Old Testament Survey: Promise and the Blessing 9-16

Who was selected leader of Israel after Moses’ death?

Why was it important to conquer Jericho?
It is through Jericho you reach 2 most important roads into the Central Mountains

Upon entering Jericho, where did the spies go?
Rahab, the prostitute’s, house

How did the spies agree to reward Rahab?
They would save her and her family from destruction

When crossing the Jordan River, what were the priest’s carrying?
The Ark of the Covenant

What events took place after the Israelites crossed the Jordan?
1. Set up 12 large stones
2. Observed the right of circumcision
3. Celebrated Passover
4. Manna ceased

What event prepared Joshua for capturing Jericho?
He met a man with a drawn sword who claimed to be the captain of the Lord’ host

What was the first battle after Jericho?
Battle of Ai

What was the cause of the Israelites’ defeat at Ai?
sin of Achan

What significant event happened at Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim?
The Israelites recited the law and committed themselves to the Lord (renewed the covenant)

Which Canaanite city joined forces with Joshua?

How did the Gibeonites deceive Joshua and the Hebrews?
1. Wore old clothes as if they came from a great distance
2. Offered terms of peace

What sign indicated that the Lord was fighting for Israel against the five Amorite kings?
1. God sent large hailstones in the sky
2. Caused the sun to stand still

Who was the chief in Northern Canaan?
Jabin, king of Hazor

What was the general method of dividing the land of Canaan among the people of Israel?
casting of lots

Which tribe was not assigned an allotment of land?
Levi (scattered throughout to take care of the tabernacle/temple)

What were the names of the cities of refuge?
1. Bezer
2. Hebron
3. Shechem
4. Ramoth-Gilead
5. Kedesh
6. Golan

What did the tribes east of the Jordan River errect as a symbol of their unity with the tribes of the west of the Jordan?
an altar

Where did Joshua deliver his farewell address?
*(Joshua 24:14-15)*

What were five dangers facing the Hebrew people after the death of Joshua?
1. Warfare
2. Social Danger
3. Religious Danger
4. Occupational Danger
5. Governmental Danger

What Gods were the Hebrew people worshiping after the death of Joshua?
Baal and Ashtoreth

What were the steps leading up to a judge ruling the people?
1. Rebellion
2. Subjagation
3. Repentance
4. Deliverance

What was the chief function of a judge?
Deliver the people from their oppressors and convict the people of their sins

Which judge was the nephew of Caleb and overpowered Cushan-Rishathaim?

Which judge defeated Eglon and killed 10,000 Moabites?

Which judge persuaded Barak to raise an army and composed a song of victory?

Which judge fought against the Midianites, was threshing wheat when called as a judge and fought with an army of 300 men?

Which judge destroyed the city of Shechem, killed all but one of his half-brothers and was the “Bramble King”?

Which judge was an illegitimate son and sacrificed his daughter?

Which judge married a Philistene, killed 1,000 philistenes, and died when the walls of a temple fell?

Who stole 1,100 shekels from his mother?

What did Hannah promise Jehovah in return for giving her a son?
1. To devote the child to God
2. The son would become a Nazarite

What does the name Samuel mean?
Asked of God

What did God warn Eli would occur to both of his sons on the day?
Both sons would die on the same day and God would raise up a faithful priest

What did the Philistines capture from the Israelites?
The Ark of the Covenant

What is the meaning of the name “Ichabod”?
The glory has departed from Israel

What is the name of the stone that commemorated Israel’s victory over the Philistines?

Why did the children of Israel demand a king?
1. They thought Samuel’s sons were unacceptable
2. Increased threats to Israel
3. Other nations had a king

Under what condition would Nahash make a covenant with the people of Jabesh-Gilead?
The right eye of all the men had to be plucked out

What vow did Saul make at the Battle of Michmash?
He vowed to kill anyone who ate anything before the battle was over

Through what venue was David brought into Saul’s court?
His musical ability

What event caused Saul to change his attitude towards David?
David killed the Philistene giant Goliath

What was the reward to the Israelite who defeated Goliath?
1. Great Wealth
2. Daughter in Marriage
3. Tax exemption

Whose spirit did Saul want the witch of Endor to bring up?
the spirit of Samuel

Where did the death of Saul occur?
Mt. Gilboa

What are three primary characteristics of Hebrew poetry?
(Not defined by rhyming)
1. Parallelism
2. Meter
3. Grouping together of similar content called stanzas

Who was the youngest son of Saul with whom David fought?

What tragedy occurred while the ark was in transit?
the ox stumbled and when Uzzah reached out to steady the ark, he died

What were the results of the curse David put on Michal?
Unable to have children / Barren

After the ark was brought to Jerusalem, what did David want to do for God?
David wants to build God a house or a temple

What did God promise David through Nathan?
1. God would build David a house (meaning a dynasty)
2. A lineage that would not perish

With whom did David commit the sin of adultery?

Who rebuked David for his sin of adultery?

What was the name of David and Bathsheba’s second child?

Against whom did Amnon commit his violent sin?

Who killed Amnon?

At what location was Absalom proclaimed King instead of David?

Who was responsible for killing Absalom?

Which of David’s sons declared himself his father’s successor as king?

Before his death, what did David delegate to Solomon?
Building the temple

What request did Solomon make of God while in Gibeon?
wisdom to govern the people

Main points in Proverbs
1. Proverbs are not promises (still inspired, generalized wise sayings)
2. Describes two types of people (1 – fool 2 – wise man)

Main points in Ecclesiastes
1. Solomon wrote this when he was old, reflecting on mistakes he made when younger
2. Everything w/o God is futile
3. God is needed to give meaning in life

Main points in Song of Songs
1. Written by Solomon
2. #1 Hit song that tops all songs
3. Book that praises the true love between a husband and wife

What were the three principal rooms in Solomon’s temple?
1. Inner Sanctuary “Holy of Holies”
2. Holy Place
3. Portico

What happened after Solomon’s dedicatory prayer at the temple?
Lord sends fire down after he prays and consumes the sacrifice

Arrange the events at the dedication of Solomon’s temple in the correct order
1. Mass Assembly (1 Kings 8:2)
2. Ark brought into the temple (1 Kings 8:3)
3. Many sacrifices (1 Kings 8:5)
4. Praise (2 Chronicles 5:12-13)
5. Glory cloud covers temple (1 Kings 8:10)
6. Solomon’s short speech and long prayer (1 Kings 8:12-53)
7. Many more sacrifices (1 Kings 8:63)
8. Fire upon the altar (2 Chronicles 7:1-3)
9. Feast (1 Kings 8:65)

Who was the man who eventually became Solomon’s most significant adversary?
1. Jereboam
2. Hadad
3. Rezin

Which prophet told Jeroboam he would be king over ten tribes?

What was the indirect cause of the Divided Kingdom?
many years rivalry between Northern and Southern tribes, began with David

What was the direct cause of the Divided Kingdom?
Rehoboam refused to apply tax relief to his people

review page 115
1.13.5 and 1.13.6

What mistake did Jeroboam make when setting up new worship traditions for the people of Israel?
instituted idol worship

Who murdered Nadab, king of Israel, and then succeeded him as king?
Baasha of Isachar

Which king of Israel was assassinated at a party by a captain of his army?

Which king of Israel moved the capital of Israel to Samaria?

Who was stoned to death because he refused to sell his property to Ahab?

Which king of Judah entered into an alliance with Ahab?
King Jehoshaphat

Which lady, who was married to a king of Israel, was also the daughter of Ethbal, king of Sidon?

Which prophet announced a severe drought because of the sins of Ahab and Jezebel?

Which prophet restored life to the widow of Zarephath’s son?

At what location did Elijah defeat the prophets of Baal?

Where was Elijah when he heard the voice of God?
Mt. Sinai

What was the final request Elisha made of Elijah?
double portion of Elijah’s spirit

The student will be responsible for knowing which miracles were performed through Elisha?
1. Jordan River was divided
2. Sweetened the water
3. Widow’s oil is multiplied
4. Shunamite’s son is restored to life
5. Poisoned stew is rendered harmless
6. Elisha feeds 100 men with 20 loaves of bread
7. Naaman is healed of leprosy
8. Floating axehead
9. Elisha blinds the eyes of the Syrian army

Which prophet predicted the death of Ahab?

Which book of prophecy is an oracle against the Edomites?

Which king of Israel was responsible for the death of Jezebel?

Which king of Israel entered Jerusalem and plunddered the temple?

Which prophet was not pleased when God commanded him to preach repentance to the people of Ninevah?

Which prophet was a herdsman and a layperson?

During Rehoboam’s rule, which Egyptian king invaded Jerusalem?

Who was the first “good” king over Judah?

Which king of Judah formed an alliance with Ahab, king of Israel?

Which king of Judah married Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel?

Who skew most of the descendants of David in order to ascend the throne of Judah?

What plague, signifying the coming Day of the Lord, does Joel describe?
the plague of locusts
*Joel 2:28-29

Which king of Judah began a fundraising project to repair the temple?

Who was the only king of either Judah or Israel to die a leper?

Which king of Judah invited the northern kingdom of Israel to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover?
Hezekiah (good king)

Which king of Judah had has life extended by fifteen years?
Hezekiah (good king)

Isaiah 7:10-16
Prophecy of Virgin Birth

Isaiah 9:6-7
Wonderful Counselor
Mighty God
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace

Isaiah 53:3-12
Suffering servant

Micah 5:2

Who was the king of Judah when “the Book of the Law” that had been given to Moses was found?

Under whose reign did Jeremiah begin his work?

What Old Testament books are the principal sources for information during the exile?
Ezekiel and Daniel

What were the five benefits for Judah during this period of captivity?
1. Revival of monotheism
2. New respect for the law of Moses
3. Birth of the synagogue
4. Time of revival for personal religion and responsibility
5. Quickening of messianic hope (looking for deliverance)

What were two religious crises for the Hebrews living in Babylon?
1. Tempted with materialistic prosperity
2. Hebrews faced with “Can God be worshiped in a foreign land?”

Who were the prophets during the time of exile?

What were the Babylonian names given to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah?
Daniel – Belteshazzar
Hananiah – Shadrach
Mishael – Meshach
Azariah – Abednego

What did Daniel do to avoid execution by Nebuchadnezzar?
interpreted his dream

After interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, what request did Daniel make on behalf of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?
the king would put them in charge of the province of Babylon

What strange event occurred during Belshazzar’s feast?
fingers of a hand write on wall

What are the meanings of the words written on the wall during Belshazzar’s feast?
Mene – to count
Tekel – to weigh/measure
Parsin – to divide

Daniel 7:13-14
Son of Man

Daniel 12:1-2

What does the story of Esther describe?
the welfare of the exiles who did not return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple

Who was Esther’s cousin who adopted her?

Who was Xerxes’ prince who obtained a decree to kill all of the Jews?

What feast was established to celebrate the Jews’ deliverance from Haman?

In what year did the following events occur: the Babylonians first deported citizens from Judah to Babylon? The second deportation of citizens from Judah to Babylon? Jerusalem was destroyed and burned to the ground?
605 – 1st Deportation
597 – 2nd deportation
586 – destroyed burned to the ground)

What three prophets wrote during the period of return and restoration?
1. Haggai
2. Zechariah
3. Malachi

Historical Books during exile

Who was the governor of the first group to return to the Promised Land?

What were four reasons the
Jews were inspired to return to
1. Religious Impulse
2. National Pride
3. Prophet’s predicted their return
4. Encouraged to return

Upon returning to Jerusalem, what feast did the Jews celebrate?
Feast of Tabernacles

Who were the “enemies” who tried to help the Jews rebuild the temple?

Which prophet accused the people of becoming so absorbed in building their own houses?

Which postexilic prophet’s message focused on the people’s spiritual transformation?

Who led the second group of Jews to return from Babylon to Jerusalem?

When Ezra confessed the sins of God’s people, who suggested a new covenant with Jehovah?

What relationship did Nehemiah have to King Artaxeres?
cup bearer

Who were two people who were unhappy about Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem?
Sanballat and Tobiah

How did Nehemiah help relieve the poor of financial oppression?
1. Gives the poor back their land
2. Stop interest payments on the loans

How long did it take to complete the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem?
52 days

What was the first feast the Israelites observed after the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls?
Feast of Tabernacles

Who was Xerxes’ prince who obtained a decree to kill all of the Jews?

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