OSCM: Sourcing and Supply Management

6. Outsourcing is often a good choice when
a product is in the mature phase of its life cycle
15…. To make these bottles, specialized tools must be purchased at a high cost… sourcing strategy for bottles should be
single source
18. Full partnership advantages…
they help reduce uncertainties for both buyer and supplier
30. Williams Inc. has acquired software to help manage interactions with its supply base. This suggests that William Inc. is involved in
supplier relationship management
12. Which approach is likely to be used or leverage purchases?
standardizing purchases
8. Which of the following is not a benefit of outsourcing?
lower supply management costs
17. A global food products company makes soups that are specifically tailored to the tastes of consumers in individual countries. Which sourcing strategy is the company likely to use for its fresh ingredients such as vegetables?
local, close to its production plant when possible
3. Zanda Corp. had outsourced its production to a company located in Asia. Recently it decided to continue to outsource but bring the production back to a company located in the United States. This decision was likely made after Zanda:
examined total cost of ownership
7. Qualitative Factors that should be assessed when making an in sourcing/ outsourcing decision include all of the following except:
the costs incurred at the start of the contract
28. All of the following are true about supplier scorecards except:
they reduce the need for incoming quality inspection
1. All of the following are supply management goals except
purchase at the lowest price
26. Negotiation is typically used when
early supplier involvement is needed in new product development
22. Which of the following is not true with respect to an RFQ or RFP?
it is used to determine weights in supplier scorecards

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