"New Directions"

Flashcard maker : Clarence Louder
she is a real person
\”New Directions\” is a narrative essay. What does this tell us about Annie Johnson?
firm purpose
What quality does Maya Angelou most admire about Annie Johnson?
In \”New Directions\” what is a word that best describes Annie Johnson’s husband?
she is testing her strength
why does Annie Johnson carry two pails of stones at night?
finds a way to support her family
what does Annie Johnson do when she cuts herself a brand new path?
bee hives
When Maya Angelou calls her the lumber mill and cotton gin \”two hives of industry\” what is she comparing them to?
tell a story
In a narrative essay such as \”New Directions\” what is the authors main purpose?
she cooks fairly well
Annie says she can \”mix groceries well enough to scare hunger away\” what does this mean?
life directions
what does the word ‘road’ mean in this sentence: Annie had to take a new road to care for her children.
what is a vocabulary word that describes how Annie Johnson planned her business?

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