Newspaper and Digital Electronic Newspapers Essay Example
Newspaper and Digital Electronic Newspapers Essay Example

Newspaper and Digital Electronic Newspapers Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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We took this great opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Sir Agnes Law, our Principal, for giving us such valuable opportunity to apply the knowledge that we obtained from our study in Sacred Heart Caucasian College of Commerce into the real-life examples. We sincerely thank you our Graduation Project supervisor, Dry Margaret Fun, for all her support, her guidance, and her encouragement in our research study. Without her guidance and support, we would not be able to finish the entire research in an organized and effective manner.

The great thanks also went to the respondents for providing us the meaningful ND useful feedbacks as the most fundamental source of evidences, enabling us to conduct an accurate and effective analysis on out research topic. Preparation and the progression of this Graduation Project. Their great efforts make th


e project a meaningful and enriching experience for whole group. Abstract Title: The Competitiveness of Chinese traditional newspapers, free newspapers and digital electronic newspapers.

Researchers: Au Leone Ye, Theresa; Ho Man Wing, Andy; Lee He Ye, Halley; Make Hoi Eke, Jessica Institution: Sacred Heart Caucasian College of Commerce Course: Higher Diploma in Business Studies - Management The aim of newspaper is to provide information about events around the world and local community. As it is a printed format of media it can often go into more depth on a story than evening news can. Apple Daily, Sing Tao and Hong Kong Economic Times are the main newspapers of media industry in Hong Kong.

Apart from being a provision of events' information, all of the Apple Daily, Sing Tao and Hong Kong Economic Times provide different special columns suc

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as a short story, life truth and revue etc. The objectives of the research study will have to identify which newspapers do people buying and taking quantity of reading newspapers, and lastly the reasons of the choice that they choose newspapers. The study is conducted in three-fold aspects: What kind of newspapers do people buy or take?  How many newspapers do people read?

The reasons of the choice that people choose newspapers? A set of questionnaire will be designed to collect respondents' feedback in the school and on the street in 2013. The results will be used for providing recommendations to the traditional and free newspapers to improve their life in the future. Chapter 1 Introduction Hong Kong Media Industry Hong Kong has over 9 traditional newspapers at present. Most of them are daily newspapers (including Chinese, English). Some of them are horse-racing newspaper which only report news about horse racing.

Of the daily newspapers, only 12 are Chinese language. They are Apple Daily, Hong Kong Daily News, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal, etc. The existing price of Chinese language newspaper is $5 or $6 Oriental Daily. There is a comment that the newspaper industry in Hong Kong is one of the most competitive one in the world. (both 2005) and The Standard (2007, former paid business paper) brought the total umber of papers to four. In total these free daily newspapers have a Joint circulation of 1. 7 million.

An online newspaper, also known as a web newspaper, is a newspaper that exists on the World Wide Web or Internet, either separately or as an online version off printed periodical. Going

online created more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast Journalism in presenting breaking news in a timelier manner. Chapter 2 Literature Review In recent years more and more publishers to offer free trial subscriptions from some or all of their newspaper. The printed newspaper market these days is really the mom of the brave and the land of the free.

But in the green and pleasant land of Hong Kong, a traditional and free newspapers war has erupted. Furthermore, nowadays, technology is advanced development. Almost everyone have a smartened and a tablet. People can read news on a computer. They can also read news on a smartened or a tablet everywhere and every time. Newspaper industries thought that was a good opportunity to gain the profits. They have been hired IT developers to develop application for digital electronic newspapers.

After setting the objective of the project, the next step is to evaluate the environment f the newspapers, both the internal and external environment. To perform evaluation thoroughly, the SOOT Analysis is used to examine the Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) of the newspapers. SOOT Analysis is very important to the newspaper as it performs a comprehensive scanning of the newspaper for the media industries' further improvement. SOOT Analysis of the newspapers Strengths Adhere to editorial point of view and professional writing style.

The daily mainly focus on reported finance, international, social news, commerce and trade, real estate, executives and living Supplement. Newspaper is also supplied magazine, feature Stories stock market trend, Weekly Referral Hong Kong stocks set expert advice; keep more wealth management, foreign exchange and fund page, and

Saturday is Property Times, special reports real estate market conditions and home life information, and the other has the introduction of the Mainland real estate. No matter free newspaper or traditional newspaper, also have value in ethics and principles when investigate the news.

The reporters keep report the real news because of every reporter is professional and respects all people. Besides, reporters adhere to editorial point of view and professional writing style, so that the newspaper can keep improve the content and innovate the style, make the readers easily to read and have effective communication between readers and reporters. Weakness Weaknesses are a wide variety of newspapers, members of the public can pick their newspapers are so boring and not attractive.

Newspaper content may not be interesting than any other newspaper, for example, Entertainment and Supplements, reported the content and method should funny and vivid. It is because sense of humor is one of the tactics to attract readers. Unusual of online resources, it is cause traditional newspaper and free newspaper are printing out to provide to readers, expect electronic newspapers. When the newspapers have some mistakes and report some not real news that will damage the reputation, then they need time to increase the reputation.

Opportunities A company can try to acquire other companies or corporate with others. The company can try to print a news magazine, such as east weekly, economic digest and imaging weekly. Also it can work with potential partnerships to create the new arts and lifestyle magazine that to increase goodwill of newspapers and new partners as a premier media company. Publications could cooperate with other companies to offer coupons

to attract readers to buy and provide exclusive entertainment news with interesting words and change the layout that to attract readers' interest.

Threats There are different competitions between newspapers, it is because the news is similar and every readers like different styles. Therefore, the companies should know reader's interest. If the newspapers content never make some changes that will decrease lots of readers. Besides, sometimes the newspapers make some mistake and reported the untrue news that will damage the reputation, also will decrease the trust of readers. Moreover, a new working relationship with other organizations that make the organization is not better than before.

The similar competitive too many, industries have to consider whether it will result in the reader's confusion, the different newspapers benefits are confused, more harm than good to the last, are at greater risk. 2. 1 Local Literature Review Traditional Newspapers Sing Tao Daily Sing Tao Daily, first published in 1938, is internationally respected as one of the world's most widely-read Chinese dailies. With a purpose of providing objective and analytical reporting, the newspaper is positioned as a general, family-focused paper Argentina middle-class readers.

Apple Daily Apple Daily was founded in 1995 by Jimmy Ala Cheek Yang, Inexpedient and it is the one of bestselling Chinese newspapers in HACK. Apple Daily is different with other traditional newspapers, it reports the news focused on entertainment nature and it is the unique style of Apple Daily. Hong Kong Economic Times Hong Kong Economic Times which is the leading financial daily was founded by Mr.. Fun Sis Poor, Lawrence (Chairman), Mr.. Perry Make (Managing Director), Mr.. Arthur Seek (Executive Director) and other founders with

HACK$20 million of foundation in

Free Newspapers (including digital electronic newspapers) Headline Daily Headline Daily which was founded on July 11 by Sing Tao News Corporation that is He's most widely circulated free newspaper distributed during morning on Mondays to Fridays. It is a quality all-round newspaper primarily targeting the working population. Sharp Daily Sharp Daily was founded in 2011 by Inexpedient and distributes on Mondays to Fridays. Sky Post Sky Post which is a traditional Chinese free newspaper owned by a Hong Kong Economic Times and distributed on Mondays to Fridays.

It was founded on July 27, 2011. 2. Foreign Literature Review There are also at least 16 overseas editions of the Sing Tao Daily, which are published by 9 overseas bureaus and circulated in 100 cities around the world which are including Europe edition, USA edition, Canada edition and Australia edition. The Sing Tao Daily is one of a few Chinese language newspapers in Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario, it is owned by the Sing Tao Group of Hong Kong and the Toronto Star. Apple Daily Apple Daily of Taiwan was founded on May 2, 2003 and is one of the most influential newspapers.

Furthermore, Japan and United State also have newspaper as well as Taiwan. Apple Daily is named as Tombstones in Japan and Big Apple Daily in United State. Free Newspapers Sharp Daily Sharp Daily is also released in Taiwan by Next Media shareholders Jimmy La'. 2. 3 Style and Layout of Traditional and Free Newspapers Apple Daily Content Style Practices reported more life and everyday topics of the target audience, or shocking subject matter and also might be interested in

some of the important but boring subject matter to make a decision.

The main sections of Apple Daily is including "Local News", "Foreign News", "Finance", "Entertainment", "Sports" and "Others" which is including technology, travel, eating, cooking, fashion and more provocative material generating much of its popularity and controversy. It concentrates on celebrity coverage, brash news style, sensationalist news reportage and its anti- government political positions. Layout front page of a large number of pictures, large colloquial slogans, to take advantage of fashion publishing, art design pictures, brightly colored text to attract the reader's attention and purchasing.

For the middle-lower class's readers. The report contained personal opinions to inflame the reader emotions. In terms of the entertainment page, it obviously same as Sing Tao content, especially the international entertainment news. They all used the traditional newspaper sections as reference and established subjects such as HACK news, China news, international news, sports and entertainment, financial and so on. The various pages have more in terms of color, lines and graphics, and the arrangement of the front page is close to that of Apple Daily.

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