Organizational Behavior- Chapter 3

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According to the proponents of interactional psychology, all of the following are correct except
behavior is a function of heredity and physical stature
The basis for understanding individual differences stems from
Lewins contention that behavior is a function of the person and the environment
The way in which factors such as skills, abilities, personalities, perceptions, attitude, values,and ethics differ from one individual to another is referred to as
individual differences
All of the following are examples of individual differences except
What is considered the single best predictor or work performance across many occupations studied both here in the united states and across different cultures
A relatively stable set of characteristics that influence an individuals behavior defines
Personality is shaped by
Heredity and environment
The traits associated with high performaning employees are
conscientiousness and emotional stability
Which of the following is not considered one of the \”Big Five\” personality traits?
The approach to the study of personality of personality that focuses on both person and situational variables a combined predictors of behavior is known as
The integrative approach
Which of the following statements regarding internals and externals is FALSE
Internals and externals have distinctly different reactions to being promoted with internals having higher organizational commitment that externals
Which of the following is not a component of CSE
General Mental Ability
An individuals generalized belief about internal control versus external control is called
locus of control
Which type of situation is interpreted the same way by diferent individuals, evoking agreement on the appropriate behavior in the situation
Strong situation
Individuals possessing an internal locus of control
Prefer participative managing styles
As a supervisor of a group of employees, all of who have an internal locus of control, you shoul
allow the considerable leeway in determining how to perform their work
Generalized seld-efficacy i the
Belief about ones own capabilities to deal with the events and challenged that make life demanding
Denise and Teresa are two students in a course on organizational behavior. Denise outperforms Teresa on the first exa, in OB, and Teresa convinces herself that Denise is not really a good person to compare herself to because Denise is a psychology major and Teresa is majoring in accounting. Which of the following is the best explanation for Teresas reaction
Teresas high self esteem is protecting her from this unfavorable comparison
As a manager that understands the implications of self-esteem on work behavior, you should
give them appropriate challenges and opportunities or success
Which trait is associated with less absen
positive afect
Low self-monitors tend to
Be slow in responding to situational cues
Individuals with positive affect are
More likely to help others at work.
The extent to which people base their behavior on cues from other people and situations refers to
Susan was reflecting on Jims behavior in her recent meeting with Jim regarding his performance review. Normally Jim is outgoing, sure of himself and Susan would consider him high on indicators of CSE. Jim however, was rather subdued and quiet during the review. Jims behavior could best be explained as a result of
Jim is a high self monitor
Which of the following personality types would most likely display the most consistent behavior \”across situations\”
Low self monitor
A count of the times a student asks a question or make a comment in an organizational behavior course is a
Behavioral measure of personality
The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
assesses a variety of traits
The most common method of assessing personality is the
self-report questionnaire
A problem with the behavioral measure for personality would be
the observers ability to stay focused
The MBTI is a
self-report questionnaire designed to assess personality
The basic preference in type theory that represents where you get your energy is the
extraversion/ intraversion preference
According to the Jungain approach to personality, the basic preference that reflects what we pay attention to or how we prefer to gather information
Jung contended that the most important distinction between individuals was the
extravert/ introvert preference
All of the following are characteristics of the target of ones perception, except
purpose and context of encounter or interaction
According to the MBTI a successful top executive is likely to be a/an
extrovert,sensor,thinker, and judger
The process of interpreting information about another person is
social perception
The three major categories of factors that influence one’s perception of another person include
Characteristics of the perceiver, the target, and the situation
Which of the following is NOT an important characteristic of the perceiver that can affect social perception
emotional stabitlity
The perciever’s pattern of thinking or manner in which they assemble and interpret information about another person is
cognitive structure
The ability of an individual to perceive multipl charateristics of another person rather than attend to just a few traits is an function of their
cognitive complexity
In an interview situation, the interviewers first impression of the interviewee or target is likely to be based upon
the targets physical appearance
All of the following are characteristics of the target that influence social perception except
cognitive complexity
In which of the following situations are situational cues and social context most formalized
job interview
he discounting principle is a characteristic of the
When you encounter a warm and personable car salesperson and dont assume this behavior reflects the salespersons personality, you are using which principle in social perception
discounting principle
An employee who does to get along well with other employees but generates the most sales is evaluated only on sales performance. This is an example of
selective perception
Increasing workforce diversity is likely to reduce ________ as a barrier to social perception
Suppose, for example, that a sales manager is evaluating the performance of his employees. One employee does not get along well with colleagues and rarely completes sales reports on time. This employee, however, generates the most new sale contracts in the office. The sale manager chooses to ignore the negative information and evaluates the salesperson only on contracts generated. The manager is exercising
selective perception
A supervisors high expectations of a new employee and thee subsequent high performance of the employee is known as
self- fulfilling prophecy
The primary effect is also known as
first-impression error
Assume you are an employment interviewer. An applicants physical appearance could cause you to commit an incorrect hiring decision because of all the following except
self-fulfilling prophecy
When a female softball player is given more applause for a home run hit than a male teammate, the reason would be most likely be due to
contrast against a stereotype
Projection occurs most often when you
Surround yourself with others similar to you
In which of the following organizational situations is impression management more likely to occur.
A job interview
Which of the following results regarding impression management and employment interviews has not been supported by research
Impression management is associated with higher starting salaries.
Attribution Theory helps to ______ behavior in organizations
Explain causes of
An achĂšvement- oriented sales representative might attribute his failure to meet a monthly sales quota to
a lack of effort
Individuals who make external attributions will be more limey to
develop feelings of incompetence which may lead to depression
When you attribute the performance in this class to the type of exams and their relative difficulty, you are making what type of attrition
achievement-oriented individuals attribute their success to
Achievement-oriented individuals attribute their failures to
lack of effort
Research shows that successful candidates make
more internal attributions for negative events
When a student attributes a high test grade to his or her diligent study habits and a low grade to the instructors poor worded questions, the student is displaying
self serving bias
Attributional biases implies that managers must
know as much as possible about individuals differences an determine the cause of behavior and perceived source of responsibility
The tendency to make attributions to internal causes when focusing on someone else’s behavior is
known as the fundamental attribution error
When a manager makers the attribution that an employees lack of effort or ability is the basis for performance, they are probably making an error called
fundamental attribution

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