiving care
are R3 not I codes

Ambulatory Care
personal health care consultation, treatment, or intervention using advanced medical technology or procedures delivered on an outpatient basis. Group B use and occupancy facility.

Means of egress
must be shown in construction documents in sufficient detail including the path of exit discharge to the public way.

Use and Occupancy, Assembly by no. of people
A building tenant space ised for assebly purposes with an occupant load of less than 50 persons shall be classified as a Group B occupancy.

Work exempt from permit
includes, fences not over 7 ft. etc.

Conflicts between the referenced standard and code
code takes precedence.

Combustible material in Type 1 and 2 construction
building elements found in table 601 are of noncombustible materials except as permitted in section 603, ALSO, fire retardant treated wood shall be permitted in non bearing partitions where the required fire resistance is 2 hrs or less, in nonbearing exterior walls where fire resistance rated construction is not required and in the roof construction, girders, trusses, framing and decking.

Type IV Heavy Timber Construction
type of construction in which the exterior walls are of non-combustable materials and the interior building elements are of solid or laminated wood without concealed spaces. Where Floor Framing-wood beams and girders shall be of sawn or glued-laminated timber and shall be not less than 6 inches wide by 10 inches deep

In Type 2 construction, fire retardant treated wood is permitted:
Nonbearing partitions where the required fire resistance rating is 2 hours or less, in nonbearing exterior walls where fire resistance rated construction is not required, and in roof construction including girders trusses framing and decking.

Smoke Alarms in additions for type R and I-1
Additions to existing structures of type R and I-1 occupancy, the existing building shall be provided with smoke alarms

Infiltration Rate and Air Exchange rate
The infiltration rate is the volumetric flow rate of outside air into a building, typically in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per second (LPS). The air exchange rate, (I), is the number of interior volume air changes that occur per hour, and has units of 1/h.

Number of air changes or less requiring mechanical ventilation in a dwelling unit
5 or less air changes per hour

stop work order
shall state the reason for the stop work order and the conditions under which work can resume

Flood Hazard areas
modifications to any provision required in flood hazard areas will not be granted unless the following are considered: HARDSHIP, elevation standards are inappropriate because of the unique size, topography, or the lot would be undevelopable due to not being granted variance, or a result of the modification would nor result in incresed flood heights and more thereats to public safety, or the variance is the minimum necessary to afford relief considering the flood hazard, or construction design below flood elevation increases risks to life and property.

Substantive due process
laws must make sense, legislation enacted by government must have some rational relationship to a legitimate governmental function.

Home Rule
unlimited powers, freedom to act in areas without specific authorization from the state. home rule gov’t may act in areas it deems appropriate.

Dillon’s Rule
governs all municipal law states that a municipal corporation has only those powers which are expressly granted, implied, and essential. if no authorization legislation can be found, local gov’t most likely lacks authority to undertake the operation.

Expressed Power
under Dillon’s Rule, set forth and declared exactly, state law often expresses and authorizes or mandates the adoption of a building code by local gov’t entity.

building code adoption, justifies the adoption of the building code.

Ultra Vires
think power of corporations- building code enacted in the absence of any express legislation, local gov’t entity has acted beyond the scope of its powers. If something is ruled Ultra Vires it is null and void.

sovereign duty
gov’t has this type of duty to protect the rights of its citizens.

Civil Rights Act of 1871, Section 1983 and Under Color of State Law
state or local government can be held liable for men damages and declaratory relief for violating the constitution Under the Color of State Law.

4 legal requirements necessary to obtain a restraining order
1. Threat to the public, more threat to public than individual if TRO is granted, probable cause for TRO, TRO is in public interest.

Injunctive Relief
temporary restraining order, remporary or preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction

Ultra Vires and Zoning Law
if a municipality enacting a zoning ordinance attempts to vest the board with a power beyond that authorized by its state’s version of the act, the action is Ultra Vires and subject to being declared unenforceable by the courts

Building official may get executive immunity protecting him from liability by claiming absolute immunity, thus not liable for his or her discretionary acts or omissions, even though he or she is found to have acted with malicious or other improper motives. Absolute immunity only applies to the actions that are functions of the job.

Sovereign Immunity
state may not be held liable for any wrongdoing which it or any of its agents may commit.

tort liability
civil wrong, other than a breach of contract for which the court will force the wrongdoer to pay any damages.

has 4 elements, duty to act, failed to act in standard, breach of duty, causing injury or damage.

Public Duty
municipality owes a duty to the plaintiff and not just to the general public when performing the activity that gave rise to the complaint.

Under breach of dutym the doing of an act that somebody should not do at all.

corporation established by the state legislature for the good of inhabitants who live in an area.

County Government
Arm of the state.

Theories Equitable Estoppel
2 basic theories exist whether or not a bldg permit can be revoked. If no public safety factor involved and substantial work has been done, permit may not be revoked.

Theories, vested rights
substantial amount of work done by the builder,in this case the court will rule that the builder has vested rights and won’t revoke the permit.

Burden of Proof
refers to who must prove the issue in controversy and how much proof must be presented ot an dmin tribunal or to a board of law in order to be awarded sought after relief.

substantial evidence standard
a standard employed by the BBCA provides that if a reasonable person could think that the board’s decision was based on evidence sufficient to prove the issue in question, the reviewing court will accept and affirm the board’s decision.

an agreement or promise between two or mor e people to either something or refrain from doing something.

limitation or restriction on the use of a property

a grant of an interest in land entitling a person to use land possessed by another.

implied easement
landowner sells a portion of his property to another

Obsolete sign copy
any sign copy that no longer adviertises or identifies a use conducted on the property on which said sign is erected must have the sign copy covered or removed within 30 days after the written notification from the code official

Determining separate or detached parts in the zoning map
use a table and the minimum areas are decided by your jurisdiction

Signs for Development Complexes
master sign plans are required, all landlord or single owner controlled multiple occupancy development complexes on parcels exceeding 8 acres in size need master sign plans, the plans must inclued sign location, materials, illumination, design, size, quantity and uniform standards for nonbusiness signage.

10 feet
the zoning distance for all separate accessory buildings to be separated from the main building.

Duties of the planning commissioner
include holding public hearings to create a comprehensive plan for development.

Planning Examiner
hears and considers all applications for discretionary land rezones.

zoning code official
has several functions can grant approvals within the code, can assist planning commission with the comprehensive plan, can administrate reviews and permits, cando many other things to see the zoning scope and admin.

board of adjustment
regarding zoning, holds hearings on errors and variances and can make decisions.

zoning special regulations in general and conditions
home occupations shall be permitted in all zones and in the case of a employment and parking spaces in the home, 2 additional parking spaces shall be provided on the premises if the home occupation has one employee.

signs projecting over public walkways
min of 8 feet from grade level to the bottom of the sign.

Indoor Movie Theater zoning
Commercial, Division 3

Density of land in a planned unit development
will not be more than 15 percent higher than allowed in the zoning district

IZC requires all real estate signs to be removed within how many days of sale
no later than 10 days

Residential zones and bulk regulations
a table shows min lot site, max density, lot dimensions, setback requirements and max bldg ht.

Per IZC Nonconforming use to continue
must prove that the structure was legally established prior to the adoption date of the code.

building code
Legal document that regulates the construction of structures and buildings, installation of fixtures,equipment, accessories.Thus it’s a collection of requirements like exit signs and smoke detectors, that pertain to a specific subject egress and fire protection systems and regulate specific practices such as designing, constructing or remodeling buildings. BCE 4

current building valuation data
provided by the ICC in sq. foot construction costs table based on type of construction and occupancy group.

Standards in the IBc are considered
part of the code only to the extent prescribed

Qualified Immunity
the type of immunity given to building safety department personnel

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