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Network+ ch 7 – Cloud Computing and Remote Access, Chapter 7, Network+ 7th edition Ch. 7&8, Chapter 7
26 Sep 2020 Database

question After L2TP establishing a VPN tunnel, GRE is used to transmit L2TP data frames through the tunnel.? T/F answer False question “What protocol below only provides the framework for authenticating clients and servers, but relies on other encryption and authentication schemes to verify the credentials of clients or servers?” answer EAP question What two […]

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Combo with ;Ch.12; and 1 other

question The path-goal theory of leader effectiveness by Robert House is based on: answer the expectancy theory of motivation question Blake and Mouton’s Leadership Grid identifies the country club manager as someone who answer creates a pleasing, happy work environment and applies minimal supervision question When considering the type of leadership style exhibited according to […]

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Acts & Labor Relations

question Why and when was the NLRA (Wanger Act) established? answer In 1935 established the legal right for labor union to exist. question Injunction answer is a court order that directs a person or group to reframe from pursuing a course of actions. question Yellow-dog contracts answer A yellow-do contract was a written statement that […]

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Virtual Business – Retailing 2.0

question Lesson One – Pricing: Cost answer What it costs for your store to purchase a product from a supplier. question Lesson One – Pricing: Margin answer The difference between your price and the cost for a particular product. question Lesson One – Pricing: Revenue answer The total sales (in dollars) of your store over […]

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Understanding Operating Systems – Extra Questions

question Buffers are used to synchronize the movement of data between the relatively slow I/O devices and the very fast CPU. answer True question Typically, a host at one site, called the client, has resources that a host at another site, called the server, wants to use. answer False question Device management principles are changing […]

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The Evolution of Management Thinking

question Jugaad (frugal engineering) answer a Hindi word that refers to creating something of benefit from limited resources (an innovation mindset). question Social forces answer aspects of a society that guide and influence relationships among people, such as their values, needs, and standards of behavior. question Political forces answer relate to the influence of political […]

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Tax Ch.8

question The basis of cost recovery property must be reduced by at least the cost recovery allowable. a. True b. False answer True question The cost recovery period for 3-year class property is 4 years. a. True b. False answer True question If more than 40% of the value of property, other than real property, […]

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Sports PR Test 2

question What is organizational media? answer the tactics that sport organizations use to communicate with their publics (many of which do not rely on medias involvement) question Nature of Sport PR tactics Advantages & Disadvantages answer -Use many tactics to communicate with their publics – many tactics DO NOT involve using the mass media question […]

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security Exam 4 Practice Test

question Which of the following are types of settings that would be included in a Microsoft Windows security template? (Choose three) answer Account policies, user rights, system services question A QR code can contain which of the following items directly? (Choose three.) answer URL, phone number, email address question The Apple _________ operating system, developed […]

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Quiz Review
06 Sep 2020 Database

question A factory, located in a Mexican border town, that imports materials and equipment on a duty and tariff-free basis for assembly or manufacturing and re-exports is called a: answer Maquiladora question The ultimate objective of the EU is to: answer Eliminate barriers among member countries question The asian economic block, made up of Indonesia, […]

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Product/ Service Management

question Explain the nature and scope of the product/service management function answer Product/ service management is improving existing products and developing new products question Identify the impact of product life cycles on marketing decisions answer Product Life Cycle is the stages of a product from introduction to growth to maturity. The introduction stage impacts product […]

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question Actual Percent Complete answer The total number of sprint points completed divided by the total number of story points planned. question Buffer Sprint answer Is a sprint in the last release of a project that allows the agile team to address any final finishing features. question Business Value Delivered Chart answer A visual control […]

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OP Man Chap 17 Project Management

question Activities answer Project steps that consume resources and/or time. question Activity-on-arrow (AOA) answer Network diagram convention in which arrows designate activities question Activity-on-node (AON) answer Network diagram convention in which nodes designate activities. question Beta distribution answer Used to describe the inherent variability in activity time estimates. question CPM answer Critical path method, for […]

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Net Admin Mid-Term Chap 1-10

question What Windows Server 2012 R2 role would you install to provide network resources to remote users? answer Remote Access question Which of the following roles implement what can be classified as infrastructure services? (Choose both that apply)? answer DNS, DHCP, Web Service (IIS) question You are deciding which Windows Server 2012 R2 edition is […]

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Flashcards and Answers – MKTG 3310 // CH 2
26 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) ________ is the task of developing and maintaining an overall company strategy for long-run survival and growth. A) Strategic planning B) Annual market planning C) Short-term planning D) Long-range planning E) Advertising answer Answer: A Diff: 2 Page Ref: 39 Skill: Concept question 2) ________ involves adapting a firm to take advantage of […]

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MIS Chapter 11 Practice Quiz

question Record keeping, payroll, and simple inventory problems are examples of _____ tasks. answer Structured question Unstructured decisions are often used in sales forecasting. answer False question A database management system (DBMS) is used for creating, modifying, and maintaining the database in a decision support system (DSS). answer True question Exception or variance reporting is […]

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Microsoft 70-410 Practice Exam

question Which of the following processor architectures can be used for a clean Windows Server 2012 R2 installation? A. 32-bit Processor only B. 64-bit processor only C. 32-bit or 64-bit processor D. 64-bit or Itanium processor answer B. 64-bit processor only question Which of the following paths is a valid upgrade path to Windows Server […]

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MGT 300 chapter 8
19 Aug 2020 Database

question According to Henry Fayol an effective plan should have four qualities, namely unity, continuity, accuracy, and _____. sustainability *flexibility* accountability consistency synergy answer question Though not formally written, an organization allows its employees to dress casually on Fridays. This is a(n) _____ of the organization. *policy* rule standard operating procedure standing plan ethical code […]

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MGMT 339 Bateman 1 Practice Quiz

question Which of the following is a primary reason why companies are operating globally today? answer A) Reduced language barriers B) INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH C) Changing national priorities D) Lower exchange rates E) Increased tax deductions question Workers whose primary contributions are ideas and problem-solving expertise are often referred to as _____ workers. answer […]

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Marketing Practice Exam Chapter 1 – Flashcards with Answers

question How does the new concept of marketing differ from the old concept of marketing? answer It focuses on the experience of the customer. question The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return is known as which of the following? answer an exchange question Which marketing philosophy holds that […]

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managerial accounting final (12,13)

question interest is the difference between the amount borrowed and the amount repaid answer true question compound interest is computed on principal and on any interest that has not been paid or withdrawn answer true question which of the following is false answer simple interest is generally applicable to long term situations question when the […]

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Mana (Chapter 8)

question To achieve the goals of a bad-news message, you should do what? answer Make your decisions clear, help audience to accept the message, maintain a goodwill relationship, prevent unnecessary discussion, and preserve company image. question When you use the direct plan for a bad-news message, you should what? answer Present bad news immediately question […]

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