Nutrition test 3

Constituents in foods may be cancer causing, cancer promoting, or protective against cancer T or F
High HDL levels
Which of the following reduces your risk for developing CVD? high or low
-gradual weight loss
-aerobic physical activity
Which of the following raises HDL concentration?
For CVD prevention, trans fat in the diet should account for less than ____ percent of calories
7% ; 10%
According to american heart association recommendations for reducing CVD desk, percentage of cholesterol to be less than _____ this is lower than the recommended by dietary guidelines of less than ____%
Wherever dietary fat consists mostly of ______ fats , fruits and vegetables are eaten in abundance, heart diseases are low.
Potassium and magnesium
Diets high in ______ and ______ appear to help prevent and treat hypertension in certain populations
Laboratory studies suggest that diets high in ____ seem to promote cancer
mouth, throat, liver
Alcohol alone is associated with cancers of the:
vegetable and whole grain
In general, studies of populations have suggested that low cancer rates correlate with high _____ intakes
Broccoli and cauliflower
Examples of cruciferous vegetables include
It can narrow passages in arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart
What is the role of plague formation in the arteries during heart disease development
grilled steak
A woman frequently has a dinner meal of grilled steak, baked potato with margarine, green peas. what should she eat less of to reduce her risk of breast cancer?
Which of the following foods most commonly cause allergic reactions?
iron, zinc and calcium
Minerals commonly lacking in order adults diets are ____, ______ and ______
respiratory problems, gallbladder disease and sleep apnea
List health risks associated with excessive body fat
Today, and estimated 68% of the adults in the U.S are overweight or obese T or F
thyroxine; higher
For basal metabolic rates, the more _______ produced, the ______the BMR
The BMI standard is an excellent took for evaluating obesity in athlete and the elderly T or F
The thermic effect of food plays a major role in energy expenditure T or F
dual energy x ray absorptiometry,
List one way body fat can be assessed
elderly, athletes, pregnant and lactating women
BMI is limited value for who?
stomach; letpin
The appetite-stimulating hormone gherliin is made by the_____ and ____ is also an appetite suppressing hormone
When the brain receives signals that enough food has been eaten , this is called what ______
Brown adipose tissue
This is a well-known heat generating tissue
According to genomic researchers, a single inherited gene is the probable cause of commonly obesity T or F
In many people, any kind of stress can cause overeating or weight gain T or F
Safe biking and walking lanes, public parks, free exercise facilities.
A built environment can support physical activity with what
loss of lean body tissues
Which of the following is a physical consequence of fasting?
The nervous system cannot use fat as fuel T or F
the persons BMI
the number of calories to cut form the diet to produce weight loss should be based on what?
obtain at least some guidance from popular diet books
Most people who successfully maintain weight loss do all of the following but what
Adolescents are likely to grow out of early disordered eating behaviors by young adulthood. T or F?
because herbal medicines have been used for many years, they are safe to use
high fiber cereal with low fat milk
which of the following would not be appropriate as part of a pregram meal?
Most athletes probably need at least 3 times more protein than their non-athletic counterparts.
which does not influence how much glucose a person uses during physical activity?
eat more fruits and veggies and high fiber
The best action to take to decrease your risk for cancer is to:
watch child when eating, cut foods up
ways to prevent a child from choking include
mild flavors
Which of the following describes foods preferred by children?
a food, nutrition counseling, and access to health services provided to low income women, infants and children
The WIC program provides
A pregnancy weigh gain of __ lbs is recommended for women who start their pregnancy at their appropriate weight
research studies suggest that diets high in _____ seem to promote cancer
The metabolic syndrome greatly increases a persons risk for developing:
Taking vitamin, mineral or protein supplements just before a competition will help improve performance
Fruits and veggies
children intake of ___ typically fall below recommendations
obesity, dental caries, excess calorie intake
Nutrition authorities recommend limiting sweetened soft drinks and punches in children diets for fear of overconsumption may promote
Pregnant women are recommended to take supplements of iron
4-6 months
It is desirable to being feeding infants iron-fortified infant cereals around ____ months
There are specific food guide recommendations for pregnant and lactating women.
increasing minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium
Which of the following dietary factors may help regulate blood pressure?
In early food deprivation, the nervous system cannot use ____ as fuel
salmon over bacon burger
Which is the best meal to help reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood?
Children who play ice hockey on outside ice rinks during the winter don’t need to consume extra water
as physical activity beyond the first few minutes, ____ flow into the blood stream to signal the liver to liberate stored energy nutrients
anabolic steroid hormones
which of the following is among the most dangerous and illegal ergogenic aids?
broccoli and cauliflower
Examples of cruciferous vegetables are
changes in body fluid content
Large, quick changes in weight are most likely the result of all of the following except changes in
Calories used to support basal metabolism is the largest component of the average persons daily energy expenditure
hunger and poverty
lack of exercise, too much televison
Which of the following is an common cause of “hyper” behavior in children?
nutrients miss form a skipped breakfast are often not made up at lunch or dinner
changing parent behaviors as well children will follow their lead
Which of the following would be the most appropriate family involvement with a child who is overweight?
how often baby cries
The addition of food to babies diet should be governed by all of the following but::
all pregnant women need generous amounts of ___ to spare their protein and provide energy
A pregnancy weight gain of ___ lbs is recommended for women who start their pregnancy at appropriate weights
antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin c and vitamin E
To reduce your risk of developing cataracts, you should eat more foods high in
more carbohydrates
what increases glycogen stores?
inherited susceptibility, prior or current disease such as obesity to hypertension and lifestyle choices.
risk factors for chronic diseases
metabloc syndrome
what is a combination of characteristic factors like high fasting blood glucose or insulin resistance, central obesity, hypertension, low blood HDL cholesterol, elevated blood triclerides that greatly increase a persons risk of developing CVD and type 2 dieatbeties
involves inflmation and elevates the risk for thrombosis.
why is metabolic syndrome dangerous
folate; 400 micrograms per day by grains, grits pasta rice bread
What plays a role in preventing neural tube defects like spinabifida and anecephealy.
vitamin D, calcium(intestinal absporption doubles) , iron (to increase blood volume and prove placental and fetal needs) and zinc(synthesis and cell development)
what supplements are recommended during pregnancy and why
vitamin D, iron and fluoride and vitamin K. because lack of vitamin D in breast milk
supplements recommended for infants

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