Pandora’s Secret: the Secrets of Child Sexual Abuse Essay

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The article “Pandora’s Box: the Secrets of Child Sexual Abuse” provides relevant and important information about child sexual abuses and their influence on future of the victims. Firstly it is necessary to note that such articles are of great importance nowadays, because they challenge the modern outrageous environment and find possible ways to improve the current situation. The article make readers think about those children abused. (Faulkner 1996)The article provides school surveys on the problem of drug and alcohol use, depression, sexual and psychical abuses and the rates of suicidality. Many researches were conducted over the past years to make the sexual abuse “as a problem of sizable proportions”. Many of children’s sexual abuses remain underreported and undisclosed worsening in such a way the situation.

Victims, especially children, of sexual abuses experience afterwards feelings of isolation, depression, shame, inadequacy and embarrassment. What is more awful is that they may blame themselves for abuse. Children are not willing to report about such abuses, because they fear that their “confession” may lead to worse consequences and they will be victimized once again. The article concentrates on conducted abuse researches to find the relations between sexual abuses of children and their future disorders. It means that children who experienced sexual abuse may develop in future serious psychological problems.

However, the effects of being a victim may be delayed into adulthood.The article also provides reasons why prevention and education programs have failed to manage sexual abuse rates. The reasons are: limited ability of young children to understand complex ideas, elusive subject matter, etc. The rate of victimization between women was reported to be 27% and among men was 16%. The child sexual abuse increased to 32, 2% between 1980s-1990s. The situation may be improved if victims disclose the experience to professionals and psychiatrists at least.

It is noted in the article that new studies of victims will be conducted in future. (Faulkner 1996)ReferencesFaulkner, Nancy. (1996, October). “Pandora’s Box: Secrets of Child Sexual Abuse”. Sexual Counselling Digest, retrieved September, 30, from

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