Ochem 15-18

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D-glucose + D-Fructose
The disaccharide sucrose is composed of the monosaccharides
the polysaccharide that is the major glucose storage material in animals is
The aldehyde function group on carbon-1 becomes an alcohol
What changes take place when D-glucose is reduced
the polysaccharide that is the major structural of wood and plants is
a disaccharide of B-D-galactose a or B-D glucose
carbohydrates which are polymers of many monosaccharide units are called
carbohydrates are produced in the green leaves of plants by the process of
the alkene group into an alkane group
Hydrogenation of glycerol trioleate, a triacylglycerol made from three oleic acids and glycerol converts–>
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the possibility of blood clots
Which statements is true of omega-3 fatty acids
-broken down quickly in the body
-potent regulators of inflammation, pain and blood pressure
-blocked by aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDS)
Prostaglandin Hormones are–>
What lipid is not an ester
a lipid that can be used as a waterproofing agent is a
-Hydrogen has been added to some of the double bonds in the fats
-there are saturated fats in the product
-hydrogen has been added to some of the double bonds in the fats
-the product has a higher melting point
Labels on certain foods state that they contain partially hydrogenated unsaturated fats. This means:
The steroid associated with the development of female characteristics is
The reaction of glyceryl tripalmitate to produce glycerol and three palmitic acids is
-long carbon chains with single bonds and a carboxylic acid group
-10 to 20 carbon atoms
-higher melting points that unsaturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids have
the amino alcohol and phosphate portions
the polar region of a glycerophospholipid is
-Glycerophospholipids contain an amino alcohol
-Glycerophospholipids are polar
-Glycerophospholipidscontain a phosphate group
All are true for Glycerophospholipids, but not triacylglycerol
What differentiates a Glycerophospholipidsfrom triacylglycerol?
carry cholesterol from tissues to the liver to be excreted
The high density lipoproteins (HDLs) found in blood plasma
-is used as a fat substitute
-binds fat-soluble vitamins, depleting them in the body
-is an ester of sucrose and several fatty acids that cannot
converts the triaclyglycerol to glycerol and three fatty acids
Hydrolysis of glyceryl trioleate, a triacylglycerol made from three oleic acids and glycerol
one double bond
a monosaturated fatty acid contains
-fatty acids
-phosphate group
-amino alcohol
a glycerophospholipid is composed of
-carboxylic acids are more water soluble
-carboxylic acids react with base
what statement is true about carboxylic acids
butanoic acid
2- pentanone
rank the following compounds from most water-soluble to least water-soluble
butanoic acid
acetic acid
The common name of ethanoic acid is
neither an acid nor a base
Propyl propanoate is
pentyl butanoate
The IUPAC name of the product from the reaction of 1-pentanol and butanoic acid is
acetic acid
vinegar contains what compound
-esterfication reactions are reversible
-in an acid hydrolysis of an ester, a carboxylic acid forms
-in a base hydrolysis of an ester, a carboxylate forms
what is true about ester reactions
base hydrolysis (saponification)
the reaction of a sodium hydroxide and ethyl ethanoate is called
ethyl butanoate
the IUPAC name of the product from the reaction of ethanol and butanoic acid is
Physiologically active nitrogen-containing compounds found in plants are called
An ammonium ion and a carboxylic acid
What are the acid hydrolysis products of N-ethylpentanamide?
N-methylpentanamide and potassium hydroxide
N,N-diethylpentanamide and potassium hydroxide
N,N,N-triethylpentanamine and potassium hydroxide
Potassium pentanoate is formed from the reaction of
dimethylamine and hydrobromic acid
Dimethylammonium bromide could be formed from the reaction o
nitrogen containing.
come from plant origins.
have characteristics of a base
In general, alkaloids are:
have a lower boiling point than methylethylamine.
N,N,N-trimethylpentanamine would
contain a carbonyl group
Amines and amides have all of the following in common except
When ethanoic acid and methylamine are combined and heated in a flask, the product of the reaction is
weak base
In water, an amine acts as a
heterocyclic amines
Pyrrolidine, pyrrole and pyrimidine are examples of
are soluble in body fluids.
Amines are present in drugs as amine salts because they

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