Number the Stars study guide

where were the Rosen’s and the other strangers going
to Uncle Henrik’s boat

what did Peter hand out to all the guests
heavy coats and blankets

what was the purpose of Aunt Birte’s funeral
it was a cover to get fugitives together

why didn’t Mr. Rosen ask about the package Peter gave him
he knew it was better not to know what was inside

what happened to Mr. Rosen as he left the house
he tripped on a loose step

what advice did Mrs. Johansen give to the Rosen’s on the walking trail
to feel carefully with their feet for tree roots

how did Annemarie pass the time while waiting for her mother
she walked with mama and the Rosen’s

what happened to Mrs. Johansen on her way back from the boat
she tripped over a tree root and broke her ankle

what had Mr. Rosen dropped at Uncle Henrik’s house
the envelope he was supposed to deliver

why did Mrs. Johansen tell Annemarie to act like a silly little girl
so the soldiers would not suspect her of anything

why didn’t Mrs. Johansen tell Annemarie what was in the envelope
it would be easier for her to pretend if she didn’t know

what fairytale did Annemarie remember on the trail to Uncle Henrik’s boat
Little Red Riding Hood

why did Annemarie choose to change some of the detail in the fairytale
she would change the time of day and year to suit her mood

describe what happened to Annemarie on her way to the boat
she encountered four armed soldiers with two large dogs

violent movement

showing recklessness caused by despair

not bright, clear, or distinct

to put on

containing gnarls, knots, or twists

crossed wooden or metal strips with open space

hit, wounded, or affected

strikingly bright

draw back suddenly

turned to one side

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