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Starting and preserving company’s goals is truly demanding and harsh task. Sustaining the place on the top of the business hierarchy requires from business holders to fulfill customers’ aspirations and to be able to confront competition by implementing innovations and also to focus on preserving their quality on the highest level. We have the Panera Bread Company being an apparent example. Panera Bread Company: Staying ahead of long term trends -What are Panera’s Bread Company competitive advantages?

Preserving the quality of its products. Panera targets people who are looking for dishes of better quality, instead of those meals offered by traditional fast food chains. The thing that distinguishes the Panera Bread Company from the competition is the fact that this company puts emphasizes on the nutritional value and quality of its products, unlike their competition which focuses on the inexpensive pricing.

Moreover the company is concerned about children’s alimentation and by that they have introduced menu called Panera Kids, which consists of ingredients essential for normal development of a child. Fulfilling customer’s aspirations Throughout the existence, the Panera Bread Company has been developing gradually. Meaning that they had started off with selling few products, but nowadays they sell the whole variety of pastries and sweets.

Panera provides customers with pleasant atmosphere, environment created to enjoy high-quality food and have conversation in a cozy and relaxed setting. Moreover another fact that differs Panera from competition is enabling customers with free Internet access within their coffee restaurants. -In the words of Warren Buffet are any of them “sustainable”? According to Warren Buffet, acknowledged American investor, businessman, and philanthropist, we conclude that it is crucial to establish brand name in order to have prosperity.

Some advantages are knowledge that customers obtain on what the product’s name stands for, additionally the importance of the name is well known and can influence customer’s awareness. Meaning that competition would not be able to overtake and implement our ideas. Another significant advantage is if our product needs frequent substitution, resulting in higher demands for specific items. This is definitely case with Panera, because demand for their products is continuous and always present among the consumers. :

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